Today is 90210 day, how awesome is that?! And when I realized it is September 2, 2010, thereby meaning it is 90210, I got giddy like a kid on Christmas! One of the hottest TV shows of my generation (which transcends generations), is the original Beverly Hills 90210. To this day, I watch 90210 everyday on Soap Net. And then I hear the same comments being made by Tori Spelling about spending the weekends in bed with Donna Martin. That could be taken out of context, but it is mostly about laying around all weekend watching 90210. Sounds amazing to me!

In honor of 90210 day, we have a collage of the original cast (present day photos) chilling by the Peach Pit. The only gal who we cover because of her handbags is Tori Spelling. Tori is a Balenciaga girl, which we completely appreciate.

Share with us your favorite 90210 character and episode!

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  • Alana

    I had the biggest crush on Brandon Walsh!!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    I loved this show when it was originally running on TV and I can’t change the channel when I see it on reruns. Thanks for the post – and now that makes me feel old!

  • vicky

    We have all the seasons on DVD. Can’t wait for the last one to be released this November!
    On a bag note, in the earlier episodes, Kelly carries a Louis Vuitton to school. I’ve been dying to find out what the bag name is!

    • !!!

      oh yeah baby!

      it’s some sort of tote right? first season? she carries it whit her classic chanel right??

      totally had forgotten about that til now!

  • Seejayluvsbags

    omg, I watch the show on the weekend! And to think I figured it was a wee weird that I watched them! Well 90210, The OC and One Tree Hill….My fav character was Brenda, in the beginning of course, then Dylan but he turned into a cokehead then nobody! Kelly was too self righteous and Brandon (my only other possibilities) was so short and acted like someone’s dad…ugh! But hey, loved the show!

  • Hope

    Brandon Walsh was my favorite. He had his stuff together and kept everyone else accountable.
    I have not even tried to watch the new series. I just don’t think it would be the same. It was the best show of all time. You can’t duplicate that.

  • Chris

    In retrospect, I do not have the foggiest idea why I ever watched this show. Dylan was the best looking by far, but he was terribly boring. He was always anti-whatever – there is nothing wrong with being anti, but after a few years it gets boring and he never had a constructive counter proposal, was never passionate about anything. I also thought it was strange that the characters (in particular the girls) never had a hobby. They were busy with their looks or with their problems.
    So why was I watching? I guess I had a crush on Brandon Walsh – again a bit boring, but good looking, and at least he had an opinion and showed some passion – wasn’t he the writer of the school magazine? And I somehow liked Brenda.

    Hmmm… still, the Americans produce(d) some great shows. But I will not tell which ones I liked, it would be too embarrassing. And anyway, today is 90210 day.

  • Iamjij

    I had the hugest crush on Dylan aka Luke Perry. Bad boy with plenty if sex appeal! I’ll never forget the hot tub scene with Jennie Garth! Uber hot!! Does anyone else remember??

    • !!!

      omg yes

      i wanted to marry dylan so bad!

      • Jelita78

        omg me tooo!!!
        gushhh.. kinda embarrassing when thinking about it now! hahaha.. (ipad)

  • Staci

    Megs, I watch 90210 on Soap Net occasionally too, and still remember my favorite ep! It was the time Brenda lied to her family to go with Dylan to Mexico for the weekend. She didn’t have her license when they were at the border and she had to call her parents (I think..). I know you remember that one! ;-)

  • Karin bag4bag

    I used to LOVE that show…sigh.

  • mochababe73

    I used to love this show. I was in labor with my first child, and I remember refusing to go to the hospital until that and Melrose Place was over. Being disturbed while watching those two shows was not an option.

    • Chris

      LOVE your comment. What a fan. :-)

  • Mae

    They all still look much the beach goers… hotness never faded out. :) I used to watch this religiously, though, and to think I was still a kid. LOL I dunno. I just enjoy watching them saving people.