Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM – $870

June 2011 Update:

We now have updated this article with the current prices for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, MM and PM tote bags. Buy them via 866.VUITTON or visit www.louisvuitton.com.

Click the images below for a larger versions:

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM – $870

Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM – $770

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Damier Azure – $820

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Damier Canvas – $870

Original article from June 2007:

louis vuitton neverfull GM MM PM

It is my pleasure to inform you about the availability of Louis’ newest Neverfull creations that just hit eLuxury’s exclusive LV boutique.
Pictured above are the big Neverfull GM, the mid-sized Neverfull MM and the small Neverfull PM.

Prices range from $655 to $575, which is really a steal for a versatile, long-lasting Vuitton bag. Best part of it is that all bags are reversible – I think the bags look absolutely stunning when the inner canvas is exposed to the world!

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  • william

    Those are really ugly totes.

    • carrie bradshaw

      william…you’re a guy, what would you know? unlessss….you’re gay..hahaha

      • tin

        haha, i agree with you, carrie! william is definitely GAY!

      • Gaylord Focker

        What’s wrong with that?

    • pp

      i’m LV fanatic..i luv neverfull so much,n i’m just bought it from u.s.

  • Travelbliss

    This is a fantastic utility, all-purpose bag that can be used for practical purposes, while still remaining tres chic! It’s nice to see that LV can still design some versatile useful pieces as well as those coveted, limited edition, never-to-be seen- at the LV store runway bags!!

  • july

    looks better reversed.
    but it’d feel kinda wierd carrying things touching the monogram side

  • John

    the bags aren’t meant to be reversed. can’t wait to get mine!

  • TK

    They’re nice and simple and I actually like it a lot. However, I just KNOW everyone and their mother are gonna be carrying it that soon. I’m ok with the speedy since it’s so iconic but I’ll have to pass on this…

  • Elizabeth

    this is so ugly :cool:

  • Haylea

    They’re pretty cute, but I prefer Speedys. =]

    • shonda

      Aww I just love this bag… So does anyone know where to find it cheaper than$675?

      • Noa Reece

        yes, in France !

  • Tonja

    I just bought this bag yesterday…it doesn’t look so hot the way it’s pictured, but when the drawstrings are “drawn”, it takes on a cute, structured triangular shape.

    I agree with previous posters…I won’t be wearing it reversed.

    • sandeep


  • sandeep

    hi this is :twisted:

  • catpower

    yiiikes!!! :shock:

  • luvtoshop

    reminds me of the Coach reversible tote…

  • knowbags

    love my neverfull gm! would have regretted the mm…

  • jollogs

    I bought the Neverfull MM last week and I love it. My sister also bought one upon seeing mine. I also won’t wear it reversed as my SA said it’s not reversible. But I tried reversing it and looks better. But since they said it’s not for that purpose, I’ll just wear it as it is. :) :smile:

  • lee

    These look so cute. I love LV! I just bought the Papilion and now i’m eyeing these…

  • Cindy M

    I think it’s cute. I like the versatility of this reversible handbag but I’m a little worried the monogrammed side would get damaged. Hmm…maybe some sort of liner insert would prevent that. Anyway..thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to make mention of this bag on my Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbag Squidoo lens

  • Omar

    Carina. Ma in italia sono più belle le borse!


  • YC

    I am in love with this bag. 3 of my friends bought MM, 2 of them got GM and 1 of them got PM. We all love it especially me… co’s I want to buy the Coach Tote which (Made in China) at first, but luckily I didn’t get that. Otherwise I cannot get my favourite brand Louis Vuitton and of course they are Made in France. haha…

    Important: You have to wear the Reversable side when u carry it. It’s VERY SPECIAL and everyone will look at you. I knew that Louis Vuitton always has WAITING LIST on this bag. Like today when I am shop around, 6 ppl asked me when did I get that handbag from.

    Suggest people support LV NeverFULL

  • Ebay Seller

    There is limited edition Chanel sunglasses on eBay. The highest winning bidder over $350.00 get’s a free Louis Vuitton Papillon 30. Check it out at…


  • lee

    I love these new totes! I think they are almost the new speedy…almost :wink:

  • MO

    Love my new Neverfull MM! The hubby surprised me with it on my birthday in Maui. I like the bag best cinched with the side ties. It’s an everywhere bag – perfect for work, travel, weekends…
    If you get a chance, buy your LV’s in Hawaii. They are 7-9% cheaper than the mainland and the tax is about 4%.

  • Monette

    I am a LV fanatic. I think this is a cool design and very versatile and such a great price! I can’t wait to get mine (just ordered it from Maui). :)

  • stacy25

    I’ve just ordered my Neverfull GM on Monday on eluxury.com and I can’t wait till I get it on Saturday! I know that I’ll love this bag. It’s so versatile and is such a great price for an LV bag of this size :grin: . I was going to buy the LV Beverly MM, but was so glad that this bag came out at such a terrific price. Saved me $450. :razz:

    • mamie c johnson

      Stacy, have you done business with this company before? I plan to to order the neverful from e-luxury. Are we buying an authentic product?

      • Fatima

        They say they sell originals, but they dont! they are look alikes.. probably copied with precission but definitely not original!!

  • stacy25

    I finally received my Neverfull GM and was very surprised to find that it was bigger than I had imagined it to be! :shock: It looks better with the sides cinched together. The bottom of the bag is fairly wide. It’s a nice bag to take with you when you’re out shopping, traveling, or going to the beach. It also makes an excellent stylish diaper bag. It can hold A LOT of things. This is a BIG, roomy tote…so if you want a smaller tote, go with the MM or PM…There’s a big difference between the GM and MM. It’s worth the price and I’m happy I bought it because I can use it for years.

  • cathlooi

    I just bought my Neverfull MM and I absolutely love it. It is indeed bigger than I would have thought earlier but for $620, it’s worth the money.
    My hubby is so glad that I finally got my LV bag that I always wanted. :razz:

  • kai

    Just got the neverfull GM a few days ago. The bag is big, but only for a fashionista to pull this off. I think people get overwhelmed with the size, not understanding that the bag is actually unique when it is at its largest and even more so beautiful with the strings pulled. The GM is most unique, the MM is just typical. I still have yet to fill mine up…

  • anonymous

    I’m thinking about buying this bag, but since it’s not as structured as other bags does it get all droopy at the bottom? You know how if you put a water bottle or something heavy it will get droopy? anybody experience this? any feedback would be really greatly appreciated.

    • louie lover!

      This is my favorite LV bag to date but as you said, it does get droopy. However I found an item on ebay that I just received yesterday that solves the problem. It is an acrylic liner so the bag holds its shape and I don’t have to worry about staining the lining. It makes this THE perfect bag now.

      • Ybaby

        hanks for the idea… I will look this up in eBay. :)

    • Susan

      you can buy a base for it on ebay. Just search “base for neverfull mm”. Works like a charm and prevents the droopy, saggy bottom.

    • eileen

      you can actually get a base shaper to keep your neverfull from drooping like that and trust me, it works!

  • Mikaa

    woww. pretty !

    it can hold a lot of stuff so not only is it fashionable, it’s useful !

    • Nicki79

      The Neverfull MM can hold 200 kg the sales rep told me. Wow, that’s like 2 or 3 people…..
      Can it be???? lol

  • kai

    no droopy looks…make sure not to turn the bag inside out though..it causes creases..and u dont want to mess up the natural structure..now THAT will mess it up..

  • JaTuCiNTa

    :mrgreen: Hi lovely gals…
    need ur help to decide, should I get MM or GM??? which one do you think i wouldn’t regret it? My husband said the GM is too big, and since the straps are thin, it might hurt my shoulder. please helllpppp….been thinking just for the sizes for the last 2 months..LOL.. :cry: :sad:

    • jackie

      I have the GM.. I used it when I travel, I go for shopping for grocery and go doctors appointment.. I have a four year old boy and I can put an extra shirt and some snacks for him and even it’s not full inside it’s OK it’s still look good and you can adjust the sides to look smaller.. I use it for everyday, better than using my LV Heartbreaker too expensive to use for everyday..
      Hope this help..

