Lipstick Jungle Theft Love or hate Lipstick Jungle, if you have seen the wardrobe of the three Manhattan friends you would want to stop in their closet and take some items. But my wanting to take some of their items would stop at wanting, because stealing their items and then trying to sell them on eBay would be a scandal. And this is the very scandal a stage manager on production facilities for NBC’s “Lipstick Jungle” is accused of.

The stage manager, Arthur Moreira, has been charged with stealing almost $30,000 in designer fashion items from the show. Wonder what that would include. Surely fabulous handbags of Lipstick Jungle, like an Oscar de la Renta snakeskin handbag. Some items ended up on eBay and others were found in his apartment. And the reason he was caught is after French designer Sylvia Toledano found several items that the fashion house had lent to the show on eBay, according to the district attorney’s office. [via CNN]

Did he really think he would not get caught?

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  • ggirl

    DUH! What was this guy thinking?? I hope they throw the book at him and he never works in that industry again. $30k is grand larceny-isn’t that a felony??

  • M_butterfly

    What a moron!!! But hey this is great publicity for the show. This may help to save it!!!

  • Cindy

    What an idiot. Did he really think he could get away with it?

  • MizzJ

    Dummy! I would totally just kept it for myself!!

  • luvhautecouture

    I was about to blame in on the economy… But really, no matter how tough times are, people must stick to integrity. That is just dirty, dirty business :(

  • Raluca

    Not very nice of him, but with nowadays crisis he might have wanted to increase his income ;)

  • gracieo

    This guy is a total loser.

  • MissM

    WOW! That’s just plain stupidity.. But yes, lets hope the publicity helps save the show. I think it’s the best show since SATC (Fashion-wise). Sure would love some of the bags, dresses and shoes myself ;-)

  • Fashion Archives

    Oooo I love Lipstick Jungle and I hope that they continue it. I just wish it would catch on! Perhaps this is the ticket??

  • Sean

    Huh, serves him right, what an idiot. I can see the temptation, but gosh, at the very least don’t be dumb enough to sell it on ebay.

  • cindylu

    To call him an idiot is an understatement. His job was a good one I am sure. In a time when most are lucky to be working. He not only messes up his job but in incur major legal fee’s and maybe go to jail.