Louis Vuitton Car

Dear Vlad,

This year I was hoping to get you that Aston Martin DB9 you have always dreamed of. But did you know how much those things cost?!?! So I scratched that off the list. Then I wanted to take you on a vacation around the world. But do you know how much time and planning and jet lag that would be??? So I scratched that off the list. Then I thought about buying you a new bag, seeing that you do work on a site about bags. But really, you have one bag, how many more could you need?? So I scratched that off the list.

But then I came up with the perfect present. A present that will encompass all of the wonderful gifts I first thought of giving you. Let me introduce you to Vlad’s new Louis Vuitton Car! You want a car, you got it, you want a trip, you can drive it, you want designers, its written all over this car! Could you be any more happy that it is your birthday?!



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  • fatefullotus


    OMG my eyes, my EYES!


  • Label addict

    Happy Birthday Vlad hope you like the gift can we see modelling pics? :lol:

  • charisse

    ok, i don’t know whether to be gullible or not! happy bday vlad!

  • Cal


    Rock on Vlad and Happy Birthday – AAIIIII!

  • Cudaswifey

    thats such a wonderful and thoughtful gift! :cool:

  • kathyrose


  • Porkchopz

    :mrgreen: I think someone should photoshop Vlad into the front seat! Or perhaps ghostriding the whip?

  • deja pseu (pseub)

    Happy Birthday, Vlad, fellow Pisces! Hey if you’re in the LA area, swing round and give us a ride in that bad boy! :p

  • Purse=Heaven

    I agree Charisse!! I can’t tell if it’s a joke or not!!
    haha to porkchopz- i’d like to see him ghostriding the whip too.

  • classic chic

    :wink: happy birthday val!!!! do you have matching seats and trim inside the car too? ^_

  • BagWoman

    Happy Birthday! I saw this bad boy on the 10 freeway the other day. Amazing!

  • Classy Gals

    This has got to be the wildest birthday gift
    ever! I love it! Happy B-Day.

  • Naggy

    That is the flashiest car. (ipad)