  • nat

    :grin: i got mine in GM size big is better than small :razz:

  • bree

    Neverfull is in the waiting list practically everywhere!!!I tried to get one in Paris and it’s sold out not just in Paris but the whole Europe! :cry:
    I m actually trying to decide between Neverfull and Cabby black. Cabby got 3 looks (shoulder,handheld,cross body) but the black one is a bit strong for casual use while the denim is very casual for office use,so I think I’ll settle w/ Neverfull.My bank account will thank me too :grin: .Any advise?

    • Treck

      Hi Bree :grin:
      Have you decided on which bag to get?

  • gatorgirl

    Just got my Neverfull MM and LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I got it at Saks and the girl told me they’re pretty much sold out everywhere…It’s an absolute must get for any LV fan :grin:

    louis louie lover–what’s the acrylic piece called???

  • louie lover!

    Sorry for the delay answering…been away
    I got it on ebay and I searched under “Louis Vuitton Neverfull Acrylic liner. It came in just a couple of days.
    I have lots of LV bags that I have been collecting over the years but the Neverfull is the first one with a cloth interior. I like the idea of something protecting the inside lining and it also does give the bag a nicer shape.
    I get so many compliments on the bag and it is fun to tell people it is sold out :lol:

    My next purchase is going to be that small LV purse with the gold chain that I saw attached to the Neverfull in the new Vogue magazine/LV ad. Any idea how much that costs? Might be as much as the Neverfull :cry:

  • nyny

    my fiancee got me the Neverfull PM for my bday and i really like it. i can’t figure out why there is a little hook on one side on the inside – anyone know what its for? i’m LV virgin! also i want the chain but its a lil pricey – any other ideas how you can jazz it up?

    • LV Angel

      Hi nyny,
      The little hook on the inside is to hang your keys off. It is great, I clip my keys there on all of my LV’s.

  • nyny

    can you reverse the pm??

  • 4Jenny

    When did the Louis Vuitton Neverfull come out?

  • Ashley

    I have been trying to sell my Neverfull MM on ebay for 9 days – everytime I list it they take it down because I have no feedback! ITS SOOOO FRUSTRATING!.. I HAVE FREAKIN BILLS TO PAY! I NEED TO SELL THIS PURSE!

    • Lisa

      Hi Ashley,
      I’m keen on the Neverfull MM. Can you please advise me the following:

      1) Your selling price in USD
      2) Does it come with the gift box, receipt, dust bag?
      3) Shipping charges to Singapore
      4) Is the bag brand new?

  • Kimberly San Diego

    I bought my MM Neverful at Louis Vuitton at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego about two weeks ago. I had no idea they were sold out everywhere, so I guess I got lucky to get it. I am a little disappointed in the drawstrings. They don’t hold really tight. I called within a few days of buying the bag and was basically “shot down” by the manager on the phone about this little problem. She was quite rude in fact, saying that they don’t give refunds on any bag. Which I completely hadn’t mentioned, I only mentioned that one drawstring is tighter than the other and it slips down quickly. She said that she would allow me to bring it in for her to review~(I know! Just like that, with that tone!). I told her that I would like to speak to the district manager, not about the bag but about being made to feel like a criminal when I have loads of LV bags bought under my name in their computer. She got nice and said I could bring it in for her to look at. Duh, what a bore. Why bother; who cares. I said I would bring it in but don’t feel like dealing with her. She did say not to load “too much” onto one side but you can’t control which way your stuff shifts in a tote! So I like the bag but perhaps don’t love it. And then she called the next day to ask why I hadn’t brought it in. I didn’t call her back. The reason I hadn’t brought it back is that I don’t have the energy for a fight. It’s pathetic, the attitude of these girls who work there. Plus the bag is sold out in San Diego now. I’ll keep it and work with it. I am going to get that Ebay acrylic liner, since this bag really needs one. It was never mentioned to reverse it, which I won’t do. And don’t expect tightly held or snug drawstrings. Sorry for the long story. I love LV but not the people who work there. :roll:

    • Sabrina

      I bought my GM in San Francisco and I wanted to wear my bag out, and I noticed there was a thread sticking out, and I told the girl who sold me it to look at it, and She started giving me attitude when I asked to exchange for another one, when I just bearly walked out the store… I hate the people who work at the LV stores.. They think there so much better then us.. While we are the ones that are dishing out the money… :evil:

  • Kimberly San Diego

    NyNy, the hook on the inside is for the latch that is on the other side. These hook together in case you want the bag to not be open on the top, or open as much. And if you want it secured and don’t need to open it a lot, the sales person suggested curving your side drawstrings up and into the middle of the bag and hooking their gold hook into the side hooks and latches. Kind of like bringing them all together and hooking them together. Too much work for me, but the drawstrings aren’t super tight any way when used by themselves on the side (see earlier post). :mrgreen:

  • louie lover!

    The gold hooks can be used to hook other LV products (like cosmetic cases) to them so they don’t get lost in the “black hole” of a huge bag.
    Hope this helps.

  • Roni

    I just bought my first ever LV bag a couple of days ago. Neverfull MM. I was bummed to find out that the bag was made in USA and not Paris. Does anyone have a Neverfull in any of the sizes that is made in Paris? One lady at the SF store said that I that I wouldn’t be able to find such a bag.

  • Niki

    I’m looking for neverfull MM.

    If you are interested in selling it, please email me at niki_koh@hotmail.com

    Kindly include the following:-
    Price and currency
    Reason for selling
    What will it include (dustbag? box?)
    Best with receipt.

    Thanks. I’m located in Singapore

  • Mary Klarfeld

    Hi there, I’m trying to decide between the Neverfull (medium) and the Trevi. Love them both, but think one would do. While the Neverfull is all the rage I am thinking the Trevi has a little more substance and staying power. Please give me your opinions…. many thanks, Mary

  • Vievie

    The Neverfull MM , is it will be very thin the handle ? Is it easy to break ? Is it goona be very painful if you carry it for long ?

  • mantan

    I am new to this entire thread. Just wanted to share that after months on the wait list, I finally got my Neverfull GM today! :smile: I initially wanted the MM but saw the actual and decided to get the GM. I am very happy with it…it’s my second LV bag the other is a Mini Lin Speedy and I can finally put it to rest for the mean time.

    Wanted to respond to Roni’s query…You will find Neverfull Bags that are made in France in Asia (where I got mine) and in Europe most definitely! I guess the lady where you bought it was not aware of that! Anyway, enjoy your Neverfull still…the Made in US ones are just as good!

    Also for Vievie…the straps won’t easily break – they can resist up to 213lbs each. I think it’s because it was a concern by a lot of people. The straps are thin…am not sure if it will hurt my shoulders…we will soon find out! Although, I do love the fact that I can use it as an overnight bag due to it’s size!

  • pat k

    The neverfull LV are defected the string holder gets loose.

  • Chel

    I’m thinking of saving up for my first LV. Just want to ask which I should get:

    speedy 35 (is this too big? should I get the 30 instead? big naman ako)

    or Neverfull MM?

    I like both =(


  • Sexy

    The Mid size Neverfull cost about S$1,030.00 and just wondering where can I get a beter price from overseas, anyway I’m going get my best friend to buy for me as she is air stewardess. The bag is out of stock in Singapore at the moment, wanted to buy a Gucci bag size about the same as this but it cost about S$1,800++ which I think not worth it eventhough Coach is more fashionable, morden, young but I think I still prefer LV as its more for long term use as full leather and easier to maintain. I think most of the girls would like to have few branded items with them like Rolex,LV,Diamond…. After a year of hard work I think we should buy something to pamper ourself, then our life become more colourful, hehehe! Cheers….

  • katies

    :twisted: :razz: :shock: :cool: it wicked desighns bt could be brughter

  • MoJo

    :lol: I love my new tote in GM…its very convenient. I love my speedy too..dont get me wrong. But the Neverfull is just more roomy…U can throw all sorts of things in there, its great for fashionable Nomades!!!

  • lover, lover

    :lol: :razz: i really like my Louis Vuitton Bag i got from my boyfriend, he gave it to me for my birthday!!!!

