Karl Lagerfeld on Weight and Fashion

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  • dela

    lol. I wouldn’t call it the healthiest, but definitely the biggest motivation.

  • amante

    reminds me of that book’s cover, the end of luxury.

  • msbaglady

    Definitely a take from the cover of “The end of Luxury” as amante had mentioned but I think its a great reminder and help for people to find motivation in whatever they can these days to maintain or lose weight.
    Health is priceless….although luxury is not, either is being unhealthy…health provides its own wealth

  • Cherie L.

    i think karl is awesome. he has a lot of balls to be quoted in public saying that because you know many people will take it the wrong way and start saying a lot of shit about him.

    he has always said he is the most superficial man in the world and though i’m not a skinny minny, i make sure i stay in decent shape because there are just too many beauiful things to wear.

    so yes, i agree with karl lagerfeld!

  • Lindi

    Hah! How appropriate. I need to print that picture out. I’m going to Paris in June and am frantically trying to lose weight so I won’t look silly in the Chanel store. Thank you Karl!

  • Shannon

    i think health should be people’s main goal when making diet/exercise choices… but fashion is definitely motivating too. i heart karl

  • Hannah

    Does anyone can tell me if that is a book cover or some kind of advertisement?

    Nevertheless, I love this quote! He’s right and although I’m neither fat or skinny, I always try to do my best at looking goof and healthy.

  • sjensen

    AAHHHH two of my most favorite things. . . . burger and fries and CHANEL!! Love it!!

  • Odie

    Karl is the man. We should all follow his lead by saying our honest opinions and not worry so much about it’s PC value. Being married to a trainer, I know it’s not the healthiest motivation. But being a designer myself, it is the main motivation. I feel like everything I design I should be able to fit in myself.
    Instead of just focusing on models we should turn the light on the designer. Why make clothes that you can’t wear then expect the masses to kill themselves trying to squeeze in them? Look at Marc Jacobs; he can fit any damn thing he designs. Anna Sui? I don’t think so.

    • Tinsley Proust

      This is gross.

  • me

    That picture looks like the opposite of the quote.

    • Capricious

      That is essentially the point. It’s called irony!

  • Noor Khraibut

    very motivating add .. me like …


  • whatever is clever

    you make me sick. there are so many things wrong with this picture.
    the ideology isn’t just around you… it’s within you!!!!

  • Octavia

    I am far to smart to be motivated by fashion, I like it but I wouldn’t change my shape for any piece of clothing. Health is a good motivator for weight loss however.