The closer we get to spring (actual spring, not fashion spring – fashion spring has been here since September), the more interesting the whole Saint Laurent handbag situation gets. At this point, we all know how Hedi Slimane’s presence at the brand has impacted the uber-popular Cabas ChYc Bag, and now Net-a-Porter’s New Arrivals page gives us some more insight on the other kinds of bags that Slimane has planned for the brand. We’re definitely headed in a Celine direction, ladies and gents.

We’ve taken a close look at the Saint Laurent Medium Classic Duffel, which retails for $2,650, in the past, but the Saint Laurent Reversible Shopper Tote, $1,495, and Saint Laurent YSL Clutch are new. Of the three bags, I think the YSL logo clutch is the most interesting – it’s a definitely indication that Slimane intends to make good on his word and continue to use the iconic company logo to which so many luxury consumers are attached, but it also makes me feel like he has a leg in two different brands. So what do you think? Check out all of Net-a-Porter’s new arrivals this-a-way.

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  • catherina

    i think slimane’s designs are boooooringgggg… these are a far cry from the muse and the cabas. duh.

  • queenie2527

    They just copied the esthetics of Céline.

  • Camila

    Very boring… and so is the Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2013 collection.

  • I miss Stefano. I really do. These bags are ok, I would totally wear them, but this isn’t something we haven’t seen before.

  • DorianGray

    Italians do it better (I miss Stefano too).

  • D

    underwhelming. i hope this failure gets fired soon.

  • Averil

    I buy Celine because I want Celine. I bought YSL because I wanted YSL. Why would I buy YSL to get a Celine rip-off?

    Not impressed or interested at all…

    • klynneann

      I totally agree! I’m not not particularly fond of the direction that YSL is moving in.

  • Renee O

    Agreed. Boring.

  • twirler

    why change your brand name if the initials are still YSL??

  • Casey

    I think the classic duffel is a beautiful bag that will sell well, but the reversible tote looks cheap and the continued use of the YSL logo on some of the products is going to create an identity crisis for the brand. I’m okay with the direction the brand is going in right now because it’s still the first season and he probably wants to get classics out of the way. But if things don’t get more exciting within the next two seasons, then we might have a huge problem.

  • Lara Madeleine

    I have seen some of the new bags at YSL stores. Both leather and design are unsatisfactory considering price points. I will be switching to another brand. Sad though.

  • dandy

    This looks so NORMAL, i wouldn’t spend my money on this boring bag. I’d rather buy other brands. The Bag looks CHEAP!!! WANT THE OLD CREATIVE DIRECTOR BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK