If you’re looking to give a very hard-to-find gift this holiday season or finally add a sought-after bag to your own collection, you’ve got one more big chance before Christmas. Today at 11 a.m. Eastern, Mansur Gavriel will update its website with its full product line, and you can snag one if you act quickly. (I know people who have managed to do it! It can be done!)

For those of you who have never participated in the Mansur Gavriel Hunger Games, here’s how it’s worked in the past: at 11 a.m., the brand’s website will come back online with a full-line restock. Shoppers are limited to one bag per person in order to fend off resellers who are trying to buy in bulk and flip the bags on eBay, so it’s best to have something in mind before you shop. This restock will be of the Fall 2015 collection, as far as I know, so there shouldn’t be too many wild cards.

It’s also a good idea to be sure of what you want, because orders places through Mansur Gavriel’s website are final. If that makes you a little nervous, you might want to consult our guide to where else to buy Mansur Gavriel online right now; most of the retailers in it have more forgiving return policies.

P.S. Please consider supporting our small, bag-loving team by clicking our links before shopping or checking out at your favorite online retailers like Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or any of the listed partners on our shop page. We truly appreciate your support!

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  • Jacquie S

    Oy, hope it works!

  • Tang

    Where I am, we are 13 hours ahead. It is 2340 hours now as I type this. I have been refreshing their website since 1200 hours bcos I assumed (wrongly :-| ) that it starts at 12mn est. anyway, let the games behind! And may the odds be forever in your favour!

  • Tang

    Yaay I snagged one!

  • Third time’s a charm!

  • TexasST

    Woohoo, got two bags but the Peony Lady Bag still eludes me, darn it!

  • Alexandra

    OOOOOH I missed out on the restock :( but I was able to find a couple on skye.pm so I am happy!!

  • Vbogaert

    Finally snagged the backpack with the Oro lining!

  • Sandy

    I just don’t get it??? The bags seem so basic…boring. Is the leather amazing, the colors more saturated. What is the facination?? The fact that they are more affordable???

    • eee

      I also don’t get it……..so many beautiful bags. These have pretty colors but seem rather basic and simple. Maybe that’s why people love them so?

    • hikarupanda

      I felt the same way when they first came out. While I normally like minimalist design (huge Celine fans here), and I quite like MG’s minimalist design with a bit nice detailing, ie. the exterior/interior color contrast, I didn’t like the MG bags enough to try chasing one. I finally ordered my first MG bag from BG (the red calf crossbody) this past summer since it was available for pre-order and I was in the market for a red small bag anyways. That bag was disappointing tho due to the chemical smell and the plasticky feeling of the leather….I heard lots of praises about MG leather and the quality just wasn’t there with that red calf crossbody, and I thought, ok, guess I shouldn’t expect high quality leather without paying Celine kind of prices…..then lo and behold, I was in the market for a tote bag for work, so I ordered a black/gold veg-tanned tote from BG again, and it was a pleasant surprise!! I love both the black exterior leather AND the gold interior leather. The gold coated leather is definitely what makes a simple, otherwise boring black tote interesting! And that veg-tanned leather smells so good! With that price tag I was very happy with that purchase (I was thinking about getting a Saint Laurent tote bag before). Today I just ordered a mini mini bucket in cammello/royal, I totally need a casual tan small bag for summer and again that royal blue interior is, IMO, what makes the bag simple but not boring. But I guess unless you are into the minimalist aesthetics, I could see why some people might think they are a bit too boring.

    • Sara

      I don’t have a MG bag but I see the attraction. They are simple and elegant and perfect for people who don’t want to splash logos, chains and whistles about. It’s under the radar and tame but classy. They also appeal to a wide range of lifestyles and ages. And yes the price is important to people who want variety and new excitement but don’t want to go broke lol

      • Tang

        I just managed to get a MG today. I agree with you on the points you listed. To me, MG is the “original” bucket bag – it piqued my interest in bucket bags. My cousin had a bucket bag from LV in the late 1980s and it was so retro-mania and somehow from then on, even as a little girl, I was like bucket bag – yucks! MG made me re-look and re-consider bucket bags. i been checking out other bucket bag designs from loeffler Randall to Marc Jacobs (made in China) to Philip lim (made in China) but I had no feel for them. When I see someone carrying one (which only happened thrice), I identified it as a MG and I have been right all three times. so I am looking forward to receiving my MG!

      • Sara

        Enjoy your new bucket bag. I was never a bucket bag person until I got LV petite noe which is divine but a little heavy and still too easily recognized as LV for my liking. The MG bucket is gorgeous. Enjoy!

  • katrina

    OMG! it has finally happened. MG website is not sold out-not even close to it. Funnily enough I don’t feel like pulling the trigger. Have people finally realised the hype was a tad too much?

  • Courtney Werner

    Is the lady bag going to have a mini size next year?

    • Yep! Should be included in the Spring 2016 stock-ups I believe.

      • Cherly

        i had a good purchase in China in May . Luxury watches there iluxshop.es it is very nice and good quality

  • Jennifer McGee

    I really hope people aren’t buying these bags up and selling them on Ebay. That is becoming very common.

    • Michelle Storm

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  • Tang

    Oh and for MG lovers, you should check out rabeanco. It is from Hong Kong and the leather is beautiful (no chemical smell, many colors, many textures of leather) and designs are not excessive…modern classic. Prices are inexpensive. I get durable leather and becos of the price, I am not afraid to use it, stuff it, and no need to hold my umbrella over it or find a chair for it, etc. (where I live, floors can be grimy at certain delicious food places and sometimes it can be so bad I don’t even wanna step on the floor and then step into my car but I still go becos the food is good!) Unfortunately I think they don’t sell their bags online so I usually purchase them in malls or when I go HK (cheaper in HK!)… It is easy to find in HK so if anyone is heading to HK, go check it out.

  • Sara

    The small tote with different colour interior is so practical! Almost sold out now. Very LV Neverfull-ish but not as showy. Love it. I want black with red interior – all gone :-(

  • Sara

    I’ve just seen the MG bucket bag in person. Photos don’t do the bag justice. It is simple, sophisticated, feminine and utterly beautiful. It’s a shame I paid 4 times the amount for LV epi bucket!