The announcement of the next designer collaboration for H&M has taken the fashion world by storm. So much so that Lanvin is trending on Twitter (which is a feat in and of itself since most Twitter trending topics typically involve some teenie-bopper). That is right fashion folks, H&M upcoming designer collaboration is with Lanvin, clearly one of the most influential brands of this century.

Everyone who reads PurseBlog knows of our love of Lanvin Bags. Lanvin, one of the oldest Paris fashion houses, is known for their luxurious and well-made clothing. Part of the dream for Lanvin was to reach a wider audience, and this collaboration will do just that.

The collection of womenswear and menswear will be revealed on November 2, with the collection hitting the stores three weeks later (November 20th in North America and November 23 in the rest of the world). As far as the pairing of designer collaborations go, this is sure to be one of the most anticipated ever.

What do you think of H&M’s partnership with fashion house Lanvin: do you plan to buy from the line?

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  • irene

    never ever buy clothes from H&M. It sucks.

  • Jane H.

    I usually just get one thing from designer x H&M collaborations.

  • Megan

    Oh man. I can imagine that selling out in about 30 minutes. wish they would sell those things online. Would like a chance without having to put on a football helmet and pads.

  • FashionofficerChloe

    This is not cool at all. I will never purchase Lanvin again after this. Selling your own knockoffs is beyond whack! Sorry Lanvin, this GG does not approve. This whole idea that everything is for everybody is nonsense. Porsche should make a line of cars for Kia to go with this Lanvin for H&M.

    • Harry

      Dear Fashion Officer,

      You are an idiot, clearly H&M’s line will be made of much cheaper materials and is meant for mass market and hundreds of thousands of units will be made. The quality will not be the same and the exclusivity of Lanvin will still be there. What about Alexander Mcqueen, Anya Hindmarch, Anna Sui, Falchi and the upcoming Mulberry line for Target. O yea and H&M’s previous collaborations with Matthew Williamson and Jimmy Choo? Looks like u better go through you closet and purge all of these labels because they are making merchandise for the poor! Run before you become one of us!

      • MalibuGirl

        I totally agreed with you!

      • Karen

        Well put, Harry.

      • FashionofficerChloe

        Harry you are an idiot! and it’s not because you’re poor. Tis all.

      • Marissa Cooper

        FashionofficerChloe you’re a real snob. OMG better not say much or else the fashion officer will get me! LOL

    • Ri

      Oh bish shut up. It’s all cheap anyway. You pay $369 when the fabric is probably only worth $2.

  • Lori

    When is Chanel going to sell bags at Target? That I might go for. :-)

  • mochababe73

    @Lori-LOL! Me, too.

    I don’t see anything with a designer doing a collaboration with a “discount” store. It’s not about everything for everybody. It’s about MONEY!

    This is fashion, and it’s supposed to be fun!

  • pinkcandypumps

    First off why are every one so negative about this collaboration. I love HnM and I also think that Lanvin is a honerable line as well. Being that times are hard these designers are willing to go the limit for there people who love them. First off I love love love everything I have ever purchased from HnM because there clothing are the best texture ,color, style and quality. Then after that the name lanvin speaks for itself. Me personally I think when :nm paired up w jimmy choo that was a hit dfntly not a hit and miss. I think that if u know anything about fashion u know that u gotta be open to anything. This is how the fashion world turns, this is how you make fashion ihistory….

    • sees

      I just think H&M uses the worst fabric, I don’t go for designer label often either, but i hate to wear H&M, there is always something out there not right . However, it’s a brave move for Lanvin, since everybody is doing the collaboration, why they can’t. Also it is just a brand promotion to wow the mass audience. My advice, go and look, do not shop.

    • Ri

      I disagree with you completely! H&M and quality does not go in hand. I give H&M props for being affordable. But sometimes, that stuff looks behind cheap. And they are always sold out and hardly ever restock.

  • Casey

    I don’t think the collaboration will tarnish the name because EVERYBODY is going to know whether you’re wearing real Lanvin or H&M. Of course, I’ll frown upon anybody who says, “I’m wearing Lanvin!” when they’re not, but it’s still better than going to Zara and paying $100 for a look that copied Lanvin because at least the house had something to do with it. As long as Alber and Lucas don’t recreate their signature pieces, I don’t see why it’s a problem. Personally, though, I’ll be getting up early that morning to drive two hours up to LA (1 hour if they sell menswear at South Coast Plaza) with my helmet and knee pads ready to fight.

  • angi


  • qudsia

    i wonder if theyre going to release an accessory line too?? what stinks beyond anything is that not only does everything sell out really fast and its not going to be in every h&m on top of that, but im going to be out of the country!! ill leave my helmet and kneepads with my sis LOL, hopefully shell find something for me

  • janis

    call me stupid, but how in the world do u pronounce LANVIN. ive wondered for years now, literally. is it LAH-VIN? LAN-VIN? LA-VIEN?

    • Kelly

      I believe it’s pronounced lon-van.

  • pinkcandypumps

    U know what are people stupid or something because the last time I checked my common sense box a collaboration means two or more things forming together. Why is every one getting it twisted that because its a collaboration that. Lanvin is down graded because it is paired w HnM. Are u guys drinking the same water, Lanvin is going to be the ones along side HnM working together. They are still designing its just that they are working together do you people know how to read or can somebody correct me on how , possibly HnM are going to carry ” counterfit” Lanvin products please Like that is legal….

