Marc by Marc Jacobs

I continue to love the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. The bags are beating out the overly gaudy and overly heavy Marc Jacobs bags and adding a look that is so much more appealing. Even these boots in the ad, amazing! I can say one thing: I am all for having the Marc by Marc Jacobs line not only look better than the Marc Jacobs line but also cost less.

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  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    I am in TOTAL agreement. I personally am a Marc by Marc Jacobs addict, and I see NO reason to pay for the Marc Jacobs stuff! The bags are so wearable and versatile, but have a hint of uniqueness and funkiness! Great post- I love the boots too :)


  • Anna

    Those Delia boots are adorable!!! I think I may need those (not want, NEED!)

    And I do agree, Marc by Marc Jacobs’s leather bags especially beat out the Marc Jacobs line. M by MJ leather is always so much lighter and fun, whereas the MJ sometimes really does overdo it on the hardware.

  • Julie

    BRING IT ON!! Love it. Have a few MBMJ bags – they are so versatile, colourful and the leather is great. The boots are awesome.

  • janis

    Love those boots! Perfect heel height in a sexy looking boot. I love MBMJ clothes as well. I may take a second look at the bags, too…these are hot!

  • Mandy

    OMG. I think I need those mouse flats. So whimsical! I love MJ’s sense of humor. I know other people have posted on TPF about quality issues, but I’ve never had any. I have had great experiences with MBMJ, and look forward to the new bags every season.

  • tadpolenyc

    mbmj is cute, but overly gaudy mj?! i beg to differ, megs!

  • lauren

    I love MJ! The new fall wine color is my fav.

  • vivian

    MJ overly gaudy!! honestly.. I question the taste level of that comment…

    marc bags are great for girls on a budget…

  • Kendra

    I love MJ designs


  • Nicole

    Yup! MBMJ totally has me w it’s unique style but total casual wearability. I can’t say the same about the MJ collection.