You guys know that we don’t like to feature cell phone photos in our posts on the regular – the Internet is a visual medium, after all, and so is fashion – but we thought that you’d want to see this bag immediately. To our knowledge, this is the only photo circulating of The Row’s Fur Backpack, and it comes straight from the Twitter account of Barneys Fashion Director Amanda Brooks.

Pre-Fall 2011 shows and presentations are going on right now, so odds are that this bag will be hitting stores with those collections in a few months. I have precious little other information – price and availability are still a mystery, but with the normally elevated prices for fur bags and the astronomical $34,000 price tag for The Row’s Alligator Backpack, I’d suspect a price in excess of $20,000. Why, you ask? I’m just picking random numbers that seem excessively high, which seems to be The Row’s chosen handbag pricing strategy, even for something that looks as ill-advised as this bag. (Say what you want about the prices of The Row’s other bags, they were all immaculately designed. This one? Not so much.) Care to enter a guess? Check out the full-size picture, after the jump.

Image via Amanda Brooks’ Twitter account

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  • lintmag

    It looks like some alien from an old Star Trek episode! I really like all the other Row bags (except for the prices) but I will venture 24k for this thing if it’s fox, which it sort of looks like.

  • mia

    I would like to guess somewhere around 25K – more or less a couple K. Though this bag isn’t as structurally handcrafted compared to the line’s previous handbags and even if it were, it’s hard to tell beyond the quality of the fur – i can still see that this bag screams the style of the Olsen’s. Just might not scream everyone else’s style…hehehe

    mia from olivesandcoke.blogspot

  • Hanelisi

    It’s hideous, you couldn’t pay me to wear this…. Well, maybe $20,000 :)

  • Laura

    The only word that comes to my mind to describe this bag is UGLY. I couldn’t wear this bag, I would be embarrassed to go out and be seen with this. I’m not a big fan of fur bags so I might be biased but WHAT THE HELL is this? I know that in fashion (specially high fashion) you don’t have to justify your creations but this bag is a joke. I think the Olsen twins are losing their mind. I guess they know that there’s always a rich lady with no taste willing to pay for this.

  • gpc

    Who cares what it cost?!?!?! I can’t help but think of the foxes (or what other animal fur it might be) that were tortured and suffered to make this atrocity. Shame on the Olsen twins (and other designers who use fur) and anyone who would buy this.

  • lisa


  • No matter the degree of atrociousness and cost, it’ll sell out within minutes of hitting the stores. I know it, you know it.

  • Jen

    This is so absurd that I am laughing. I think that MK and Ashley are just trying to piss off PETA even more than they already have and so have come up with this monstrosity. It would make anyone look like a hide hunter or fur trapper.

  • rose60610

    Price guess: $24,950 (950 so it looks reasonable). It’d take some daring to wear this. You know how serial killers often keep a “momento” of their victims? This reminds me of that practice. I’d expect the wearer to be carrying a hatchet ready to chop up another animal to add to this monstrosity. Whatever the original price…I foresee drastic markdowns. It wouldn’t be for the first time for this brand.

  • suz

    OMG…..ugly, ugly, ugly. For heaven’s sake take the 25 G’s and donate it to PETA…..or someone who needs a car. I can only hope the Olsens are laughing their heads off because they made a bet that they could make the ugliest, most ridiculous and expensive bag ever, and people would still buy it.

  • mochababe73

    Are we even sure that there’s a backpack under all of that fur?
    If there is, I would venture to say in the $25,000 range. They are probably only going to make 5 of these and then call them sold out.

  • Rashida

    Just terrible and tacky. Not fashion forward at all.

  • soph

    i love it.
    can’t afford it and don’t wear fur (or faux fur).
    however, i find it fun and beautiful.

  • J Umm

    dont like it…. its too furry


  • Martha

    This is insane. Who would want to carry a bag of death? The things they are doing to beautiful animals makes me so sick like never before. I wonder how the designers and customers would react if they were present when the bag was made.

    PurseBlog: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make your site more animal friendly!

  • nappy

    This looks like Chewbacca’s wife! hahhahaha

  • Elyse Greenberg

    This bag looks like it should be put back out in the wild

  • Shirley J

    I love The Row as well as Mary Kate and Ashley…but this bag is not my cup of tea lol

  • JackieMar

    Fun colors but not sure about this one. Sort of wishing it was faux.

  • Alice

    honestly .. it’s kind of hideous. A mish-mash of tails stuck together that I might wear if you paid me but I certainly wouldn’t fork out money for.

  • Katia

    At first sight i said juk. But then i was looking closer and i think i would really work this look!

  • Alexa

    I don’t mind fur when it’s done well, but this is just hideous. Seems like they’re just trying to shock everyone more than they did with the Alligator backpack.

  • Mari

    No thank you.

  • Sil

    i’m astouned that something so ugly will surely be so overproced
    and even more if it’s made of real fur
    when i look at that bag i can’t stop thinking of all the animals that had to die to create it, even more so that with other fur bags i’ve seen
    just ugly

    • Sil

      sorry, *astounded*

  • Jennie

    This is just a huge waste of the fur. It’s not even appealing in a so-ugly-its-pretty way.

  • camilla

    sorry I would never have one of this even as a present…