So, as we all know, the 80s are a thing. As such, MCM saw this as their opportunity to sell us all some more handbags, and their efforts thus far have been…reasonable. They’d probably have more success and gain more new customers with a lower price point, but it seems like a lot of designers overestimate what their “brand” is worth, in terms of dollars per handbag. I’m looking at you, Versace.

That being said, I’m not a fan of everything that they’ve produced this season. Case in point: the MCM Giorno Convertible Bag.

MCM Giorno Convertible Bag

I’m generally a big fan of menswear inspiration being incorporated into women’s fashion, but the briefcase look on this bag is just a tad too literal. It would be appropriate as a a work bag, although it looks like it’s probably a bit too small to actually hold files or a laptop. If your style is very, very tailored, it might work, but I fear that this bag would look out of place and too utilitarian with any kind of casual outfit.

Although, if you’re looking for a really stylish netbook bag, this might be just the ticket… Buy through Saks for $995.

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