  • Terri

    My hubby bought me the Neverfull MM, on today. I am very impressed, he loved the price!!!! My bag was purchased in Atlanta, Ga., the Lenox Louis store and there were ladies in the store saying that they ddn’t like the Neverfull, because of the skinny straps. I looked around and they left the store with absolutely nothing. I love this bag because it’s large, unique and cute!!!! :grin:

  • neverfull lover

    :shock: Made in USA?

  • Christine

    I just bought my Neverfull MM yesterday from Vally Fair Mall in San Jose. I’ve been waited for a month. I love it, very stylish. It is made in USA too. I guess all the bag sold in US is made in USA? Anyway, I trust the quality. The handle is thin, but the sales lady told me the thin handle is as strong as other bags. They can hold the same pounds of stuff. The thin handle matches the side strings, makes the bag very stylish.

    • Christine

      Louie made in U.S.A ? I’m not sure about .

  • JIll

    I just ordered the Neverfull MM today from the Atlanta Saks!I am reaady to get it this message board really helped me deceide on the right size for me!And I must say that these are a little more affordable!I also have the petite bucket bag and it very nice also!

  • ayen

    I have picked up LV Neverfull GM as my inspiration to study for an exam. And thank God! I’ve made it! I just hope my mom and brother will get one for me. I have been eyeing this bag since I started my review. I just love it! :razz: :grin: :grin: :lol:

  • Ling

    I have just bought the LV Neverfull GM. Its simply gorgeous. Anybody know what’s the pricing like in singapore? I got mine in Germany. :smile:

  • Alan

    Sigh, i got Neverfull GM for my wife in Singapore. But she found it too big for her and want to have it change to MM. Problem is MM size is out of stock! Have to wait again…..

  • Sexy

    Hi Ling,
    LV Neverfull MM is selling at SGD 1,030.00 but not sure for GM. How much you pay to get from Germany then?

  • Sexy

    Wow, I’m really envy all of you that can get such a lovely gift from your love one!! I hope to be one of you ….

  • Sexy

    3 of my friends not able to get the LV Neverfull MM for me from overseas as most of the places are out of stock, feel really disappointed!! Lots of people carry the bag in Singapore now so I believe this is the most popular design at the moment. You are the lucky one for those already have it!!! Cheers!!

  • Ling

    Hi Sexy,
    After the conversion from Euro to Singapore Dollars and the deduction from VAT, the price is quite close to S$900. Heard the Neverfull is going to be available in the Daimer print this year… Why don’t you consider GM? Though the size difference is quite big (MM vs GM), but Neverfull really looks good in GM…What do you think? BTW is there a waiting list again in Singapore for Neverfull?

  • tee

    i have been going to the LV botique in singapore. but the sales personnel keep telling me it’s sold out, and that they can’t confirm with me when the stocks are coming in, i went thailand couple months ago and it’s also sold out.but i see so many people having the bag :cry:

    anyone can tell me whether are there any stocks (neverfull gm) in singapore now?

  • ec

    really? neverful is going to be available in damier?! i’ll wait for the good news then cos the mono handle tends to stain after certain period of time

  • Maria

    Does anyone know if the “Pm” is really small i would like to get it for my Mom. :?: But ,afraid it would be to small…but its a fact she doesn’t like :arrow: big bags. Also for all the people who are struggling with “SOLD OUT” word … At South Coast Plaza there are three Lv shops …Hope this helped :!: :smile:

  • yipee

    Hi gals..

    Neverfull GM costs SGD 1,090.00 include GST. i just got my cousin to buy it for me an hour ago. & yes GM is awesome. it really looks good/cool on its “SIZE” :cool:

    Salesgirl says limited stock & only 1 store haing them now (Orchard) So, dont wait.. Go pick it up now :wink:

  • flyingogo

    I got mine neverfull GM last week Feb/08 in MACY department store in New York City. the sales guy said there’s only 2 left. and i bought one of them. mine is made in USA, that I don’t mind, but after studying the bag carefully, I found the LV monogram pattern has a tinny little flaw… that is, on the side, the LV patterns suppose to be perfectly alligned, but mine is missing 1mm but it’s barely noticable and noticed, if you don’t balance the weight of your bag evenly, i.E placing your coin purse in the inner-attached pouch bag, the bag will look uneven when you carry it, that is the bottom of the bag will show a bit when you carry it on your sholder. these are design/manufacture flas that can not be fixed, which makes me think… even the most luxury bags in the world are not perfect bags, but for me one LV bag is enough. i’m planning to get a Channel bag soon, a real lady’s bag for a change.

    • Nicki79

      Hey! Just wanted you to know that the side of my bag isn’t perfectly aligned on the side either. I took a look at the pic on http://www.louisvuitton.com and of course the one they have on their page is PERFECT.
      I kind of like that though. Each bag is different I guess. This is mine:)

  • shelly

    speedy also has the same problem, if you just put a little things, or something heavy but small, the bag will look uneven and uglily.

  • Pea

    I had no idea the neverfull was so popular. I got mine in Malaysia in KLCC for 2700 ringgits. The sales lady never mentioned it limited in stock, but then again she wasnt very talkative.

  • LV lover

    I have the neverfull gm, and I love it. I have a 13 month old and I was tired of carrying my Speedy and her diaper bag. Best thing in the world. Did I mention I love Louis, they are such classic bags, they don’t go out of style like Coach.

  • NeNe

    I just ordered the GM yesterday and I really can’t wait to get it. The reason for me ordering this item was because to my knowledge, it is reversable…But from reading the other posts on here, I’m now quite skeptic on if I want to wear it reversed or not. :???:

  • Stefanie

    :shock: \

    Whichever SA said this was reversible is new, or are just one of those peopel who don’t have a clue..and just make something up to seem knowledgeable, anything to get the item sold! They are like those peopel that say YES to everything. This bag is obviously NOT reversible! You can tell just by looking at the design of the inside pocket, the stitchings, edges, and other details.

    Shame on the SA!!

    • NeNe

      It kinda does make you wonder due to the fact that there is a Coach bag that is reversible and the insides don’t really look any different from the one pictured above. Usually the insides of a regular LV bag are cowhide leather where as this particular “never full GM” handbag has a specific lining and quite detailed as if it were meant to be worn both ways….So Idk. It just might be reversible…otherwise, why would it be designed that way on the inside? I’m just speculating…lol :smile: The official LV site also makes it a point to show the inside lining on the video of the never full GM….

  • jojo

    i just bought the LV MM and happy with it!!!! no regret!!

  • jojo

    i just bought the LV MM and happy with it!!!! no regret!! :grin:

  • bella

    are the neverfull’s a limited edition bag, or are they part of the permanent line? i’m debating between the mm and the gm, but don’t want to wait too long and have them be gone. from the way everyone is talking, it sounds like they’re a permanent part of the monogram collection, but sold out pretty much company wide?

    • NeNe

      I think the ones w/the cartoon are a limited edition but the regular MM,PM, AND GM are permanent. I just recieved mine today in the GM and it’s bigger than I thought it would be! The inside lining is just beautiful too! I’m so happy! :razz:

  • Missy

    I just went to Louis Vuitton Store in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’m so surprised that:
    1 – they have all 3 sizes in stock
    2 – the price is cheaper than USD (for example, Neverfull gm is $660 here vs $700 USD)
    3 – it is made in FRANCE!!! I double checked it cuz I don’t want it if it’s made in states. I bought another bag from Paris and compared with my friend’s (made in US) side by side…guess what, it’s smaller..what the??
    but now I’ve few questions for Neverfull GM users out there:
    1 – does the strips hurt your shoulder?
    2 – does the bottom really drop? I don’t like the acrylic liner idea. and thinking to put my macbook in it for work.
    3 – do you find it inconvenient cuz there is only one compartment?
    4 – is this a good diaper bag since there is no zipper and only one compartment which is most likely for my cell phone.

