Luxury Shopping Makes You Happier, Says Science


In case you needed to find a reason to justify an upcoming weekend shopping spree, I have some good news: buying something fancy will make you happy, and in the longterm, it may actually even be cheaper than therapy. (Ok, I made up that last part.) (But it might be! The math depends on what kind of insurance deductible you have. So, you know, take it up with the fine folks of Blue Cross.)

In the conclusion to what has been a banner week for shopping behavior research, some scientists who have recently published a study in Applied Research in Quality of Life that indicates luxury purchases have a positive impact on a subject’s perception of his or her own well-being. Scientists measured the impact by either loaning or giving them expensive chocolates and a fancy pen with which to take the survey, and apparently ownership accounts for significantly more happiness than mere loans. In fact, the act of giving back the luxury items showed a detrimental impact on a subject’s perception of well-being; in short, you’re even sadder if you know what you’re missing out on.

What the study didn’t test was how it makes people feel to give up money in exchange for said luxury goods, which I suspect might throw a wrench in some people’s plans for luxury shopping in place of, say, an otherwise fulfilling life. If the expenditure will stress you out, the new bag might not be worth the price. On the other hand, if you’ve got the cash, go ahead. May we suggest one of the new arrivals at Bergdorf Goodman?


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  1. Scottsdale Kim Avatar
    Scottsdale Kim

    I’ve been in sales for years and have come across some real jerks along the way. Having a nice bag at work is a great reminder of the good living that it provides and a way to overlook those unfortunate encounters.

  2. Lea Avatar

    OMG I loved the article…and I’m absolutely certain about the truth of it, I’ve made several experiences myself!!!…It brought me higher and higher wellbeing …state of mind…destress me a lot less then ever…..great!!!

  3. Anne C Avatar
    Anne C

    I am a big believer of retail therapy… Especially if you know that the big purchase is well deserved, it definitely makes things feel lighter.

  4. Mya Avatar

    Well I know my upcoming Chanel Boy bag purchase is sure gonna make me happy!

  5. Sandy Avatar

    I agree completely…when I shop time stands still and all in the world is peaceful…LOL…and then I have to pay my credit card bill, Ha!

    1. kirsten863 Avatar

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  6. kindled Avatar

    How do you loan someone expensive chocolates? 🙂

  7. buffmom33 Avatar

    I completely agree when I am in Chanel or Tom Ford even just to purchase cosmetics or perfume there is a euphoria that comes with it and I enjoy it throughout the rest of the day!!!

  8. Maya Avatar

    Sicience is absolutely right!

  9. moneybag Avatar

    I agree that spending vast cost on luxury can make you happy, but I don’t agree with the philosophy “don’t be happy, be fulfilled”, get outta here! Asceticism and I tried it for years is a draining if not satisfying experience, it sucks you dry so yes I need luxury but I’m not so desperate to spend my money. It’s the money that buys happiness, not spending all your money till there’s no money, when I have some money left I’m happy. I’m satisfied at blissful things, like fine chocolates, a fancy apartment, and healthy ultragourmand meals, not crude luxury, only decent luxury and healthy luxury causes happiness, crude luxury doesn’t. We’re seen as lizards in a suit, I see us as monkeys in a tux. And the curse is upon any luxury person who gets brain medicine from any doctor, yet they can travel to the Bahamas and the curse is gone, it’s not from me though, I’d rather you be fortunate and lucky to be drinking pineapple and coconut with added rum lying in a hammock by palm trees near your mansion, it’s so, that’s a dream, that’s what I think I should be doing but it’s not reality, what I really should be doing in sitting in a chair in the backyard, in Mum’s mini-forest she planted for me, drinking coffee from my Rise AND Grind mug whilst having a cigarette, that would be reality, that’s something that can happen some day. In all due respect I even should be drinking coconut milk coffee with cumin biscuits and don’t argue, deep down I always have an ultragourmand breakfast and plant-milk coffee with brown sugar in the morning, but I should switch to Stevia so then it becomes coffee with sweetener. If you’re fat and stay fat and don’t bother losing weight, and if you don’t have proper health or eat healthy food you’ll never be happy. Take it from me, I’ve heard it all from magazine and published book health experts.