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I have to tell you, this is a feat that I don’t think I EVER imagined would happen. Back in 2005 Vlad and I started Purse Blog as a fun side project after my career ending sports injury and attempt to find something ‘new’ to do. Both Vlad and I wanted something to work on together and that ended up being Purse Blog. We never imagined our site would grow to be what it is today, reaching over 20,000 visitors everyday. After we started the blog Vlad introduced me to the idea of a forum. I had never been on an online discussion board but I thought it would be great idea to have a place for other handbag lovers to convene. A month after we started the Purse Forum we had 200 members.

Now, less than four years after we started the Purse Forum, which has become known as tPF, we are nearing our 200,000th member. This number is beyond staggering, beyond amazing, and we are so thrilled to be part of such an amazing forum. While hugely vast in size, there is still a close knit community which has become one of the most active forums on the web. The importance of tPF in the handbag and fashion community continues to come to life every day, with more designers and companies realizing the impact of the forum. For us, the entire journey is something we have loved every minute of, no matter how many Nike Shoe spammers hit our forum at the wee hours of the morning (really, what is up with them?!).

Thank you to every single one of you who visits our blog, visits our forum, and helps us continue to grow to be the leading source in handbags and fashion. Who knows how quickly the 200,000th member will come now, I am thinking to pull an all-nighter with a bag of popcorn and celebrate this monumental moment!

Again, thank you to every one of you who make this blog and forum what it is!

♥ The Purse Blog and Purse Forum Team
Megs, Vlad, Shannon, Amanda, Anna, Amanda (Swanky Mama of Three), and the entire Mod team!

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  • Zarka

    Congratulations !

  • Classic Chic

    Thank you The Purse Blog and Purse Forum Team!! I’m proud to be a member of PF, can’t wait to see what PF will become of :)

  • Marissa Cooper

    Congratz and thank you!!!!

  • Diane

    I think I’m addicted and spend way too much time here…

  • Khaz

    Yay, congrats!

  • Raffaluv

    Congratulations!!! I love TPF!! Keep up the amazing work and thank you for giving us fashionistas someplace to come & learn & have fun!!

  • Taru

    Congratz! Love your blog and need it for my daily dose of bag fashion. Without question the best one online.


  • Franca

    Congratulations !!! Like Diane …I spend too much time here…but I am having so much fun because the forum is the only place where I can share my love and passion for bags !! …I don’t feel lonely anymore ;o))
    One more thing you are not saying Megs is that your site and forum is known WORLDWIDE and you have a lot of international members too ( I am one of them !! ) It would be interesting to see some statistics about that :O))

  • Jenna

    Thank you for all the work you do. I definitely spend too much time here! :)

  • shushopn

    Mazel Tov!! You guys deserve all the success!

  • renee

    Congrats! I love to take a couple breaks in my day and check in to tPF!

  • Franca – Maybe Vlad can show us all some statistics!! Of course we love all of our international readers and members :)

  • Livia

    Congrats and thank you!!!
    I too had never been on an online discussion board before I found tPF. I enjoy being part of this “close knit community”.

  • lunatwinkle

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I’m so excited, congrats! That’s amazing! I’ve been a member since 2006 and I seriously cannot imagine my life even before tPF! It’s a stable part of my everyday life! XD

  • We are 13 away!!!!!

  • dangster

    Does the 200,000th member get a prize? :P

  • Franca

    Dangster : good question ;o)) I am thinking of registering my dog ;O))

  • TygerKitty

    “For us, the entire journey is something we have loved every minute of, no matter how many Nike Shoe spammers hit our forum at the wee hours of the morning (really, what is up with them?!).”

    LOL that is so hilarious! It is always weird to see the forums splattered full of those silly posts lol! Congrats again and yay for beaks being the 200,000th member!

  • Hony

    Good!You will do better!