    • NeNe

      I’m happy that you found them :razz: The straps don’t really hurt in my opinion. I’m just sometimes scared that I’ll put too much stuff in there that they might wear out someday. I get really paranoid when it comes to LV bags. Lol. I like to take really good care of them. The bottom rarely drops on mine….it’s not really noticable. I also somewhat find it inconvenient that it only has one compartment, but it is quite roomy so that’s good I guess. The bigger it is, I think it’s easier to find my things. :eek:

  • Felipe

    Hi, I love the neverfull GM and I just got one because it is really practical for city living, it fits everything and their mother in it so it’s great.
    I was just wondering if you think this is to feminine for a guy, I really think it isn’t since it’s classic monogram, bur I have never seen a guy using it before.
    What do you think?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Ling

    Hi Missy,

    First of all, yes, your shoulder will hurt from the thin straps, that is if you put alot of stuffs in it. I put my weekend getaway stuffs in it and there is a pinkish red line on my shoulder by the time i reached the hotel and bathe.

    Secondly, yes, the bottom of the bag will definitely sag if you are thinking of putting your macbook in. Since you do not like the idea of the acrylic liner, you might want to try having a piece of thick cardboard as the base (so far my friends have no major problems with that).

    Personally, i am the kind of gal that will just dump whatever i need into the bag before i go out, so having one compartment is convenient for me, but the Neverfull GM is huge, so…. its really up to you.

    The above are just my personal experience and 2 cents worth. Hope it will be of some help to you. :wink:

    PS: There is a difference in size of both GMs made in USA and France? Hm… we need some quality control here…

  • Mariela

    Hello all! I am new to this but have read some very good information on the LV Neverfull from everyone. I just got mine today and have noticed that not all of the monograms on one side of the bag line up. Mine is Made in the USA. Does anyone else’s bag have the same flaw? I just thought that was one of the ways to determine fake LV’s from authentic’s. Also, the lock on the inside is not very heavy. Seems my Coach handbag has heavier locks.

  • CL

    Help!!!! I don’t whether to get the Neverfull GM or MM :?: :?: :?:

    I Love large bags, but not beach bag large. I need something for everyday use.

  • hedley Chua

    are all never full bags made in the us?

  • NgocNguyen

    OMG.. So I have the neverfull MM and I dont know if you gals have a problem with this, But if you put toooo much on the inside pocket then the side with the pocket sags. and It bothers me so much, when Im not carrying it, and I see the side with the pocket sags… SO I advise your gals to just use it as a cell phone holder and nothing else….

  • HS


    I am looking for a neverfull. But, I am not sure to get a MM or PM.MY friends suggested that i suit more to PM since I am small. Any ideas? Anyone who wanted to sell their MM or PM please email me vince870411@hotmail.com .I am currently in Australia. Thanks

  • The Devilo Wears Chanel

    Bought A MM Neverfull for Mom’s birthday, but she rarely wears it. Borrowed it today and so far loved it! Mom has problems about the neverfull lack of zipper or flap. I find it liberating not to rummage for keys or my phone hahahaha.. And yes it does droop. But it still looks nice because of it’s size and construction. Thats why I hate speedy, It is better if it’s sturdy.

  • Luki

    Want to order this bag, not knowing it is so popular and guess what it is not available at the moment at online shop in the UK :sad:
    I need it for carrying 1 or 2 nappies and some baby stuff do you think it is big enough? any thought ? Or should I get the GM?

  • maana

    I love the mm and the speedy in azur but dont know which one to get for my sister for her bday…shes studying in univeristy and doesnt have a bag in white but has a brown coach and maroon chloe one. keeping this in mind which is a better choice?

  • sl

    i just bought my first LV bag – LV neverfull PM last sunday at orchard, singapore. i love it!! the size is just right for me as i’m petite. it cost SGD1020. and i agree that we shd pamper ourselves once in a while with such a luxury after working so hard everyday. those who r petite and slim, i strongly recommend u to buy a PM as the MM is too big for a petite frame. i tried it on several times and finally decided that the PM was better. the ladies at the LV store commented the same thing too. so think carefully of the size before u get a neverfull as it’s not a cheap bag. :)

  • Clarkson
  • Clarkson

    Wow! Authentic bags! voguelande dot com!!!

  • Kirin

    Im deciding wether to get the neverfull MM or GM =(
    thinking that I’m only 5’2, I was had my mind set on the MM, but then again, I absolutely love the GM…

    orr..the gucci D gold :sad:
    any suggestions??

    • Sophie

      I am only 5’2 and i got the GM about 2 months ago. I couldn’t decide MM or GM for a long time, but when I actually comparing them at the LV boutique, I made up my mind right away. It’s a great bag if you carry a lot of stuff. For me it is as a diaper bag, everyday bag even you can use it as a everyday school bag. It is very roomy, I even put my laptop in it. plus my baby just 5 weeks old, i need to carry a lot of stuff with me and they all fit in it.

      MM is a great size bag too, but I am telling you there is a big different between MM and GM. Anyway, my advice is if you carry lots of stuff, definitly go for GM, plus it’s just $50 different :lol:

  • deepocean

    how can I solve the problem of the loose side strings?

  • eliza

    hi, would anyone know how much the gm amd mm costs now w tax in NY and LA?

  • hi your all sado’s thses bags are shit :P …x

    love you ..x

  • Jenny

    any one got a Daimer Neverfull? Is it only available in Japan?

  • Ellen

    I have an Authentic Louis Vuitton Hands Neverfull GM Tote Bag (Takashi Murakami) for sale. Purchased at the night of the Moca opening. The bag is $1800 and I will accept cash only if you are in the Los Angeles area, please contact me via e-mail:


    Serious inquiries only. Thanks!

  • kirsty

    Fucking Sado’s Yuuh Got Nothing Else Better To Do Than Write On tHIS About Your Stupid Bag Problems
    Sad As Fckkk Mate !!

    Love Retro bABES..X

  • miz gold

    nice going

  • kelly

    my mother bought this one on trumpfavorite.com

  • cj

    hi all-
    trying to decide between the mm and gm. i do carry a lot of stuff and i love big totes, but i’m afraid if i load it up i’ll break it. i’m looking to carry some really heavy school books. does anyone know how much those little straps can handle??

  • iqmal

    this bag is like my mom bag

  • sasi

    What different between neverfull GM and MM?? But anyway I got a MM one.

  • disneyprincess

    i just got my neverfull mm on 25/10/08..bougt it in bukit bintang, malaysia..
    i love it & i love my bf too..
    it’s so unexpected to get my first LV bag this year.. =p

    • joselyn

      how much did u buy??

  • zagabila

    I really really really adore the bag! I bought an MM and a GM. I have never used the GM bag. Anyone who wants to buy the GM? Gotta be quick cause my sis wants it!

    • cordelboone

      how much

  • sash

    Hello CJ,
    The Neverfull MM can take up to 213lbs per strap. I read it further up the comment box (last year’s post). My mom just got one for her 23rd anniversary. :)
    All the best with choosing your MM or GM bag.
    Go, LV, go! :P


    My husband bought me the Neverfull PM when they first came out. I personally like a smaller bag, and this one is smaller than the other, but there is still plenty of room for all your necessities. I have found that the bottom droops somewhat with all my stuff in it, but I am going to be purchasing a Neverfull Liner on eBay to correct that problem. I have many purses – Coaches, Dooneys, Michael Kors and, of course, my Louis!!! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a Multicolored Louis soon, but if not, this bag will be just fine. It is a classic and it will never go out of style – well worth the $$. However, when my husband bought mine, it was only $575.00 and now they are $650.00. I think the fact that the Neverfulls sold out so quickly caused Louis to think they priced them too low, which is sad. But, even at $650.00, it’s a steal! I LOVE mine!! And, I love my husband for many reason, but also for his exceptional taste!

  • A

    I love my GM. I use it to do groceries, go shopping, carry my laptop and dictionaries (I’m a translator so I sometimes have to carry about 20 pounds of dictionaries). It is HUGE, easy to care for, after months of heavy use in cold Canadian winter complete with snow and salt and sand, it is still spotless. Only problem: when it snows I wish it had a zipper to prevent the bad from filling up with snow, but that’s not a problem most of us have to deal with. It was a great birthday gift!

  • fcukst4r

    Anyone knows weather the damier canvas version will be available in other countries????

