It has happened. The Kardashian sister trio, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, have announced their global partnership with designer Bruno Schiavi and his apparel company Jupi Corporation. The initial range is said to include a women’s Ready to Wear collection, handbags, belts, wallets, and lingerie which should hit stores in 2011.

We have seen so many celebrity fashion lines and most of them are far from anything I would buy. I will be the first to admit that I love watching the Kardashians on TV, but their empire of everything they place their names on has seemed to lack any discretion seems to be chosen as long as it brings in money. I am not finding fault with their knowing how to market themselves, but I am not about to run out and buy a handbag or piece of clothing because their name is associated with it.

Bruno Schiavi is an “expert” on body image and has focused his lines on body range items inspired by The Biggest Loser and Dr. Rey’s Shapewear range. This is why Schiavi thinks working with the Kardashians is a great fit, since he believes they “celebrate healthy and curvaceous body image, the importance of high self esteem and family values whilst still being fun, theatrical and sexy.” I can’t say I wholeheartedly agree with that – aren’t the girls promoting a diet supplement and didn’t Kourtney pass out from lack of food and over exertion trying to lose baby weight? What I can say is that the Kardashians have great curves and maybe it could be useful to have a line out there that embraces this.

But, the Kardashians are always dressing great (we give them a lot of outfit love on BagThatStyle). There is a great chance their clothing can turn out being cute, but I am highly skeptical about their bags. Either way, we will give you more details as the line comes to fruition.

“The Kardashian sisters are an inspiration to women of all ages and loved for their sense of fashion and style. I am extremely excited to be working with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney across so many fashion categories – taking their brand to women in key markets around the world” says Bruno Schiavi.

“We are excited to work with Bruno Schiavi in developing our first brand together,” stated Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. “His expert design sensibilities, his amazing creativity, and his genuine understanding of female consumers everywhere make him the ideal partner.”

What do you all think of the Kardashians starting their own line?

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  • 19yearslater

    They’re not an inspiration to me. We’ll see, could be good or could be a bunch of spandex dresses.

  • erica

    I agree, looks like just another paycheck for them

  • adrienne

    Thank you for having the foresight and discerned intuition to figure out that this is going to be another busted venture for these exploited children. This gimmick will only appeal to the 13-17 crowd of girls who temporarily hold the Kardashian in high regard as fashion gurus and role models.

    They have enough of their fingers in too many opportunities already. In name only, they are being elevated to an unbelievable level of popularity. They are reaping the royalties of many a product for no talent other than the batting of glued-on false eyelashes. Not fair, in my book of calculations, and again adds to the ever-increasing number of over-paid celebrities with delusions of immortal godhoodedness. When will this nonsense come to a screeching halt and place emphasis where it is deserving and necessary to the continuance of life and the sanity of us all, if we can still find any?

  • Chris

    Completely boring. Just another show I am not watching – so their fashion line is a non-issue for me.

  • mochababe73

    I like Kim. Not too fond of the other two. Seems to me that they are just riding on Kim’s coat tails. I don’t understand why so many don’t like them. If I could market myself, make millions, and drive away with a Maserati, I would be the first in line to do it.

    They will not design the collection. Let’s just be honest about that. Anyone watch Kimora Simmons Life in the Fab Lane? No one actually sees her design. She tells them what they want, the design team sketches it, and she gets final approval, denial, or redo. Kimora, for me, is no different than them. She markets herself and makes millions doing it. What about Mary Kate and Ashley? Don’t they do the same as well? KLS was a model. MK and Ashley were actresses.

    Last year was the first year that I started watching either show. I really liked it. Well, everything except Scott.

    I give all of the celebs a chance who want to venture out and do other things. They are not going to do high-end handbags, shoes, belts, etc. because they want to make money. That’s smart. There are more consumers buying second tier than first tier. Not everyone can afford a $1000 bag or even a $500. I say ride the train until the wheels fall off.

  • K

    I agree that this is probably another deal just to pocket lots of cash. No design input, they will simply slap their names on it and the people that actually consider them famous will buy it. Most “celeb” stuff is crap anyway! Aren’t they “designing for Bebe” also?

  • speaking of…

    I would not be buying anything from them..sorry they just seem to do things for money…

  • Sophie

    Who are these girls? What have they done to be so popular in the U.S.? Here, in Europe, nobody seems to notice them. Do they have schools? Are they good at something that requires any special skill? Do they support charity? Are they children of someone really famous and respected? I mean WHO are they? Sorry is I sound so ignorant but to worship a person just because they wear tight short dresses and have multiple plastic surgeries won’t do it for me, personally. And this is the reason why I most likely would never purchase any of their big variety of different PRODUCTS.

    • adrienne

      Their deceased dad was lawyer & close friend to O.J.Simpson. He was the one who secreted away O.J’s duffle bag (never was found) prior to police investigation into death of Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman. He is also the one that looked completely flabbergasted and turned around to look at O.J. when that unbelievable verdict was read.

      Their stepfather is Olympic champ Bruce Jenner.

      Other than that, they are Zero.

      • adrienne

        I meant to say MURDER of Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman.

      • merve

        Im with Sophie….we in Europe are sitting here going who are these women? And what you have just told us makes me think that they dont really have much to be proud of. Anyway moving on…i have heard that V Beckham is going to launch a bag collection as well. We are gonna get inundated with celeb bags. And we all know that Paris Hilton did so well with her tacky pink rhinstone monstrosities.

  • Staci

    Megs, I totally feel you on not running out to buy any of the Kardashian’s merchandise. I like the trio’s style so I’m curious to see what the handbags look like!

  • Sakyie

    I’m so over this trio slapping their name on anything, as long as a healthy amount of zeroes follow behind a dollar sign. They’re good at putting together a cute outfit created by REAL fashion gurus, yet every time they venture out on their own- case in point Kardashians for BEBE- they fail miserably. These ladies, and countless other celebrities like them need to leave fashion to the professionals. The only celebrity line I spend my money on is Elizabeth & James, the Kardashian crew could take some serious notes from the Olsen twins!

  • Mindy

    I like the Kardashians. I will have to admit, I didn’t at first, but after watching their show, I started to realize that they actually work for their money. Kim works very hard doing her career in entertainment. And did you know that Kourtney is a college graduate?

    Anyways, I am curious about their line, as I love their style!

    • merve

      You say college graduate like its a massive achievement. I think if you have that much money and a bit of sense you should be a college graduate.

      • adrienne


  • Lets See

    get ready for a laugh. When are the bags coming out?

    these girls will endorse anything just to have an excuse to have another pointless photo shoot! Stick to shopping Kardashians!

  • Ellz

    I agree with mochababe73. If I could make millions doing what they do I wouldn’t blink before signing my name. I don’t know many people who aren’t in whatever venture just to make money. My guess is that the teen crowd will buy their bags and clothes because that’s who they will probably market to. So don’t worry ladies, you’re probably not meant to like them anyway!

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