Crocodile PETA

When we brought you the news that Hermes has its own crocodile breeding farm in Australia, most of you were rather appalled. Even with us loving exotic handbags, the story seemed to hit a nerve for many. We all knew PETA would hear about this and want to respond. And they did.

Here’s what PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews had to say: The thought of purposely breeding and killing crocodiles for an outdated, overpriced handbag should make any fashionista’s skin crawl. If Hermes really wants to be a leader in the fashion industry, it should stop killing animals for cold-blooded vanity and use cruelty-free mock croc and fake snake instead. As Pink””who recently provided the voice of a computer-generated crocodile in PETA’s “Stolen for Fashion” commercial””says, “Killing animals for their skins is so disgusting that it doesn’t make me want to befriend designers who use them.”

Has Pink never worn a leather bag? We all know that PETA does not love many designers and abhors Fashion Week, like when they raided the Cavalli runway show. And now they have it out for Hermes. I can understand them not loving the idea of a crocodile farm solely for exotic Hermes Bags, but I don’t see Hermes using mock croc or fake snake ever. What do you think?

[Story via PETA Blog]

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  • Margaret

    That’s a great ad Peta. I wish more couture designers would begin making extremely stylish accessories that are cruelty-free and environmental friendly. It’s true, why must we kill so many animals for a 1-season fad? At the same time, I’m not going to sport a cheap-looking pleather bag or pair of pumps from payless or target…

  • Empress

    I do NOT agree with PETA. If I had the funds to buy croc or fur, it does not give anyone the right to destroy MY property because THEY don’t like it. I may not agree with croc bags or fur coats, but to each his own. I’d rather Hermes have their own farm than poach these animals in the wild. I would rather back an organization that is PEOPLE FOR ETHICAL TREATMENT OF PEOPLE. They should be more concerned how we treat one another than just what we wear. Give me a break.

    • Lana V

      I do support PETA and other few animal rights orgs, and I am deeply against killing animals for their fur only. We can do ok with the skin and furs coming from meat industry. And faux furs these days are just as luxurious as real thing. However I do not agree when PETA spills paint all over people’s coats. I mean those people just gonna buy a new one, for which more animals have to be killed.

  • gpc

    Thanks PurseBlog for sharing this story – it shows your unbiased professionalism.

    I personally made a decision a long time ago to not purchase exotics because I just can’t fathom killing an animal solely for its skin. I know an argument is made that it is possible the meat from these animals is not wasted, but I have not seen or heard any definitive proof of that.

    Empress, I understand and respect your side on this issue and you make a point that it is probably better to farm these animals than create a market where they would be poached to extinction.

    My last point is that human beings are the ONLY species that are INTENTIONALLY cruel and inhumane to one another. Animals never kill or hurt each other for absolutley no reason – they only do it for protection or for food, and not food that they waste. Not only do human beings have responsibility to respect and care for each other, but also, as the highest species on the food chain, we have an awesome responsibility to provide the same respect and care for our animal friends that we share this planet with.

  • Kaytey

    I agree with GPC.

    I do the same thing Carla Bruni does, really – I do not carry exotics (and never will) because the thought of killing animals purely for vanity disgusts me. It’s barbaric, and as a society I feel like we should have moved beyond this way of thinking (“They’re JUST animals!” newsflash: We are also “just” animals.).
    Now, obviously, meat is a staple of the human diet. I’m a vegetarian (out of habit), but I don’t begrudge people who are not because being omnivorous is natural. As a result, I will use leather from animals used for food. Anything outside of that just seems wasteful.

    Despite that, I don’t see Hermes using fake croc, but why not just find new ways or new styles or even new eco materials to make fabulous bags? If anyone has the capital or skills required to do it, it’s Hermes.

  • susan

    I agree with GPC and Kaytey. I have decided not to carry exotics. Humans wouldn’t want to be killed for some other creature’s fashion or accessories, I’m sure these animals don’t want to be killed for the same reason. If Hermes’s only main selling point is the exotic material. Then how can they ever be called “fashion”?

  • renee

    I do not get the “I will not carry exotic” argument, but load me up with lambskin and cervo….There is absolutely no difference. As a matter of fact I have more of a problem with killing a lamb than a gator or python any day.

