Heading to Coachella this weekend? No? Me neither. But maybe one or two of you are lucky enough to make the hipster pilgrimage out to Indio, California for the annual indie music festival that keeps getting less indie by the year. Or maybe you’re saving your airline miles for a future summer festival – maybe Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee or Lollapalooza in Chicago? (The latter would be my pick since Lady Gaga is headlining.)

No matter what kind of outdoor events you’re attending this summer, from music festivals to baseball games, you’re going to need to bring a handbag of some sort. Crossbody bags are undoubtedly your best bet because they’re hands-free and convenient, but choosing one to use at an all-day event can be tricky. Too small, and you’re trying to stuff way too many things in to it; too big, and it’s a burden to carry around for an extended period of time, particularly in summer heat. Luckily, we’ve done all the legwork for you and found three perfect crossbodies that will satisfy any (ok, almost any) budget.

(from top to bottom)

Save: Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Crossbody This little guy is bright and cheery, with a padded strap that you can wear all day and plenty of room inside for all your essentials, plus an extra pocket in the flap, which gives you more room than you even realized you had. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $328.

Spend: Alexander Wang Brenda Crossbody If ever there were a time when Alexander Wang’s bags were absolutely appropriate, it would be at super-indie music festivals like Coachella. What better way to let everyone else know that you’re already in the know than by carrying a bag from fashion’s uber-downtown It Boy? Buy through ShopBop for $725.

Splurge: Mulberry Alexa Crossbody Clutch Speaking of hipster It Bags, bag-namesake Alexa Chung is exactly the type of uber-fashionable girl that gets photographed at music festivals that feature bands of whom no one has ever heard. The easiest way to channel her style, obviously, is to carry the bag that she inspired. I’ve got to admit, however – it’s also pretty cute and functional. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1150.

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  • elizabeth

    love the crossbody bags – so easy to use. the Mulberry Alexa is my fave but a bit out of my price range (FB)

  • marian t

    i love marc jacobs cross body and the price too! (fb)

  • Shelly

    love the marc jacobs!:) (fb)

  • robyn

    I’m loving cross body bags, makes shopping so much easier, lol. Marc Jacobs rocks!! (fb)

  • Terri

    The Alexa is my next purchase for sure! (fb)

  • Alanna

    the alexa is gorgeous but wayyy too expensive for me, especially for such a casual bag. can’t actually afford the mbmj either but i’d definitely go for that one if i had the cash… soooo pretty and looks really comfy too! (fb)

  • Pat

    My faves are the Marc Jacobs and Mulberry. These really are perfect for summer. (fb)

  • Lianne

    The Marc Jacobs is gorgeous. (fb)

  • Ruth

    Love that Alexander Wang! Perfect size; perfect slouch; perfect amount of rocker, hipster vibe! (fb)


    cross body arent usually my favorites but these Are great
    i love marc even if not really in this colour
    i love alexander wang and this one is really cute (&i have to’ ammict it i still go crazy for Rocco :])
    i usually hate mulberry and the alexa mmm if i think about this bag i hate it if i see i love it! i hope i could buy it one day but not yellow….do you think the coffee leoparted its too trashy?

  • swags

    The Marc Jacobs is my favorite. While I still like toting the larger bags, this looks like a great handsfree option while not compromising on space. The color is pretty and would compliment many summer ensembles. Thumbs up! (fb)

  • ad

    i love both mbmj’s and mulberry’s. ohhh they’re perfect! and the colors available are soo pretty. since my birthday is coming up, perhaps now is the right time to drop some hints to darling bf :P (fb)

  • Karen

    The Alexander Wang is awesome! I would totally invest in that as a day-trip bag. LOVE IT! (fb)

  • Nikki

    I both want the Marc Jacobs Natasha and Mulberry Alexa Clutch! (fb)

  • Julia

    I love the Marc Jacobs crossbody and it is perfect for summer. The Mulberry seems better suited for work; not a summer festival. (fb)

  • Cate

    I am not at all a fan of most crossbodies, but that Alexa is really pretty. I’m also terribly fond of the Alexa clutch. Gorgeous! (fb)

  • Sheri

    Love the alexa (fb)

  • Amy

    Mulberry Alexa’s my favorite bag, just not my favorite price. I like the idea of finding the perfect sized crossbody bag – I have a few, but they are definitely all too big or too small for a baseball game or a standing-room-only concert. Guess I have a new mission! (fb)

  • Lori

    I’m waiting for that MBMJ Natasha in the mail — it should be arriving today! I’m really excited to receive it, I think it’s a great bag to have when you’re running errands.

  • Lori

    oops forgot (fb)

  • Kiwishopper

    Crossbody type of bag is the best for travel! Handsfree and very safe! (fb)

  • Tamee

    Love love love the colors of the Marc Jacobs and Mulberry bags! So bright and cheery! Is it summer yet???!!! (fb)

  • covertanjou

    I love the Mulberry bag! The color is divine! (fb)

  • natalie78

    I use crossbody bags when I go on vacation and I have actually found that Fossil has some really cute and functional bags. They aren’t leather, but great bags anyway. Who really wants to carry a heavy leather bag on the beach anyway? For everyday use, I’m not too keen on them since I wear suits to work. (fb)

  • Tanyus

    totally love Mulberry Alexa one! (fb)

  • Kate

    I would gladly take all three! (fb)

  • lala

    I like the Marc Jacobs one.(fb)

  • Roxanna

    Love the Marc Jacobs bag, especially the color. (fb)

  • Mika

    love love love crossbody bags. the alexa is my choice (fb)

  • glam

    The MbMJ is adorable,I like the colour.(fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    though the rates on these are not that low, I`m still going to make my statement. cheap cheap cheap! you don`t wanna look cheap ladies.

