Sure, we’ve all joked about snatching a gorgeous, outrageously expensive handbag and running for the hills, but who among us would actually steal something that wasn’t ours? Whether it’s your sense of morality or merely your pragmatic fear of being caught and imprisoned that keeps you from swiping handbags doesn’t really matter; the point is, handbags that cost as much as a car just don’t go missing that often, particularly from stores that employ large, suit-wearing guards who will tackle you into traffic in the middle of the Upper East Side.

Ralph Lauren’s gorgeous flagship boutique on East 79th Street (seriously, if you’ve never been, you have to see it) is one such store, and yet somehow, a woman walked in to the store in February and walked out with a $17,000 crocodile Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag, similar to the one pictured above, for which she had apparently not paid. Even though I live just a few blocks from the store, I’d like to say, for the record, that it wasn’t me.

The NYPD describes the thief as being in her 40s or 50s, slight of build at around five feet tall and 110 pounds, with brown hair. The bag was stolen on February 22nd, and as Styleite points out, the outfit that the woman was wearing – camel coat, dark pants, maroon scarf – coordinates well with the brown bag she pilfered, suggesting that this was a well-planned (and apparently successful) heist job.

Ok, so fess up – which one of you did it? If you were going to become a bagsnatcher, which design would be your target?

You can buy the Ricky via

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  • Kate M

    I usually just come here for the recaps, but even I have to say that’s a gorgeous bag…

  • AshleyG

    Seriously?! I live in a town that still chains monogrammed D&B bags to each other and the display stand, and keeps Coach bags in the glass case- so I am floored and highly amused at how in the hell this could happen, lol! Then again, I’ve never been to the upper east side (so clearly it wasn’t me) and even If I had, I’d only be able to afford doing brisk walk-bys!

  • Tg

    She got away with because she was middle aged (like me :)) and nicely dressed so noone suspected her.  That’s where alot of the “security guards” at these high end shops make their mistakes (too busy focusing on the scruffy looking clients and as we all no criminals do not have a specific “look”).

  • DorianGray

    Versace. Ok, now you can kill me. :-)

  • mga13

    Just for the record, it wasn’t me… I live in Panama. I agree with Tg, not all criminals are scruffy-looking. I would never steal something, but if I was going to, I’d do it in head-to-toe Valentino.

  • KristineLorraine

    i live in new york but i’ve never been to the Ralph Lauren flaship store, so it definitely wasn’t me lol. but if i’ll ever do the evil deed, you’ll probably catch me at Hermes or Chanel lol.

  • Laura

    Very smart lady. I would never steal anything but figuratively speaking I would steal a Chanel bag, no doubt. However, for the purpose of being easily successful, I would steal a Louis Vuitton bag. I’ll be much easier because there’s more out there so as soon as you walk out of the store nobody will be able to identify you because lots of women carry LVs.
    By the way, I live in TX and I’ve never been to NYC :-( so it wasn’t me.

  • Jeloi

    I would target a Coach bag, but it is funny that she was able to steal a 17000 dollar bag. Comparing the cost of this handbag to the price of a car, makes it real for me. I would have to have a lot of money to make a purchase like that!

  • Rashida_16

    That is larceny… That’ll get you what…. 30 years? I like my freedom… Too cute for jail lol but that person ought to be ashamed of herself… Never that serious to STEAL!!!!!!!!!

  • ElleOnWheelz

    I don’t condone crimes in any way shape or form; but let’s be real, she was able to steal that bag because certain assumptions were made about this thief that made easy for her to get away with their $17,000 bag–she’s white, middle aged and was nicely dressed–so security wasn’t watching her. 

    • RLemployee

      As an employee in Ralph Lauren, in a shop that gets frequently lifted from, i can say that the MAIN of our lifters are middle aged white women. i have been with the company for over a year and have never seen or had any report of a male stealing from my store, individually, and we sell the $1,500 alligator bags, the Bedfords, the Travelers, the Boston bags ect. Also, during training and orientation it is super emphasized that race and age are not a factor in external theft. besides, the fault doesn’t fall on the security as much as it does the associate(s) that helped this customer (if any). Our main defense against theft is great customer service, and always being around, as well as offering recommendations. Don’t assume that every person in the world is racist/stereotyping just because they missed one person who happens to be white and middle aged.