  • 19yearslater

    If there were any unbiased professionalism here there would be no rhetorical questions about leather bags or “having it out” for designers. You know what? PETA workers probably do NOT wear leather bags, let alone croc.


    they’ll get over it!

  • shannon

    Mock-crocodile is what? Embossed leather or PVC. PVC is made from oil. Leather is still from an animal. Ultimately, people just do not think these things through to completion. Killing any animal just for its skin is wasteful, doesn’t matter if it’s a cow, lamb, lizard or crocodile. PETA think faux-leather is the answer. Everything faux is made from oil and will never decompose. People need to be responsible for their choices. If you want to buy an croc bag, fine, but know probably at least 3 crocodiles DIED to make it. If you want to buy mock-croc, know that purse will exist FOREVER.

  • papertiger

    Pleeeese the people who can afford a Hermes croc handbag would not even even register on a percentage scale. For the 99.0000001 who can afford one and want one- fine.

    While we never hear about the world’s chronic over-population crisis that drives millions of animals out of their natural habitats and forces hem to act unnaturally I can not take PETA seriously.

    PETA are not worried about animals, domestic or wild. They just want to dump their middle-class guilt on a few women while the important issues that really matter to animals world-wide such as climate change and over-population go unreported.

    When PETA make adverts that state we should only have up to 2 children each and NOT use plastic I’ll know they are serious about saving animals.

  • Rashida

    Honestly, if I could afford a croc Hermes bag I’d buy it. I don’t care about the animals if I want to buy snakeskin I will I don’t care about what Peta thinks if I want to buy it I will and they better not dare throw anything on it I swear PETA they are truly domestic terrorists!

  • 19yearslater – I wanted to bring PETA’s response forward. I have purchased and carry exotic skin bags, including from Hermes. So I am biased. But I want to open the conversation and let people voice their opinions.

    I can understand the frustration for many to hear about a crocodile farm solely for Hermes bags. At the same time I understand that there is no way Hermes will be making faux croc bags and printed skins.

  • papertiger

    sorry its late here, figure should read 00000000.1.

  • 19yearslater

    Right- this article pertains to the site, I was responding to gpc. I honestly have nothing against you, Megs, or anyone else who buys Hermes. I don’t think that PETA is convincing them. I think that the people at PETA truly believe in the cause, they’re not stirring up trouble for the fun of it. That’s all I’m saying.

  • ^ Totally agree that PETA 110% believes in what they are saying. I was just clarifying in case there was any miscommunication :)

  • ames

    I absoutly agree with PETA, and i think alot of people on this forum need to educate themselves and watch how skinning takes place on a commerical farm, its will open your eyes and make you reconsider your next purchase on a bag or whatever it maybe.

  • HS

    There are billions of people on this planet. Each individual has his/her own thinking and it is extremely difficult to please everyone. So, here is my take.

    People can choose to carry or not to carry exotics. For those who can afford them, they are pure luxury. No matter how much disagreement there may be, it is not going to stop people from buying exotics. This is the fact.

    People don’t kill crocs, snakes and lizzies solely for their skins. Some people at some part of this world eat the meat. Yes, eat them. I am not a vegetarian. So, does it make me a cold-blooded killer for eating meat?

    If PETA is so against animal killing, I hope the members who work for this organization are all vegetarians and do not own anything in leather. Otherwise, the comment will be just an utter hypocrisy.

  • Whistler

    I think killing an animal for there skin is disgusting puts hate that PETA is the face of that. Doesn’t your spokan pam Anderson carry a Hermes ?also to the idiot I. Top who wants to threaten violence that is not the answer. You are the reason why begs have a bad name. Power is I. The buying and until vegans start buying quality biodegradable goods like Stella McCartney instead of asking established fashio. Houses tochange their fabrics then nothing shall change. These designers make billio a a years so what will make them change their formula and listen to people who buy sweatshop PVC that does not biodegrade from payless? Peace.

  • Whistler

    Sorry post was meant for PETA site……. Got redirected ooopppppss

  • Suzanne

    While I do not like raising animals for hides and do find the practice immoral, I find PETA to be incredibly hypocrytical when it comes to protecting animal life.

    Multiple publications have shared the high number of animals PETA euthanizes on a daily basis at their headquarters. Shame on PETA for picking and choosing which animals or businesses they will protect/attack.

    Seems fairly random how PETA applies its ethics.