  • MH

    I love crossbody bags! They’re so functional for shopping and just a regular day out in the city. Love the color of the MJ and the Mulberry bag is cute! (fb)

  • Debbie C

    Love crossbody bags for outings but wouldn’t really carry a designer one in those situatiions. (fb)

  • Shine

    Body bags gives us freedom to use our hands more, body bags provides a lot of room to dunk in our kits, stuffs.. unlike belt belts.. It is the most convinient bag, choosing the right kind of style that can pull off any clothes that you wear. I gives me an idea that a corporate woman in body bags is a wow!! Maybe Louis Vuitton because during a busy day, her hands are free to do some other stuff (fb)

  • mybag

    I love crossbody bags,the Marc Jacobs would be perfect for a day out.I kind of like the Muberry too maybe in another colour.(fb)

  • kylie

    omgosh… the alexander wang brenda crossbody is too die for!! (fb)

  • Barb

    Love a smaller crossbody for anything that has a bag check i.e. baseball games, concerts etc. Not liking the sloppiness of the Wang bag but love the color of the MJ and style of the Mulberry. I especially like that the smaller bags tend to be more affordable!!(fb)

  • Raleine

    i love crossbody bags because i feel it is more convenient especially in the summer when i’m more on the go. :)

  • °°°MM

    omg!!!!the mj is gorgeous.I like the style and the color.(fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    I love the Natasha crossbody bag especially with the structure that just molds to the body. (fb)

  • Laura

    Love them!! Will be great for travel and will make me feel safer since it will be ACROSS my body! (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    My favorites are the Marc Jacobs and the Alexander Wang. Love the cross body for travel and even a casual nightout where both hands for drink and food are essential ! (fb)

  • Irene

    Omg the Brenda bag is soooooo good, perfect cross b/w functionality and edge (fb)

  • Kayla

    I’m in love with the Mulberry Bag! But the others not so much… (fb)

  • justa9url

    Save or splurge but I wouldn’t spend. =) I love the outer pocket on the Marc by MJ and the price is at a point where if it does get injured on an outing, you’re not crying on the inside. BUT I’m loving the Mulberry Alexa…after giving the Bayswater some attention, I am head over heels for the Alexa. Got to love a crossbody!

  • justa9url


  • Natasha

    i just bought the MBMJ love it love it love it (fb)

  • SweetSusan

    I’m on the lookout for a great crossbody, so I loved this post. However, none of these are doing it for me right now. I really like a couple of different bags from Botkier and Linea Pelle. The pricepoints and colors are just so great for the quality. (fb)

  • Leslie

    I just saw that alexander wang bag in someones outfit post. I really like it and in general I usually like MbyMJ bags. I do think however that there are a lot of cute crossbags out right now and these three aren’t “to die for for” me, with the exception of the Alexander Wang. (fb)

  • Kat

    I use my Natasha crossbody bag everywhere. It’s been my weekend go-to bag. Love it!

  • Safa

    Balenciaga Velo?

  • Nola

    Crossbody bags look like school bags to me. This is one trend I won’t be spending on.

  • Dayzley

    i love the mulberry bag.but its not available in manila.

  • Mandy

    I’d love to get a hold of that Mulberry Alexa bag. It is <3!

  • Monique

    splurge (fb)

  • Zaneta

    I’m not such a big fan of crossbody bags but these ones are quite cute especially the Mulberry one. It is definitely something to think about. I agree that they can be very practical.

  • Melody

    absolutely adore the mulberry alexa! gorgeous color too! =D (fb)

  • Ashley

    I still really love that Alexander Wang Brenda bag, even though it’s a little played out. I definitely want to find something just like it, hopefully for less $$!


  • kl

    Love the Mulberry Alexa Crossbody Clutch, but would prefer a mild color. (fb)

  • Eliane T.

    I love the MJ one. Great color and price. (fb)

  • Yoonmee

    I’ve been eyeing the Alexander Wang crossbody bag for months now. I wish I could afford it!

  • jenny

    does anyone know where i can get the mulberry alexa in london???

  • sara

    i’d pick the PS1 for my splurge over an alexa! i do love that brenda bag though! i just bought a kwei edna messenger for my summer crossbody bag!

  • Kate

    I love the Mulberry Alexa bag!!! Fell in love with it the first time I saw it. <3

  • Adrienne Zedella

    me again (fb)

  • Maria

    love the Alexa! esp. in the Oak color (fb)

  • Signe

    Oh my, that Mulberry Alexa Crossbody Clutch in yellow is just to die for… (fb)

  • Susan

    Ordered the Alexa in brown from Net- a -Porter. Got the bag – which I had to wait for all day because they require a signature. Good thing I work out of a home office! Opened the box with excitement. Loaded up the bag – it sagged in all the wrong places, it has weird construction on the side and looked sloppy Packed the bag up and sent it back. What a disappointment! Next step is the PS1!

  • Mel

    The Alexa bag is so cute! Wish I had the $$ to spend on that thing :p (fb)

  • Deborah Curran

    I love cross over bags on weekends and when I go to sporting events. I would buy the yellow Mulberry ALexa in a heart beat – if I had the money.
    THe black Alecxander Wang looks llike a bag I’d find on a street corner vendor in Chia town. No thanks
    THe Marc Jacobs has a really unique shape (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    no thanks (fb)

  • faith24

    i do not like crossbody bags. there is something tomboyish about them- and that clashes with my feminine style (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    I love crossbody bags! I like mixing feminine and masculine pieces together (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    I think the Marc Jacobs crossbody is the best out of the 3 mentioned :) (fb)

  • helen

    i like the yellow alexa bag.

    does anyone buy from Net-a-Porter???

  • nadia maria

    beauty full collection of hand made leather bags