When I sent a link to the bag pictured above to Amanda, she asked me, “Do rich people come home blitzed on Dom Pérignon from a night out at Le Cirque and impulse-buy ugly, overpriced gold and diamond handbags like the rest of us buy sunglasses on eBay?” I wondered the same thing when I laid eyes on this Roberto Coin Gold and Diamond bag. I’ll get to the design of it in a bit, but for starters, who literally goes online and spends just under $100,000 on one item. Do people do that? I understand it is all relative, but at that rate you could practically start buying houses with a few clicks of a mouse and stroke or two of the keyboard. This clutch strikes me as a strictly in-person splurge.

Money aside, let’s talk about the bag itself. Roberto Coin is well known for its high-end jewelery, but this bag is utterly boring and, when you consider the price, actually a bit atrocious. What you get for $100k is a gold and diamond bracelet attached to a gaudy gold leather clutch. Is that the best we can do?

I have no doubt the bracelet attachment is lovely. But no matter how much I love a good handbag, I doubt I’d ever opt for 18kt gold. To make matters worse, Roberto Coin made sure to splash its gaudy, diamond-encrusted initials front and center so that all your friends can judge you for how much money you wasted. Pretty much, this ridiculous evening bag is a waste of good leather, gold and diamonds. More info via Roberto Coin.

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  • rose60610

    I envision that the only people you’ll see with this are celebrities who have been given this bag by Coin in order to publicize it. If there exist people who’d buy it on their own free will, there are more suckers that I thought. If you truly have a 100 G’s to pop on an accessory, wouldn’t you get something custom made?

  • kelly

    Totally agree with rose60610

    With that money I you could have something totally exquisite custom made. This actually looks like something bought at a bargain basement store!

    I love designer handbags. Louis Vuitton is my favourite. And with $100,000 I could walk into a boutique and buy a bag for every occasion plus scarves, sunglasses, belts etc. Oh how wonderful that would be.

    This bag is a complete waste of money and I can’t imagine anyone buying it. But then again there are some filthy rich people out there with bad taste so maybe someone will….

  • Kat

    The person who buys this deserves to have her picture on a poster with the caption “Money doesn’t buy taste.”

    The person who buys this is ridiculous enough, but what about the person from Roberto Coin who though this up? It’s boring, dated, gaudy and tacky. I don’t care how lovely the bracelet it, the bag is atrocious and looks like I could’ve bought it at Aldo.

    Uggggh. I’m getting all worked up over this. And I’m hating the bag even more because of that.


  • 19yearslater

    It’s a waste of gold and diamonds. Precious materials do not a nice bag make.

  • Lucinda

    Makes the Birkin look like a steal :D

    • Mash

      Exactly! With 100,000$ to burn, why wouldn’t someone buya super-duper croc birkin with the diamond clasps?? I mean, THAT’S the bag I would flaunt if I wanted to rub it in that I have money to throw around.

      • jason

        Those are 300k+ depending on your relationship with your Sales Associate, and if you are buying multiples, they will lower the price to around 240 if you buy 3+ at a time.

    • NikolineK


  • Rasheedah

    Love the sunglasses on Ebay reference, I can’t stop myself, I’ve bought four pairs within the last two months!

  • roberto

    I am ashamed of my own initials by that waste of material (i am RC too) so i only dare to ask who an even more important WHY would someone do this?

  • Chels K

    During this recession, luxury item spending has come roaring back with a vengeance. There are people with money to burn clearly. Why not spend it on such a conspicuous consumption object?

    All the rest of us can eat cake. :-)

  • Cris

    If I was absurdly rich, I’d buy it!

  • mochababe73

    It looks like a wallet.

  • Merve

    Beyond gaudy and beyond tasteless..not even if it was for free

  • Jackie

    If you have enough money to buy this COIN PURSE then you should probably have enough money to throw your change away. What’s a few quarters if you’re buying this, right?

    Doesn’t make sense to me!! Oh yeah, it’s kind of really tacky, too!

  • meep

    the bag is cool but think of what you could buy with all that money its not worth the price its boring but i like the attachment handle