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Just in case you needed a good chuckle on this Monday we’re about to introduce you to ‘Pooey Puitton,’ a children’s toy which pokes fun at Louis Vuitton. Pooey Puitton popped up in the news last week when its creator, MGA Entertainment Inc—a company that makes popular children’s toys such as Bratz dolls—sued luxury conglomerate LVMH.

According to Business of Fashion MGA Entertainment has taken precautionary measures by filing a complaint against LVMH in order to prevent the company from taking legal measures against them which would in turn disrupt its sales.

Unfamiliar with what Pooey Puitton is exactly? Pooey Puitton is part of MGA Entertainment’s line of Poopsie Slim Surprise toys. It’s a giant poop-emoji shaped purse that’s filled with over 30 different surprises to make magical unicorn poop, according to the brand’s Instagram.

The poop emoji has amassed notoriety among kids these days, often spotted in suburban malls on everything from pillows and t-shirts to hair bows and leggings. This time however, MGA Entertainment decided to incorporate the use of Louis Vuitton’s rainbow monogram print, but noticeably absent is the brand’s iconic LV logo.

The complaint states that Pooey Puitton does not violate Louis Vuitton’s intellectual property rights because it’s a parody that is meant to poke fun at the fame and celebrity behind the Louis Vuitton name. The complaint summarized that Pooey Puitton is a protected parody and fair use. The complaint also states that ‘no reasonable consumer would mistake Pooey Puitton, which retails for $59.99, for costlier Louis Vuitton handbags.’

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