  • stregoica

    I just got my LV neverfull mm, I ordered it from overseas by a friend but I got really surprised when the bag came because it is way more bigger than I thought! I’m even not sure whether it is gm or mm… when i don’t put anything in it and make it thin it is about 51 cm’s width, is it normal or is it actually a gm ?

  • Daniela

    I purchased the Neverfull GM at Saks because it is lightweight and holds a lot when I travel. I think it looks adorable with the strings pulled in. I have a loose knot so that the string doesn’t slide. The only issue is that I noticed that the pattern on one side is perfect along the seam. On the other side, the pattern along the seam is not a perfect match. I have sent an email to Louis Vuitton to inquire about that seaming lack of quality on an expensive bag.

    I know that you can buy the acrylic insert on eBay. I prefer allowing the bag to lay flat against my body. It makes it quite difficult for a would-be thief to get their hands in the bag. I also like that this bag has very little leather. LV leather gets soiled very easily, and the minimum amount of leather means the bag will retain its new looks much longer.

    The GM has a loop on which to attach pouchette bags. This is a wonderful way to tote cosmetics.

  • corazon

    After constant nagging, my mother bought me an LV neverfull GM from the LV store at the gump building in hawaii and shipped it to me here in the Phils.
    I got the dustbag, the reciept (for $722), the brown bag but i never got the box. I was thinking that maybe she didnt ship the LV box along with the rest since it would take so much room in the package that she sent me. i dunno.. SHould there be a box?

  • sarah

    My husband bought me a babouska large gucci bag,and i love it. However it doesnt seem as stiff at the base of the bag as models have in print magazines. I have heard about liners that are put in bags. Does anyone have a link from where I could order it? Thanks!!!!!

  • Ayesha

    I’ve got the neverfull GM that i’ve bought from bond street London the bag comes with everything, the of box, dust bag, paperwork, and receipt. I really want to sell it because I’m saving up for Chanel jumbo xl. If anyone interested please email me ( ayeshadavies@msn.com) I’m selling it for £460. Thanks

  • karina

    My sister uses the MM as a baby bag and she loves it, apparently it carries everything and anything, bottles, diapers….she tried turning it inside out once but i didn’t like the look. the flap pocket looks odd too. it’s been out for a while so a lot of resale at reputable dealers like http://www.yoogiscloset.com/louis-vuitton-monogram-canvas-neverfull-mm-bag–2.aspx

  • LVcraz

    My mine is crazy over Neverfull GM. regretted I didnt grab it while I was in the LV boutique in Paris last Spring break. Got my first LV set, mono speedy 30 and mono sarah purse. Love them both. Cant stop thinking of Neverfull GM, planning to get one in KLCC Suria soon. I hope they have stock.

  • imee

    i got my neverfull mm today. guess the gm is just too big for me. i intend to use this only on special events so i won’t be carrying much. i first bought the damier ebene speedy 35, too big and i’m not loving the print (too masculine). speedy is nice but not my kind of bag, i find it hard to carry it. the neverfull is practical yet classy. can also be put on your arm like a speedy or shoulder, it looks stunning. luv the fact that you can either loosenor tighten the strings.

  • LVV

    Hi, do you like the bag in MONOGRAM or DAMIER? I so can’t decide which one to get… any suggestions?

    • Lisa

      I have both, but I find I carry the monogram one more often…

  • liza

    I love this bag it’s like never full!!

  • melissa

    where can i get the base shaper for LV Neverfull MM in malaysia??
    anyone can tell me…

    • peimun

      Hi Melissa,
      I think it’s hard to get it in malaysia. Maybe you can order it from ebay as I saw few listing there and they do ship to MYS.

      I’m going to order mine too…….

  • Belle du Jour

    I have Neverfull in GM… I totally love it! Bought it last month in Milan’s Monte Napoleone LV… The staff there are nice compares to the ones in Gallerie Vittorio Emanuelle (I’ve waited for long time and no one served me!)

    I’m petite but when I tried both sizes, GM and MM, GM looks best on me… This Neverfull adds to my LV collections, I have Speedy, Riviera, Petite Noe, Papillon, Deauville as well…

    Is this bag actually limited edition?

  • susi b

    Please let me know where I could sell a once used very clean new COACH BUKET BAG,red in color and buttery soft leather as all you BAG ladies know.. merci

  • susi b

    coach bucket bag opps

  • jackie

    I have a Louise Vutton Neverfull MM . I love it dearly because its really can fit in a lot of thing . However ,,,,,I love to get buyer for this bag as I wish to purchase another Neverfull PM . any suggestion how to resell my precious bag??

    • mznes


      may i ask why you want to sell your mm to get the pm? i’m debating myself whether to get the pm or mm.


    • linda

      jackie, did you ever sell your neverfull MM bag?

    • jane

      How much are you selling????

  • Yamei

    Nice bags…I love them… i bought Louise Vutton Neverfull MM and PM :D

    I also find out the bags in http://www.3abag.com

  • Jessica

    To YAMEI –

    Please DO NOT Promote your FAKE BAGS here. We do not have the intention to purchase your FAKE and COUNTERFEITS BAGS – which is illegal and supporting Child Labour!!

    • Nicki79

      I’ll drink to that!!!!

  • Lop

    hi, need to get the Neverfull GM retail price in France, anyone know??? It’s to pricey here in S’pore. Thx for your info guys

    • Nicki79

      You can go on http://www.louisvuitton.com and choose France as your country, then choose E-shopping, FEMME, Sacs a main, then choose sacs porte epaule, then last toile monogram and you youll find the neverfulls there. Then figure out what that is in your currency! :-)

    • Nicki79

      475 Euros :-)

  • Nicki79

    Hey guys!

    I just got my Neverfull MM today. Do you guys think the quality is good on the untreated light leather trimmings, both on the handles, and on the top of the bag?
    I already have a Speedy 25 and I think the leather on that seems stronger!
    Does the leather “curl” on your bags on the top trimming?

    Also I was wondering if you guys “treat” your bags with leather conditioner as some people say you should so that the leather don’t go dry and crack up.

    And last, have you sprayed yours with rain repellent? I was told to do that as well. For untreated leather, suede and 100% genuine leather.

    info :

    Louis Vuitton MM
    Made in France

    Hoping to read your answers!!! Thank you!! :-)

  • Jack

    hi, wonder the Neverfull GM retail price in Singapore as a friend of my told me that it is cheaper ove there. Hence, can anyone please let me know?

  • Jo

    Hi everyone, it is good to know there is a place for LV fans to discuss. I am just wondering if anyone can tell me a good place for me to sell my 2 LV sling bags. The only problem is that they are not in season (1 from ab 4 years ago and another for my birthday last year). I don’t really want to go to places like Ebay either because of the perception buyer has on the authenticity of the bags (Mine are genuine by the way). Please help.

  • Guest


  • jayps

    can anybody tell me how much is this in lv canada stores?

    thanks :)

    • Lisa

      I just bought the Neverfull GM and it was $765 CDN plus tax.

  • angeling

    Oh yeah, I’m interested to get one as well. is GM better than MM? was thinking if is out-dated in future i can used it as travel bag at least. or erm Eco bag? haha…
    does anyone know the price selling in Spore?
    I got the price list from m’sia.
    PM: RM2,300
    MM: RM2,450
    GM: RM2,600

    Not sure which country sell the cheapest. care to share?
    thanks :)

  • Kerry

    Omg so I am getting the neverfull mm on sat. !!!!! I am so excited but the only thing is I was thinking tht I should get the gm insteD. Do u think that the gm would be to big for a average sized 13 year old?




  • Winnie

    I have an Authentic Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Bag for sale. Purchased from UK. 2 months old. Seldom use, still looks brand new. Comes with receipt and dust bag. The bag is RM2,000 . please contact me via e-mail:


    Serious inquiries only. Thanks!

  • jaja

    quick question , i got the GM as a gift but from a person that i didnt think can afford such a gift lool i am just wondering how can i tell if its real or fake? it came with all the stuff the box dust bag etc i know the speedy one side is upsidedown lv’s does the neverfull have the upside down thing or no i am just curious lool tanx

  • Linda

    I have a Neverfull MM and i just looove this bag!!! Ah, mine is Made in France, i bought in Belgium.

