We live in an unpredictable world. We work long hours, we take care of our families and ourselves the best we can, we try to be good people. We all, once in our lives, deserve to get absolutely sloshed amid more than a literal acre of designer handbags, and now, finally, that opportunity is available to one and all, as long as you can hop a flight to London sometime before you die.

As the New York Times reported earlier this week, Selfridges in London unveiled plans to open a 61,000-square foot “handbag hall” in its Oxford Street flagship in 2018. The new accessories space is part of an overall renovation of the location that will cost nearly $400 million when all is said and done, and the Selfridge’s says the handbag and accessory portion alone will hold 7,000 different designs, with a total stock capacity of ten times that.


The department will house all the brands you know and love. The NYT mentions Chanel and Hermès specifically, and although the article doesn’t elaborate on the circumstances, that will almost certainly happen in store-within-store leased spaces, which are stocked and staffed by the brands themselves. With over an acre of floor space, there will certainly be room for plenty of individual boutiques, which are the preference of several top-tier brands, as opposed to wholesaling to third-party retailers.

In addition to the shopping itself, the handbag hall will also feature a unique centerpiece: a 14-seat horseshoe-shaped cocktail bar, where shoppers can nestle in velvet-upholstered chairs and drink until spending $3,000 on a handbag sounds like a good idea. Sounds like heaven.

Could you see yourself making a pilgrimage to Selfridges when the handbag hall opens in 2018?

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  • Guest

    Cocktails and handbags…love it! However, I do foresee this causing a lot of impulse purchases and returns.

    • Yazi

      No kidding!

  • Laura

    It sounds like heaven indeed. Very smart but I am confused, the title says “just opened” but then you say it’s a plan for 2018… is it open yet?

  • Irenen

    Oh my. I now know what #Numero uno is on my lifetime bucket list

  • Aly

    Holy sh*t! And I thought Harrod’s handbag department was amazing. I will fly to London in 2018 just to shop here and see it! Sounds like a handbag lover’s dream!!

  • Sparky

    best thing for British tourism yet

  • Qamar Shehzad

    Everyone wants to live happy with great personality in this World. Quality and designind is incredible of World’s Biggest Handbag Floor. In the new of New York World’s biggest report is hundred percent helpful for increasing the rate of selling. My sister have a aim to purchase elegance stuff of your Purse. Countless designs fetches more customers towards Selfridges.

    Regard: Qamar



  • Jess

    I’ll be there. I’ll save for the cocktails and more importantly the hand bags! I think I’ll need to purchase at least two! I want to spend at least 6 hours there.

  • Diana Moulder

    Adding this to my bucket list!

  • Sparkletastic

    Now I know one of my stops for my summer vacation

  • FashionableLena

    My husband asked me if this would be the only reason that we go to London.

    Pretty much.

  • Maya

    Now they figured out how to give those wallets that little push to “buy, buy, buy”!!:)) That would be interesting to find out whether their sales are going up… I LOVE Selfridges, by far one of my favorite luxury department stores! Cannot wait to get back to London…which should be shortly!!!

  • Sacca-Main

    My first thought when reading the headline was: yes! yes! yes! But I actually think this overload will cause choice anxiety. I remember when I bought my first designer bag back in 2005, when there were only a handful of shops selling designer bags in Amsterdam (my hometown) and they only used to cary 2 – 3 different models from about 10 or so different brands. Choice was limited, but easy. I regularly visit London (my favourite city in the world), but I actually hardly shop there because there is so much for sale that I cannot make up my mind and end up buying nothing. This is especially the case at the big department stores. As wonderful as this huge designer bag floor sounds, I don’t think I’ll ever actually buy anything there. I’ll stick to the brand boutiques instead :-)

  • Kweenhelene

    Love the idea but I do think it could be overwhelming and I agree with the person who talked about impulse buying, especially if there’s cocktails!

  • psny15

    i was there 10 days ago and its quite stunning!

  • Mya Wilkes

    Most certainly! Selfridges is already my second home ?

  • Jennifer

    Planning my vacation… now.

  • Susan

    A marriage made in heaven!


  • ShakerGirl37

    I don’t like the term “bucket list”. However, in the most basic sense of being a lover and avid collector of handbags, this is Mecca for me. And I will make the pilgrimage to shop this, yes indeed.

  • JaneH

    Nordstrom Vancouver (BC) has a Habitant bar/lounge on the womens’ floor too! XD