  • Merve

    Renee, We eat lamb not python or croc thats the argument. Im one of those people who is on the bench with this issue ie i love the look of exotic handbags and have only ever bought one on sale however i abhor these animal farms. But i disagree with Empress on some issues. We can not judge an organization that is trying to do general good for our planet. We who sit here and dont contribute to help animals, children, climate change whatever really do not have the right to criticize an organisation which is trying to do something even if their means are sometimes misguided. I think its better to act and then criticise. If i were shown a picture of a croc or a croc handbag, im sure many of you will agree with me that it looks better on the animal in question. To be honest i wish Hermes could be a pioneer and do a mock croc just to get the message across that the ultimate luxury brand is also animal friendly. However we all know thats never gonna happen. So i will sit here mad at Hermes but also still be wanting another Birkin (not exotic as, if not the price, the farm is a huge deterrent).

  • Mishi

    PETA just critiqued the President for killing a fly so I’m not really a fan of PETA. They are way too over the top in my opinion but I agree with them on this one. Breeding crocodiles for a super expenive handbag is crazy!

  • Ursula

    Hermés will never make mock croc or fake snakeskin bags. PETA is dreaming to even suggest it. Buying and using items made from, leather, exotics skins is a personal choice and everyones choices should be respected whether we agree with them or not. Extremism in any form is ridiculous. I don’t particularly like President Obama, but PETA coming out and chastising him for swatting a fly was laughable. This organization gets nuttier by the day.

  • Shannon

    Even though I refuse to carry exotic skin bags, I do think that it is good that Hermes has their own farm rather than poach these animals in the wild.

  • isnotfashion

    Can’t there just be more alligator on the menu? I hear it tastes like chicken. I don’t think it is bad as long as they use the entire animal. Aren’t there a lot of crocs that invade people’s backyards in Florida and have to be killed? Is that an option?

    Also the mock croc I’ve seen is usually just leather…. not plastic.

    I am definitely not an authority on the subject but those are just my thoughts.

  • renee

    I’ve never yet gotten a jar of mint jelly a white butcher wrapped package of lamb with any designer bag purchase.

  • janis

    Personally, I don’t like the look of exotics…i find them kind of creepy.


    lol renee…that’s hilarious and so true!

  • jane

    PETA is an absolute joke and I roll my eyes every time they get more publicity.

    For a serious animal rights organization, check out the SPCA or the Humane Society.

  • sunseasaltylife

    I think it’s an environmentally and wildlife friendly choice for Hermes to have their own croc farm.

    If I am going to purchase an exotic bag, I want to know:
    1. that the wild population of those animals was not detrimentally impacted.
    2. that the animal was raised and housed appropriately in life, and killed humanely.

    I think Hermes having it’s own farm allows them to closely monitor all of these things. I would have much more confidence purchasing a handbag from a company like this, then taking a chance on something I don’t know the provenance of.

    I think the argument that exotics are different from cow because we assume the cow is eaten is laughable. Slaughter for meat and slaughter for a hide may be combined in some instances, but they are too different things.

    And when the eat the meat of an animal slaughtered for a lambskin bag? that’s veal. which most people who eat meat and wear leather find objectionable.

  • sunseasaltylife

    sorry- calfskin- obviously lambskin is lamb. Also a young animal that may be housed and treated similar to young calves.

  • Jennifer

    I hate Peta, and I always have, they don’t live in the real world. Its just an animal, they are completely different from people, people forget this because of Disney movies but they are. Bring on the exotics the calf skin the lamb skin the furs I would proudly wear it all!!!

  • Stacy

    I also believe PETA just takes it too far sometimes – especially with Obama and the fly story. And yes, animals are not people, but what gives you the right to say they are so different from us? If you hit an animal, it’s going to hurt them as much as if someone hit you. I think it is just complete disregard for the planet you live on to blindly use materials that bring harm to other living beings for the mere appearance of looking like someone important. There may not be an easy solution to this problem right now, but at least try not to be so ignorant.

  • Jimmy

    I don’t think this is a very smart move for Hermès. First of all the animal rights activists will be furious and flood Hermès with bad publicity and secondly a big part of the beauty of crocodile leather lies in its scarcity. Does Hermès really want every other soccer wife walk around with them?