  • Lulu

    I just got my neverfull gm….it is ORGASMIC! The best thing since my speedy. I looooove it. Straps tend to hurt after a while though as you feel the need to bulk it up unless it feels floppy.


  • rocky

    I ordered the MM (online) and received it today. it came with Dust bag, paper bag and an envelop inside. I was hoping there was a box for the bag. Dont they ever come with a box?

    Please help? so I can call and complain

  • Ally

    I am in such a rut because I cant figure out what size neverfull to get. Im a full time student and I have yoga and gym class during the day along with all my other classes. Im going to be carring my 13″ mac book along with books and other things. So I can’t figure out which bag to get. I want to use it as a everyday bag as well. So please I need help, which one do I get!?!?

  • Boky

    buy real one or not buy

  • hitomihonra

    i have this one.. i didnt know it can be reversed well it looks more good having the classic print outside

  • michelle

    I have the monogram GM sized Neverfull. I use it as an everday tote. (groceries, books, kid’s stuff). It’s a good ‘everyday’ bag. However I would have liked wider straps. The narrow straps tend to get a little uncomfortable. And a slightly longer handle, so there’s a tad more space when carrying it on your shoulders. However, that being said, it is a good bag for it’s price.

  • Jenny

    I wish to know the price for LV Speedy 30 selling in Spore and Hong Kong.
    Can someone help me as I am interested purchasing one.

    • Vl

      Hi Jenny I hav a speedy 30. Used for few times still looks brand new. Sg I think selling sgd 1080.

  • jennifer

    Anyone have a used neverfull for sale?

    • Sally

      i’ve used Neverfull MM for sale SGD800

  • Miz Monikah

    I have this one… Love it. I wish they would have made the straps a little thicker.. on days i am carrying my walet… cosmetic pouch and epi agenda it can hurt the shoulder a little. Also a zipper would have been great, be prepared to have all your inner purse business on display. No purse privacy/security with this one.

  • walnutt

    how much is the damier neverfull LV?
    where can i contact you?

  • soozie

    are LV products purchased from eluxuryin authentic? I want to buy a Neverfull MM (LV list $700) for sale on eluxury for $272.99.

    If it is authentic, how can it be sold for so much less?

  • bingbing

    hi there, i’ve got an authentic PALERMO PM brand new. Bought from london. :)

    Interested to sell this at SGD 1550, retail price here in singapore is SGD 1680!

    comes with receipt and dust bag.

    Email me if you are really genuinely interested :)


    THANKS :)

  • Shannon

    I have a genuine Louis Vuitton bag that my father -a pilot- brought me home from one of his trips. It’s never been used and still has the tags on it. The bag is from the Monogram Denim collection which blends perfectly aged denim with the legendary Louis Vuitton monogram. The bags interior is a soft, supple cowhide and punctuated Finished with yellow topstitching and a cheerful saffron lining for an elegantly vintage look. The bag is priced at over $2,400 USD but I will accept any reasonable offer. Please contact my email for serious inquiries. Artist4life23@gmail.com

  • Jenn

    Honestly, I am really disappointed in the Neverfull. The straps are too think to support any weight in the bag. You can’t carry it on your arm like you can the speedy. I tend to put a lot of things in my purse (not too to much but enough) and the straps leave ligature marks on my arm. I have the receipt from the Short Hills Neiman Marcus store & would love to have someone take it off my hands. It is barely used. :)

    • Lin


      Which Neverfull u hv? PM/GM?

    • Helena

      Hi Jenn,

      I am in the market for a Neverfull bag. Can you provide more detail about your bag: precise condition, style, receipt info, your selling price, and photos.

      Thank you.

    • Renee

      Do you still have Neverfull?

  • Teja

    Hi, all Neverfull lovers! I have decided to make a splurge and would like to buy Neverfull MM, preferably from Europe, due to taxes. Only authentic offers please on teja.sostar@gmail.com Have a good time everyone!

  • Meg


    I have a Neverfull MM bag in Monogram Canvas. It has been lightly used and is in excellent condition. I got it last year and I have the dust bag as well.

    It is in great condition and I am willing to sell it for a reasonable price.

    Please contact me if interested at this email address megah,9@gmail.com.


    • manuela

      si vous voulez je vous l echange contre sac gucci neuf avec facture model hobo hysteria gg crystal

      • Caroline

        I have an 8 month old monogram Louis Vuitton neverfull GM for sale in excellent condition. Comes with dustbag, receipt, certificate of authenticity, and Louis Vuitton shopping bag. Purchased at holt Renfrew Louis Vuitton
        Contact me at care73@live.com if interested! :)

        Will ship anywhere in Canada or the US for 30$
        Payment should be made by paypal

      • Chelle

        is this bag still available

    • Tiff

      Hi, Meg..
      i was interested with your Neverfull MM bag.
      By the way, how much you sell?

    • Lein seyouf

      hi for how much would u sell it meg ?? :) thanks


      used bag how much the prize?

    • Lisa otoole

      Have you sold your bag??? If not,
      how much are you asking??

  • AR

    I am looking for LV bags of any kind as long as they are authentic. Please respond to thepinkleopard@cox.net. Thankyou.

  • enirawardrobe

    couple tees

  • Chin

    Hi all, I am LV virgin from Malaysia. I plan to get a LV neverfull GM as my first LV bag but I am only 5 feets tall. Do you all think it is too big for me or I should go for MM. Need advise because I worry I will regret with the size later. If I buy LV bag in Malaysia, does it come with a box for every purchase. My friend had got her Palermo PM in US which came with box but when she got her neverfull PM in Paris, it did not come with box, or we need to request for it? Help me please. Thanks all.

  • Vienna

    To everyone wondering about Louis bags made in the USA– yes, the ones you buy mostly in
    North America will be made in the USA. To get one that was Made in France or Made in Spain, or Made in Italy you have to travel to Europe– that’s the way it works.

    Apparently, even Chanel bags have some of their bags Made in Italy– and hence the label, “Made in Italy” on their lesser purse lines (cruise lines, etc…)

  • Vienna

    Hi Chin,
    I would totally go for the MM size — I tried on a few GM sizes today — I am also about 5 feet tall and they are just way too HUGE!– they looked like beach bags– unless you want that look.

    Every LV bag comes with a dust bag — if you want a box, just ask for one– just tell them it’s a gift — the sales people are more happy to provide you with one.

  • Chin

    Thanks Vienna, I think I will go for MM as well.

  • Nisa

    Any1 intrested in buying LV bag ?

    • Elizabeth

      Hi there. I would like a neverfull GM bag do you have any?

    • steve

      looking for neverfull GM please..

    • Cheryl

      Hello I’m looking for a LV monogram Neverfull MM or PM bag.Slightly used is fine.

      • maria

        Hi Cheryl,

        I have a Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM size, gently used bought it at Holt Renfrew Calgary last year…dust bag, authenticity card, shopping bag included. Email me for discussions. Price negotiable.

    • sumit

      i want to buy that bag

  • sevasti

    Hi..! :)
    Well, I’m going to buy a new LV neverfull GM bag from Europe in one month but I am 5.4 feets tall. Besides my height… I am also only 17 years old …. :/ But I love it!!!! Do you all think that it will look too big and ”sophisticated” on me? :( should I go for a MM???

  • Elizabeth

    I am interested!

  • Chin

    Hi, i just got my LV Neverfull MM. I asked my friend to bought from London because the price is cheaper than Malaysia. May I know what will come together with LV bag that we purchase? I have only got a paper bag, dust bag and 2 pieces of small card, one in white color which I’m not sure whether it is the serial number or just an ordinary tag ‘NEVERFULL MM DAMIER N51105’ and another one in yellow color which is display with ‘coated fabric, cowhide leather trim, man-made lining. Do I need to keep this 2 cards for my bag service in the future? Is there anything missed out to prove that the bag is authentic? worry now, I know a lot of you here have bought neverfull already, can anybody just advise? Thanks.

