When I first laid eyes on the Charlotte Olympia Ted Silk Satin Bear Shoulder Bag, I thought designer Charlotte Dellal was kidding. Dellal never kids, though. Or maybe she always kids, depending on how much credit you’re willing to ascribe to her for the humor in her work. One has to admit: a $700 shoulder bag made out of what is essentially a stuffed animal’s head is pretty funny.

As the seasons have progressed, Dellal’s brand has only gotten more aggressively quirky, and now she’s treading on the territory of smaller designers like Mandy Coon and Giles Deacon, who also make stuffed animal-shaped bags. Sometimes Charlotte Olympia’s eccentricities swing in a more high-end direction, but these bags seem to purposefully resemble inexpensive children’s toys.

Suffice it to say, I’m not plunking down the MSRP (or any amount of money) for one of these bags anytime soon, but Olympia has an ardent fan base that’s into her particular brand of oddness. If that’s you, the bags are available for $706 apiece at Luisa Via Roma.

Would you ever consider buying one of these bags? Would you wear it, if it were given to you for free?

Charlotte Olympia Ted Silk Bear Clutch Pink

Charlotte Olympia Ted Silk Clutch Brown

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • sara

    Perhaps Quvenzhané Wallis could go the bear route next time she is nominated for an Oscar?

  • laura

    Nobody past the age of 5 would look good carrying this bag.

  • Emily Anderson

    I so want these to become HUGE. I mean, I wouldn’t buy one, but I can think of a half dozen celebs that would totally carry this, and only one is a child. (Suri Cruise, obviously.)

  • bear

    I love Teddy bear clutches of Judith Lieber but.. these look sort of cheap.. Katy Perry may handle these though.

  • shueaddict

    I do not really like this direction that Delal is taking. I stopped liking it at the popcorn bag, everything after seems like high bucks overkill.
    Her best bag in my opinion has been the perspex clutch with the spierd clasp and interchangeanle pouches. It looked classy and trendy and versatile ( heck, even Zara copied it)

  • ottercat

    Traveling quickly in the downward spiral of Lulu Guiness (perhaps I spelled that wrong — but you get what I mean?).

  • tagatha

    Am I the only one who thinks these look sort of like a breasts? No? Okay then.

  • thescm

    The link leads to Dolce and Gabbana? I wouldn’t wear these, but something a little higher end quirky might be nice.