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  • trish smith

    mainly awful.

    • Katherine Mallory

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    • M Naima

      Definitely agree.

  • lavinia

    I have seen the show and frankly the bags (but also the rest) are for me a bit confusing, there is no common point that can make me say “this is LV”. This continuous change of designer does not help the brand.

  • Maya

    I do not own a single LV bag because I always found them tacky (yes, monograms are t.a.c.k.y) as hell but holy crap, this might just change!!! Since Nicolas Ghesquière is in charge…wow!!!

  • Doodles78

    Looking at slides 27 and 28….Chanel Act 2?

  • Alex

    for the first time in my life I want a LV bag <3


  • Jeremy Bean


  • Lori

    I love bag 20. It seems so practical and stylish. I hope they release it soon as I am in the market for a new LV…

  • Stephanie


  • Gia

    No thanks.

  • FashionableLena

    With exception of the backpack in slide 24, I’m not feeling this. Too bad because the Twist flap is on my wish list. The scarf straps just look awkward.

  • fefster

    Goes from pure class (The Steamer at 34) to pure tack (the backpack at 24)

  • Johanna

    Love that they continue the use of the iconic Epi leather, it’s a great reminder of past decades and so scratch resistant.

  • Tinsley Proust

    Slowly falling in love with the Steamer. If carried without the lock, I don’t get quite as much of the Birkin vibe.

    The leopard does remind me of Givenchy, but one of the quintessential Vuitton items is the Stephen Sprouse leopard scarf, so maybe that’s where they drew the inspiration?

  • ellavanw

    I thought their strategy was to go with very subtle, high-end designs and thereby compete with Chanel and Hermes. Instead this collection is full of very busy bags with huge block-lettered logos. LV needs to pick a strategy and stick with it for more than five minutes. I kind of like the scarf-handled bags but everything else here is pretty tacky.

  • June

    Actually kind of liking the whole ‘beauty case’ or ‘jewelry case’ bag look. It’s tempting me!

  • Myra Nevius

    Not my taste. Only saw one bag I would even consider for purchase, slide 33.

  • Kay

    I have to get the black speedy!

  • Vibeke

    The worse ever ! So tacky and full of copycat shapes material ect. It look cheap and common and nothing like LV at all – so disappointed – what a joke of a “collection”