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Authentic Birkin vs Fake Birkin

eBay thought they were running the perfect platform, holding the buyer and seller responsible for deals not themselves. Problem is a French court ruled differently in favor of Hermes in an eBay counterfeit case. With this ruling, the online marketplace can slowly be changing before our faces. While this exact case only involves 20,000 euros ($31,439.30), there are many suits said to follow against eBay. This leaves you wondering what may happen to the eBay giant that has become a staple of our society? Of course there has to be rules, but should eBay be held responsible for every single transaction on their site? This should and will get interesting, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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Online auction house eBay is simply a host for transactions between buyers and sellers, not liable for any dodgy dealings that go on, right? Wrong.

On June 4, a French court ruled against eBay (nasdaq: EBAY Рnews Рpeople ) in a case brought against it by French ultra-chic luxury retailer Herm̬s over the sale of three Herm̬s bags, including two fakes, for a total of 3,000 euros ($4,715.50). I

It’s not so much the size of the fine that’s likely to be keeping eBay executives awake at night: 20,000 euros ($31,439.30) is relatively small change for a company the market values at $38.5 billion. Rather, it’s the precedent that the ruling by the court in Troyes sets, as it could apply to cases that might cost eBay a lot more and force it to rethink its entire selling strategy.

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