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  • Aoedele

    Lol, I can’t afford any of those bags, so the prices did increase for me.

    • Zak Pulaski

      I recently bought a Knomo bag from http://www.devoved.com, should check it out. They have quite a unique collections for leather bags, appears to be some European Band collection.

  • B

    Wish some of the prices weren’t so high. Thankfully I got my sac de jour before that increase. As far as Celine, from the original price to what it is now…wow. Glad they didn’t increase. Here is a question, do these bags ever have a price decrease? Say if they become a little less popular as I know I was told on here that Celine luggage is starting to be. Meg told me they hit their peak a couple years ago.

    • It’d be incredibly rare to see a price decrease on the same bag year-on-year. If a brand felt like it had overshot its market, it would be more likely that it would instead introduce a smaller or or less luxe (calf instead of lambskin, for example) version of a bag to satisfy customers at a lower price level, or to discontinue an expensive bag that had gotten stale and try again with a new line.

      Decreasing prices is tricky because it makes a brand feel devalued and unspecial in the eyes of consumers, which can make the pricing problem worse instead of better. It’s wiser to do it with a little bit of smoke and mirrors.

  • missarewa

    I’ve always respected Gucci for what I believe is fair pricing, given their brand and the quality of their products.

    • Same!!

    • FashionableLena

      Me, too. At least I know that my saving is still on track!

    • DB

      Totally agree- Gucci seems to be more realistic about affordability

    • McGee Jennifer

      Agreed and the quality is exceptional. I still have Gucci monogram clutch in navy from the 70s?

  • dnfl

    saint Laurent price increase is slightly ridiculous… As if their prices weren’t high enough! the sac du jour is nice, but it hasn’t been around that long and already it’s increased in half a thousand dollars?!

  • Winn

    What about other sac de jour sizes?

    • We didn’t check the others, but generally brands don’t do spot increases on particular bags or sizes. Usually, when one thing goes up, it’s an indication that everything else has, too.

  • Lina Lee

    I love Balenciaga Classic City bag.

  • dekadaye

    i remember seeing a celine luggage in 2011 for $1600!

    • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

      Hahahaha!!! Yes! I bought one for that price and I sold it which I’m so happy about. The old version of luggage now sags like old woman’s titties. Current price is 2000€ and I don’t care about this bag at all. Good thing Celine got it’s medicine. They should always know that an it bag is a fad. SMH.

  • Where can I find out about the basic Chanels? The website doesnt give details for the caviar ones…


  • lainey316

    The balenciaga rises are an outrage… I couldn’t justify a city ten years ago at €695 ,and said I’d get for my 30th, but local store didn’t stock that year. The increases are so high that now I’ll never feel not ripped off so will never buy!

    • The increase this time around is quite high. Although it must be said, Balenciaga is still your best bet to find a “classic” (i.e. the City or maybe even the Velo) leather handbag for less than $2,000.

  • I used to think that Saint Laurent would be worth saving up for, but sadly I don’t feel the same way anymore. I’d rather invest in one from Dior, Givenchy, or Fendi. At least the the quality, and designs of their bags are worth the (steep) price tags.

  • Stefanie

    Great post!!!!

  • Heidi

    Wow I remember buying my sister the givenchy Antigona medium size for $1600 back in 2013!

    • Louise

      I am so gutted and sad I didnt buy the medium antigona i beige at harrods 2013 for only 1100 :( The pound was so low back then as well, oh how I regret that. But I guess its like the quotes on insta says, the worst regrets are the things you didnt buy lol :'(