  • Klara

    Hi all you bag lovers :) I have a question for you that I really hope you can help me with. Yesterday I bought the Neverfull in the GM size but now I’m wondering whether I shall exchange it with a MM, a speedy 35 or just keep it? I’m 5.5″ tall and pretty thin, so I’m a little nervous that the GM looks to big on me.
    I’m at university and want to carry it with me as an everyday bag. I want to be able to fit my Mac book 13″, a small makeup bag, maybe two or three books, some lunch, my pouch and a bottle of water in the one I buy…

    I’m really in doubt about what to do so please help me, that would just be so kind of you… :)


    • steve

      more then happy to take the neverfull GM bag off your hands.

      i been looking for months.

      Thanks please reply.

      • andrea

        hi steve i do have lv monogram neverfull gm and its in good condition with dustbag and paper bag… contact me if ur interested

      • pamela

        Looking for used or new neverfull lv bag large

  • Huong

    Hi guys, should I get a Neverfull MM or GM? I am 5.5 feet tall. Thanks

  • Chin

    I have a Neverfull MM, if the bag not in use for two or three weeks, how should I keep it, can I just fold it (just like when we first bought the neverfull) or I should hang it up. If I keep folding it, will the bag out of shape?

  • Ginny

    Just purchased both the Neverfull GM and Neverfull MM in Monogrammed canvas.LoVe them both!!!!
    Purchased from LV boutique in Saks Fifth Avenue.

  • anne

    ladies, wanna get some help here..my lv bag gets very dirty, with the black stain at its leather. went to klcc boutique and they said it’s normal for the bag to change into tanned colour..but still, is there any way to remove the so called stain?thanx

  • lucy


  • Eeyore

    Omg I just got this bag and I absolutely love itttt! It’s soooo bbig there’s so much room…so haters you can leave!…I got the MM and its huge so I can only imagine what the GM is like!

  • Natasha

    I just got this bag and love it. I got the GM and it is much bigger than I thought.

    • steve


      im more then happy to buy this off you.


      • Caroline

        I have a mono neverfull GM 8 months old excellent condition with original receipt, dustbag, authenticity card for sale if you or anyone is still looking

  • sugabritches

    Bought a Louis Vuitton rose neverfull and the date code is SP4017 and it says made in France but i was told that authentic neverfulls were only made in the U.S.A, does anyone know the answer?

  • steve

    looking for neverfull GM

    O.G. logo anyone got this?

    • Hoh RS

      Hi Steve,

      I got a brand new LV Monogram Neverfull GM. Just purchased from Italy. Are you still looking for it?

      Thank you.

  • Mieza Alias

    Am so happy got the NF large size frm hubby for our 8th anniversary!Love it so much!Thanks darling!

  • carmen

    looking for lv damier speedy 30 n neverful pm

  • Reese

    Hey guys

    Thought I’d try a different avenue. I have a louis vuitton monogram speedy 35 complete with tags, receipt, sa card, lock, keys, box, dustbag and shopping bag that was purchased in may 2010. I want to sell it because I want a neverfull GM before Christmas. The bag is barely used. Stored in dustbag and box. Please somebody take this off my hands. Will trade for a mono neverfull GM, or 600 even. Thanks. Pls respond to dave.arnold82@yahoo.com

  • Hoh RS


    I have a brand new Neverfull GM on hand, just purchased from Italy, however wish to sell it as the size not fit for my girl friend. Anyone interest? Price negotiable.

    Thank you.

    • JM

      Hoh RS

      I am very interested in the Neverfull GM you have for sale. Can we arrange to discuss?


      • Hoh RS

        Hi JM,

        You may email to me at ruey_shyang@hotmail.com or call my mobile phone 0166088275 to discuss further. Thanks.

        Hoh RS

      • Hoh RS

        Hi JM,

        Are you still have interest on the Neverfull GM? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • tiffany

      I am interested in buying your GM Monogram please text me at 347.512.6697

  • Val

    looking to sell an authentic LV Neverfull GM. If you’re interested, please email me at valerie.kc@live.com. Thank you!

  • LVOS

    100% AUTHENTIC(or your money back) DESIGNER items (Louis Vuitton,Burberry, Hugo Boss,Hermes, Chanel and many more)

    Do find your dream bag(s)/item(s) without having to empty your pockets! All our items are brought to Malaysia and other countries direct from FRANCE.

    If you don’t find what you are looking for, get the item(s) details (ie product name, style number, website where you found it,etc) and e-mail us at ohmylv88@gmail.com OR leave your comment HERE .We’ll do our best to help you get your ‘dream’ item(s) at a very reasonable price.

    fb: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Louis-Vuitton-Online-Shopping/151671028214929?v=info

  • Hoh RS


    I wish to sell the LV Monogram Canvas Neverfull GM at the price RM2,300. Please contact me at 0166088275 if you interested. Is a new purchased from Europe. Thank you.

    • T Banks

      How much in USD?

      • Hoh RS

        USD $752.9

  • tinie

    Looking for used LV Monogram Neverfull MM.

  • Jessica

    Best bag of all time. Cannot live without my neverfull. Have any of you tried a base shaper in your bag? I was looking on ebay for another louis bag and I saw this thing called a base shaper. I am not sure if its a gimmick or if it actually works so I thought I would get your opinion first. The one that looked highest quality was only 20 something dollars and I feel would be a worthy investment. Someone please let me know. If you want to see exactly what I am talking about this is the current auction. http://myworld.ebay.com/princesscuthandbags

  • michelle

    I am looking for a LV Monogram Takashi Murakami Neverfull bag in MM size. Anyone has one and wants to sell, please email me….will pay 1500

    • Babyybobo123

      i got  ..i buy from uk ..new one …just rm 1000

      • Emily

        Wow. only 300$ . is it original brand ??? ^^

  • Tiffany

    hi, i have a LV Damier Azur Neverfull MM bag. It is in excellent condition, comes with a dustbag, receipt, Cert & LV Paper Bag.
    Please contact me at tiffany_2804@hotmail.com if interested.

  • Paige

    Hi really looking for a LV monogram never full tote mm, Please email me if you have one used in good condition!! Xolilppox@aol.com

    • sweet

      Hi im selling my LV neverfall GM preloved 2x used very good condition @ 350 USD free shipping email me reyessweet32@yahoo.com

      • anne

        please take a pic

      • nitrww

        Hi, is it authentic? If so please let me know.

  • Stephanie

    I am looking for an LV Neverfull monogram MM bag in good condition.
    PLEASE email me: stephzakem@hotmail.com

  • prissy

    hi im looking for a very gently used in great condition lv monogram NEVERFULL MM! please email me@ toonkie18@yahoo.com

  • Julie Boulanger

    Looking for a Neverfull GM. Authentic only please, in great condition
    Please contact me asap
    Thank you

  • Abby

    Hi there,

    Im looking for a Neverfull MM. any offer with good condition?
    Or should i get it from UK? My friend is coming back from UK soon.

    I need more advise.
    Please email me : mei_bittersweet@hotmail.com

    thank u.

  • bill bace

    (_I’d appreciate your not publishing my last name on the site – thanks)

    Perhaps this is a silly question, but I was wondering about the “gender” of Vuitton luggage. I see many suitcases designed for the use by women (purses, cosmetic bags, etc.) and I don’t know whether the familiar Vuitton luggage in the light brown color (larger suitcases, 2 suiters, etc.) are sold to and used by men.

    Thanks for your advice.


  • Loo Ann

    Hie there,
    I just came back from Paris and bought an extra Neverfull MM Damier.Selling for RM2400 and verification can be done in any LV shop within Klang Valley.Do email me at euphoriacouture@gmail.com if u’re interested.Thanks

    • boots

      how much in US$ ?

  • Michelle Horack

    Hi, I am looking for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. I prefer the handles not be patina yet but would consider one that is only a light patina. As long as it is authentic and the monogram canvas, I would consider. Please contact me at s.horack@comcast.net if you are looking to sell.


    • Susan

      I have a Neverfull MM for sale. Its brand new, stillin the box with tags,

      • ace

        how much?