  • pixiegirlie

    Wow that really takes some balls! I hate to say it but I agree with the other posters as to why she got away so easily, she’s a white middle aged female dressed nicely so security isn’t going to pay a iota of attention to her. They will focus their energy on the more scetchy looking people in their store. The fact that she dressed to match the bag shows this was premeditated, which leads me to believe if security reviews past footage they will most likely see her there casing the place out. As much as I love bags they are not worth committing a felony for.

  • Louch

    Didn’t it have some kind of security tag?? I would think that sirens would be shrieking if she walked out the door with it!!

  • mlle p

    Hermes croc birkin 40cm!  I could walk all over my city with it and no one would ever believe it was the real thing.

  • Marie

    Wow! Sounds strange.. Don’t you have to ask to see this type of bag?? How can you just walk out with this?? 

  • Deedee

    Love Ralph Lauren. We live on the island so whenever we’re in the city, we usually visit the flagship store. Amazing architecture. And I’d go for a Valextra Madison bag. <3

  • FashionableLena

    That would never happen to me because no matter how nice I dress, there’s always someone hovering to “help” me.  So, it wasn’t me.
    Besides, if I were a thief, it would be an Hermes or Chanel.

  • Mama M

    I can’t believe the bag didn’t have a security sensor and wasn’t in a glass case.  In Atlanta, most everything has a security tag – even the D&B, Coach, and MK bags!  At the upscale malls (Lenox Square & Phipps Plaza), Neiman-Marcus, & Saks have security guards who are usually at the exit nearest the handbags, and all the individual boutiques (Prada, Gucci, LV, etc),  have their own security personnel.  

    I agree that stores do keep track of certain customers because of how they look.  I’m middle-aged, white, and dress nicely, and they let me walk all over with a bag  — even to the door so  I can see how it looks in natural light.  They are aware of me, they just don’t stop me.  Now, if I opened the door, well, that would be another matter.  But, I wouldn’t steal, no matter what.  That woman should be ashamed of herself.  I hope they catch her (and make her carry PVC forever).

  • Shame.

  • Freshsnow1998

    can you say publicity stunt? 

  • Max

    I understand it’s $17,000 but it’s the retail price. what’s the resell price if she steal it to sell and get money? or did she steal for daliy use lol I don’t get it. This is so irrational. I read about the Cartier, Tiffany cases that are reasonable they are gold and diamonds. but handbags??? come on lady in the nice dress 

  • The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it.

  • 19yearslater

    Wow, I’d agree with other posters that the employees probably didn’t take her for a thief. I wonder if they took it out for her to look at and she just walked out pretending she came in with it? Crazy.

  • Olivera Davidoff

    Hey girls you can leave the I.D., or even the lipstick at home but do not leave your receipt at home, you never know when you may be asked, “Excuse me madam how did you come into possession of that handbag?”

  • bells

    so in other words she’s gotten away with it

  • A Reader

    As a middle-aged woman of color, I can tell you that I could NEVER get away with this particular crime. (Nor would I attempt to, but that’s beside the point.) I can guarantee you that if I walked into any high end boutique in America, dressed exactly like the bag bandit, I would have more security following me than the President.  This happens so frequently that I now shop almost exclusively online if I’m buying a luxury item.  While I in no way condone the thief’s actions, I will admit to a moment of schadenfreude when I read about this.

  • MsLabelsOfLust

    SMDH..17,000$$ for a RL BAG and they don’t have it chained or security tagged like Macy’s does the Michael Kors bags?? smdh..It’s a hideous bag I’d rather get caught pilfering a Hermes and matter of fact they wouldn’t let me in their stores to begin with cause I don’t look like a woman who’d buy a bag that cost over 100$ lmao

  • haha

    Totally worth it. If your trying to sell a a fucking bag for that much you deserve to have it nicked