Can I just tell you all that this picture made me want to run over to Bottega Veneta and buy every single wallet shown?! The kaleidoscope of colors and materials makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop. Only this is a luxury leather goods candy shop, the best kind of shop in my opinion.

We leave out the PurseBlog men way too often. These Bottega Veneta Wallets are just for you guys, as the dimensions are a bit larger. Materials include intrecciato leather, ayers, stingray, ostrich, and crocodile. There are many color options (as shown above).

There is a reason why a wallet is an amazing gift for a man in your life. Every man carries some form of a wallet with them everyday. While personal preference comes into play, Bottega Veneta offers so many options that you can not go wrong. And I mean, look at the picture above! Are you drooling? I am drooling over men’s wallets on a Wednesday, and that means this is a good middle of the week treat. Buy via Bottega Veneta online.

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  • Barb

    Who knew that men’s wallets came in more colors than brown and black? I might want to meet a guy who would carry a purple croc wallet! Or maybe a red stingray? Black or brown seems so dull now but my Dh would NEVER try anything out of the norm…

  • Sonya

    These wallets are wonderful!! I almost want to purchase one for myself. Let’s face it, it would be easy for us girls to get away with pulling one of these beauties out of our purse, and not make one of the girls or even a guy do a double take.

  • Karin bag4bag

    LOL ! Yes I want to run over and buy them all too. Such beautiful colors.

  • edoardo

    I desire to can afford one of them…love them!!!

  • merve

    I want to run my hands up and down over them. Seriously yummy rainbow although i cant imagine i know of any man who will be willing to carry baby pink or bright red. Its a bit of a converstaion stopper on yr 1st date when the guy pulls that out to pay with.

  • Susan


  • Claire

    Great photo!

  • nini

    a good gift….but most guys I know don’t care for brand names. (ipad)

  • Kellybag

    Gorgeous colors and leathers. (ipad)

  • Limey

    wonder if my man would want a pink leather wallet.. haha (ipad)

  • Mousse

    Now I know what I’m getting my DH for his BD. (ipad)

  • nick

    That picture will make me want another BV wallet. I already have 18. :P (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    this is THE most gorgeously tempting photoshot of wallet i have ever seen in my entire life!
    but of course, when i showed this to hubby, he said “hmm.. does it come in black”
    urrgghhh.. sometimes i wish he would be daring enough to explore other colours! (ipad)

  • Jordan

    Those green wallets are so cool. They’re all cool, but especially the green ones.

  • I love all these comments! especially Barbs, ”
    Who knew that men’s wallets came in more colors than brown and black? “.

    The trouble with wallets is innovation has stopped for decades.  I am a serious wallet fan and opened my own shop Wanted Wallets to try bring that buzz back into wallets.  Check out my site, i think you might like it.  We have innovative brands like Bellroy, Noah Lambert, Whipping Post and Dosh wallets.

    Hope you all like it :)

  • Mingswanfoo

    I can’t see the price on Bottega website although I have registered and login. Any idea?