    On the other hand I find this approach to obtain more crocodile leather much better than resorting to less controllable methods say, poaching.

    Perhaps Hermès should make a stand for their luxury brand and reassure their customers that the leather is produced ethically. Producing the leather ethically will of course result in higher costs but after all, pricing is no longer a concern when it comes to these types of goods.

  • Marissa Cooper

    I totally agree with Stacy.

  • hect

    peta has no taste not even in the ads they produce , its true that each person has his or her own opinion but the ad is not even objective hermes helps with so many causes and does so much more than peta ever will. i have to agree with jimmy in the scarcity point ,but it is a better way to obtain the skin and the bags are after all perfect if you do not agree with exotics do not buy them and respect all others that do .

  • cathealey

    I love the look of exotics, and the high quality bags last if taken care of. Leathers are much more Earth friendly than pleather.

    I don’t know too much about australian croc industry, but the US government regulates all exotics considered endangered in the US.

    North American Alligators are farmed and hunted, proceeds from both farming and hunting go toward preserving alligator’s natural habitat. It’s actually very human to perserve a natural asset like our wildlife. To control overly dominant species to preserve a balanced environment. If Alligator weren’t hunted Florida, Lousiana and Georgia would be overrun with alligators. Alligators are not nice, after all they’ve existed since prehistoric times. They’ll be here long after we’re gone.

    To hunt alligator you have to buy a license, the proceeds from hunting licenses goes toward support their habitat. Farms have to return a percent of eggs to the wild. I have tried alligator in a restaurant in Florida (it tasted like chicken). I have seen alligators on the golf course and in backyard pools. It’s good to control the alligator population, I’m sure children would make a nice snack for an alligator.

    Ostrich meat is a staple in S Africa. The skins are a by-product, ostrich is not considered an endangered species. I can’t speak to the snake or lizard industry, but considering both are from areas where people eat anything that moves, I doubt the meat goes to waste. What’s wrong with people making a living off a by-product of the food chain?

    I’m obviously not a PETA fan

  • su-ann

    I find it difficult to justify killing an animal solely for a bag/pair of shoes/clothing etc. Hence why I don’t purchase exotics.

    Harvesting crocs or alligators on a farm is literally breeding to kill – create life and harvest it purely for profit into one of the most lucrative designer house in the industry. The very thought of wearing or carrying something who’s sole purpose in demise was to create an accessory, pretty much takes an uber dive in the guilt department for me. A life is a life, regardless of whether it’s in a farm or in the wild. It’s like saying it’s not okay shoot a stranger on the street but it’s fine to shoot a household member.

    There’s a massive difference between using a leather bag derived from cow, where by the meat can be used to feed people as oppose to meat from an animal that isn’t exactly the staplefood for many?

    Will they donate the meat to nations suffering from poverty? If they can turn a frowned upon decision into something remotely socially responsible, perhaps it wont be ‘as bad’ as how it’s currently perceived by some.

  • liz

    I think the people from PETA are just crazy ,barbaric and bullies. they bandalize property , force stores to closed , brutalize people mentaly and physically just to get a point across. i hate peta !!!

  • aidan

    peta is so annoying. seriously if i was samantha jones and someone threw fake blood all over my white fur coat i wud take off my sigerson morrison pumps and tackle them. i love my croc hermes bolide and i wouldn’t trade it in because some barbaric peta person told me to. its one thing to have an opinion but to force it on everyone else? thats just wrong. they are just crazy with a capitol C

  • aidan

    and plus hermes doesn’t use snake….

  • nielnielniel

    I love looking at exotics but can’t and will never be able to afford them so it doesn’t really concern me.

    Furthermore it’s so tiresome to even take care of simple calf/hide leather (what more exotics) esp with the climate of tropical country that I live in – canvas fits my budget and weather.

  • Empress

    The fact that PETA reprimanded the President for killing a fly, further proves they are INSANE. I do not find anything that PETA says or does as some sort of “good” for our community. I am an individual involved in community service with regards to the betterment for people and animals. However, once an organization treats animals as more important than humans (i.e. thinking it’s ok to attack a human for wearing fur) that’s when I draw the line. We humans need to work together to take care of our home (plants, animals, and people). Whether some of us will do that with a croc bag or not is up to personal choice.