  • merve

    I think you cant really claim to really love fashion if you turn your nose up at high street brands and only prefer labels. Its absolutely ridiculous. This is coming from someone who owns loads of H&M stuff and some beautiful Lanvin clothes. First of all this is gonna make both partners loads of money and secondly it gives women who cant even afford 10% of the price of the Chanel handbags we talk about, to own something that was conceived by a fashion powerhouse. I dont see why that makes Lanvin suddenly lose its exclusivity. The only thing that bothers me is that im sure the queues will be huge and if you get the opportunity to buy something you will see it on like a bizillion other people and end up not really liking it. I want what i wear to be original so i dont like the idea of having a mass produced item that is so hugely coveted. I dont mind owning pieces from Top shop or H&M in general but not something that screams Lanvin for H&M. Thats why i steered clear of Jimmy Choo/Williamson etc for H&M. because it was Choo items reproduced for H&M. Thats not the point. The point should be Choo does beautiful cheaper pieces exclusive for HM. Anyway I will have a look at the pieces that Lanvin comes up with and if they are lovely classic items then I will stand in the queue with my hockey stick.

    • FashionofficerChloe

      I love high fashion. Keyword “HIGH” And like i said . EVERYTHING is not for EVERYBODY. Hermes would never do something so tacky!

  • Demi

    It’s really nice to see a world-class designer pairing with a more affordable store like H&M. I don’t think at all that Lanvin will loose its exclusivity.
    Let’s be honest for a mommnet please… I really thing that all the negative comments are coming from people who believe that wearing labels, automatically makes someone look of a higher social standing, and don’t really like it when more and more people can afford the label-like look.
    Fashion isn’t about exclusivity. Fashion is about a sense of style. Style doesn’t always come with money. I’ve seen people who wear really cheap clothes and can make them look haute-couture just by making the right combinations and by pairing them with the appropriate accessories. I’ve also seen people who wear very, very expensive clothes but they make them look cheap and tacky, simply because they lack a sense of style.

    • FashionofficerChloe

      HIGH fashion is all about exclusivity. Keyword “HIGH” . This is not personal these are fashion facts. FYI Choo has never been the same since they sold out to H&M . Hence the real reason why they are selling the brand. The core customer is gone. Trying to be all things to all people never works.

    • merve

      I totally agree with you Demi. I dont really get this “high” fashion is for “high” people.

  • Miriam

    Maybe now I can afford a Lanvin tote!

    • FashionofficerChloe

      High Fashion was not built on the premise of being “affordable” .

  • ashtein11

    i love it!! i love it when alber elbaz said that h&m going luxury rather than lanvin going public!!!

  • FashionofficerChloe

    Sorry purseblog. I have a passion for high fashion and true luxury. I did not mean to high-jack your post!

  • AliceCooper72

    Oooh FashionofficerChloe! What can I say? You’re born with your own sense of style, and perhaps you can define it, hone it as your personality grows, but you can’t buy it. I’ve seen women with a lot of money and no sense of style or class about them at all – regardless of the outfit they wear or the bag they carry. I applaud both Lanvin and H&M for bringing something different to us all.

    • merve

      well said Alice

  • Ingrid

    i agree with fashio officer. high fashion isn’t for everyone. i’m sad lanvin is teaming up with h&m. it degrades them.

  • ccake

    i love the idea!! can’t wait to see the collection!!

    for those who object the idea:
    it’s not as if lanvin is soley designing for h&m now.. their collections are still there for those who want exclusiveness. Lanvin teaming up with h&m is just a temp collaboration.. it is not degrading at all. its a side project people!! and its not like the prices will be regular h&m prices.

    if you want high fashion, it is still there and it won’t be going anywhere.

  • Amy11

    Hi all:D Well I’m very exited about this collaboration I might miss school to go to see it :P
    Well I don’t think is bad this kind of collaboration cause as I can remember even Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli, Viktor nd Rolf and Sonya Rikyel did this kind of collaborations and I don’t think they lost some piece of market after they did it! Karl Lagerfeld is becoming greater thn ever!
    Of course we cannot expect th same quality! Plus I have seen fashion students in London fighting for this kind of collaborations at H&M!
    For Jimmy Choo I don’t u guys but I don’t think is tht amazing as it was before seriously their designs in my opinion are not tht attractive at all plus now in th market there ar loads of other shoe brands like louboutin, caovilla, kirkwood and loads of others so th competion is very high!
    I’m just a student and I actually study fashion and my parents cannot afford to buy me label clothes and accessories so if I have th opportunity to buy clothes of an important label like lanvin in collaboration with H&M well I will definetly! Cause at least is gonna make me feel special when I’m gonna wear it and half way to buy a label outfit one day!
    How Coco Chanel used to say ” Fahion change, style remains”

  • vane

    To the SNOB. FYI Choo has never been the same ? maybe you are 5 years behind the times JChoo has not been “it” for years . There have been so many other great shoe companies far more directional and pushed by editors than Choo for a number of years …the H7M thing had no bearing on the Choo ” sale” . The thing it did ws make choo a ton of money .
    The lanvin thing will do no harm , its expected these days and after a nonth is gone and done Being a SNOB is never in fashion…EVER

  • Jelita78

    Lanvin for H&M was such a hit worldwide!
    and although i didn’t get the chance to join in the fun during the store raid, i’m thankful for ebay coz i still can get those tees in my size! (ipad)