      • Hoai

        Im interested….let me know how much???

  • day

    i need a neverfullgm model bag anyone like to sell

  • RLRH

    Looking to purchase Neverfull GM (new or used; if used, little to no signs of wear and tear). Birthday present for me : -)

  • Britt

    Looking for a new or slightly used authentic neverfull in any size or pattern. Please contact me at Brittpennington@gmail.com if you are looking to sell.

  • Liz

    I am looking for a Neverfull GM or MM. I live in the NYC area. please contact me if you are selling elizabeth.keneagy@gmail.com.


    • Susan

      I have a BRAND NEW Neverfull MM in the box with tags and receipt.
      Contact me if you are interested.

      • Stephanie

        Hello all! I purchased the Neverfull GM New Years day, well actually me and my husband went together, it was a Christmas gift and anyway the sales lady at the LV store North Park, told me the larger version was cuter for me, but now I want the medium.

      • Ashley

        I am interested in the neverfull MM if it is still an option!

      • lala kent

        hi susan how is your brand new Neverfull MM price.

      • Jennifer

        Hello. I am definitely interested. Please let me know how much and send me pictures at profjweber@yahoo.com. THanks!

  • Carmen

    I’m looking for a Mini Lin Speedy… anyone have one for sale???

  • Gigi

    Hi Everyone,
    I am looking for the Neverfull Damier bag in the MM.
    I am in Toronto, and looking for it asap.
    Please contact me



  • Tiffany

    Hi all,

    I’m looking for a new or used authentic Neverfull MM or Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene. Please contact me at tiffany_2804@hotmail.com if you are looking to sell. I’m in KL.

  • Kelly

    I am interested in a new or used authntic lv neverfill mm. please email me if you have one to sell.


    • Xkeota

      Hello I am selling a neverfull mm damier ebene for $600. I bought it in Aug 2011. Practically brand new pre-owned condition. No scratches. Pictures avail by request. Please email me if u r interested. (xkeota@yahoo.com)

      • Jess

        Hi, this is is my first time on this forum and noticed you are selling a neverfull mm? Is this still available?

      • Jasmines

        Are u still interested in Neverfull MM? Mail me at demure.smc@gmail.com.

  • Tao

    Hi all,

    I have some new never used LV bags I am selling, contact me if interested. All bags have dust bags and original receipts. Will consider trading the Elipse for a Monogram Neverfull GM.

    Bag 1 – Papillon (cylinder) bag
    Bag 2 – Porte Tresor Etui Papiers (wallet)
    Bag 3 – Ellipse PM (bowling ball bag)

    Contact me if interested vsar21@yahoo.com


  • jahir

    I would like to start secondhand LV begs in Malaysia.Anyone in the works can advise me on the matter. I wonder anyone can give me info on how to recoqnised original, aunthentic and fake.


  • meg

    I have the LV Neverfull MM bag in excellent condition for sale.
    Please contact me if interested at my email megah.9@gmail.com.

  • Babyybobo123

    hey ..i got original Lv neverfull …new one ..just RM 1000..pls contact me ..

  • GodivaLim

    Is it cheaper to buy this in Paris or here in NYC? TIA

  • racistbarackobama

    purseblog is a scam- put anything ing into search for purseblog.com to steal your choice to decide.

  • Dalal

    Are those bags original or fake

  • Dancemachineuk

    does anyone know the size of the ‘top width’ of the LV Neverfull MM?  I only find the size of the base of the bag, but since the top is wider that’s what I’m looking for.. thank you

  • corrine almario

    from $6++ now $870

  • Lepokoi

    Does anyone have an authentic LV totally gm? I was wondering if the bottom is sewn together on the bottom on the middle or meet at the middle and is sewn? Thanks alot. I’m hoping I didn’t get ripped off sigh…..

  • Tiasiapipkin

    Can you please tell me what’s the date code on the damier canvas neverfull

  • I prefer the Neverfull GM bags

  • Rie

    hi looking for brand new neverfull PM. preferably white. email at shariah13@live.com.sg for price negotiation. thanks

  • Cheuyeah

    still cannot decide to go for NF MM or Raspail MM :(

  • Reira

    should i buy the gm or mm if i’m six feet tall? =( i have the artsy and mm looks better on me than gm.. if thats a size reference at all..

  • Lenjueco

    How if it is to be shipped in the philippines, what’s the total amount to be paid for damier canvas mm?

  • maymay

    how much in hong kong??
    pls email bck,.thk yar

  • Mae

    Selling preloved LV Neverfull GM at S$800. In very good condition, used less than 5times! Please email ahmae107@gmail.com if interested.

  • susan

    how much now lv damier neverfull in singapore now?thanks

  • Hi, I would like to know whether the Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM is still available now?

  • Cal

    Hi all may I know all these bags are genuine? Or used?

  • Diann

    I am selling a brand new lv neverfull mm for $700.00 never used. With dust bag in box please contact me Djoh444407@AOL.com

  • Fiona

    I’m selling my limited version of Neverfull Bag, GM, Palm Beach. Authentic. Money back guarantee. Email me at fdmellow@yahoo.com for the details.

    • Emily

      I am looking for LV neverfull medium size. If u have pls connect with me tkngan3885@yahoo.com

    • Kaniz

      How much you are asking for it?!

  • Dash003

    Hi, I am selling my MM Damier Neverfull in excellent condition! If interested email me at dash003@hotmail.co.uk for pics and details.

  • Sonia Elisa Medina

    Hola. Donde se ordena una bolsa Neverful damir canavas mediana mi e Mail Soniaelisabarney@gmail.com

  • Avril

    Hi, I have a Louis Vuitton vertical bagitignoles handbag in great condition am willing to swap for a Neverfull GM or MM

  • Jasmine

    Hi, I’ve got Neverfull MM n Speedy 30 damier Azur canvas, brand new from Italy for sale. Mail me at demure.smc@gmail.com for more info

    • Jasmine

      LV Neverfull MM Damier (N51105) & LV Speedy 30 Damier Azur (N41533).
      I’ve got Longchamp n miu miu wallet as well. Mail me for more info

  • Jasmine

    Hi, I’ve got the following for sale. Mail me at demure.smc@gmail.com for more info.
    LV Neverfull MM Damier (N51105)
    LV Speedy 30 Damier Azur (N41533)

    • anne

      how much?

  • Dash003

    Hi, I am selling my brand new LV GM AZUR NEVERFULL with receipt. Selling it for old price of £510. If interested contact me at dash003@hotmail.co.uk

  • Karen Philibert

    Looking for LV Never Full MM in good pre-owned condition. if anyone has please emial me @ MIMI7355@aol.com

  • adriana jabaz

    quiero el bolso neverfull grande. cuanto sale ??? envían a domicilio ??? muchas gracias. adrusj@hotmail.com

  • Purselady

    I have a very large Noe about 4 years old that I would like to sell or swap for a bag with a zipper.

  • j. pereZ

    I am looking for the smallest Neverfull but with dark brown leather

  • sweet

    Hi im selling my neverfall GM preloved very good condition 2x used only email $400 free shipping email reyessweet32@yahoo.com

  • IVY


  • Sloane888

    Too many people carrying this bag and add to this fact that there are many fakes of this bag so you can’t tell who has a real one and who doesn’t. Why would you want to carry an overexposed bag and also wonder if people are curious if you’re bag is real or not. I just steer clear of this brand and so much more prefer Prada, Gucci, Bottega and Chanel

  • kohls109

    If anyone is interested in inspired Louis Vuitton bags ranging from $95 to $155 please email me at kohls109@gmail.com

  • Lema

    do the all have a tag inside the bag or just the one made in USA

  • Bhavika Sathavara

    OMG! This is so amazing! I want to win it!

  • Salma

    I’m from jakarta Indonesia i wanna buy neverfull damier the white one, how can i buy? Can you send thi bag to indonesia? Please reply this in my email salma.syiblilla@hotmail.com

  • jassie

    isa in on line fake light of white the price was 84 dollars

  • sam

    This neverfull is GORGEOUS!! I bought my Neverfull for only $85 at LoveLuxuryLabels.com, so worth it!