  • wongy74

    I think the PETA members are nuts (especially re the Obama-fly incident), but I do think they serve an important purpose of educating us about abuse and mistreatment of animals. I’m sure animals would be far, far worse off were it not for organizations like PETA. Now, this certainly doesn’t mean that I agree with their positions.

  • flower


    Oooo yeah. We have croc in Australia. And lots of it and very agressive too.

  • Matt

    How is croc not OK but mock-croc leather all good? I fail to see the difference between farming croc for skin (and meat) and farming cattle for meat (and skin).

  • Egli Vincent

    My take is that if any animal hide is used in any sort of fashion good, be it shoes or handbags, that it should be a ‘bi-product’ of a food source or regulated population control.
    Cowhide is obviously a bi-product, as we meat demand is the ‘primary’ revenue stream. Crocodile farming’s primary reason for existing is the demand for skins. Sure they’re not going to throw the meat in the trash, it does get consumed, but the fact is the hides are the primary revenue source for such a venture.
    Certain ‘Exotics’ I would consider to be ethical. Louisiana for instance releases 35,000 hunting tags a year to control their now over populated Alligator. Most hunters actually use the meat to feed their families and secondly sell the hides to a tannery. For me a bag made from this might even be more ethical than a farm raised cow hide. Just my 2 Cents

  • Rahsan

    This isn’t about PETA. This is about humanity. I don’t care for PETA. I love fashion, as long as it is ethical. The original idea behind animal rights was that animals DO have feelings. My cat has more personality than most people do. Animals get angry, jealous or upset. Remember, we share the mother earth with other species, yet we destroy it on a daily basis without hesitation just because we have this silly opinion that we are the masters of earth. Have you seen the video on PETA’s site that shows footage from a fur farm taht belongs to Chloe? Those who say they’d wear fur, can you take that? Watch it and if you are OK with it, I don’t regard you as human.

    • kellyx

      i so agree with rahsan.

      to those people who think there is nothing wrong with wearing fur, i do hope one day they’ll get a feel of being skin alive.

      maybe in hell.

  • jenny

    Hermes is killing animals for doing handbags, that is true. Some people like only leather bags and do not care which animals has to be killed or how hermes killed those animals, some people are mean and others ignorant.

  • Pete

    The people here proudly proclaiming they’re fine with conscious animals being skinned alive to make cute accessories make me wonder if the human race is evolving at all. I wish reincarnation were real, in which case those people can come back as a fox growing up in a cage and one day have their skin torn off while fully conscious and be left in a corner of their pen to die in misery. Seriously, imagine that happening to yourself. Defending it once aware of the facts in my opinion is to pretty well openly state you’re a psychopath.

  • HHH13


  • Charlene Lie

    food for thought from an interview with Stella McCartney on sustainable fashion:

    “I was brought up as a vegetarian on an organic farm in the English countryside way, so it kind of came very naturally to me. However, the decision not to use leather or fur is not just because I don’t eat animals or that I think that millions of animals each year shouldn’t be killed for the sake of fashion. It’s because I also believe in the connection between fur and leather and the environment. There’s a huge connection.

    Many people claim that leather is okay to use because it is a by-product of the meat industry, however, livestock production is one of the major causes of the world’s most pressing environmental problems, including global warming, land degradation, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Tanneries are listed as top polluters on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Superfund”list, a list that identifies the most critical industrial sites in need of environmental cleanup.”

  • Unknown

    PETA you are da bomb for opposing against Hèrmes????. They sell freaking junk that lasts up to less than a year. And by selling that they have to kill 3 alligators for just one stupid hand bag? I even have a couple of hand bags that are made of plastic and they’ve lasted up for more than 8 years and still aren’t worn out. Hèrmes???? is just doing it for the money while my plastic accessories are a couple of dollars and still lasts longer than Hèrmes????. If you like the fact that killing animals and putting them in extreme pain then why don’t you go through the process of being skinned, electrocuted and being put in extreme pain then eventually die of a slow and painful death. How would you like that?

    Oh I have an idea! Why don’t we make hand bags out of all the humans who like killing animals for fashion and who have ever killed animals for fashion. If you don’t want to go through That, then I suggest you STOP RIGHT NOW.

    Thank you all who are anti-animal cruelty.

    P.S Hèrmes????
    Instead of using animals for fashion, use cotton and plastic for fashion. SEIRIOUSLY!