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  • Stina Sias

    I would not buy one of these now but I was in high school when they were in their heyday and this was the bag that turned me on to designer bags. I wanted one so badly I could die. Of course I would never have been able to afford one, so I contented myself with a fake I bought in a nail salon. Goodnight, sweet prince!

  • Tra?c ?ô?ng
  • About time! the monogram does enough by itself without adding several colors to it. I will not be missing this line.

  • FashionableLena

    I remember wanting something small from that line like a cosmetics pouch or a cles. This really points to a flashier time in fashion which I loved. The white was always my favorite. I wonder if the prices will go up on the resale/secondhand market.

    • Lynnie

      Oh they definitely will. I agree with you on getting this print on something small.

  • Bir

    well its over i guess….. i own a Speedy 30 White and in all honesty it is a great bag i dont wear it much it is in fact falshy, but i love it because it incorporates many of the old LV trunks original hardware and details i think this line is brilliant will always be a part of my and the worlds handbag history. and i think that it really does have something very POP and artlike that i just LVOE

    • Carl Wenrich

      I’m with you, Bir! Love my Multicolore!

  • Edia

    We have multico on display all the time tbh

    • Well, the party line from Louis Vuitton seems to be that stores don’t, or at least shouldn’t.

      • Edia

        Rly? The thing is though, just like u pointed out, a lot of customers dont know about the line. So if we dont have it on display we wont sell it.
        I didnt know about the restrictions though, i have to say

  • K

    I never want anything from this line before, but since it’s discontinuing, suddenly, I find it beautiful and start collecting whatever I can find in multicolor.

  • L.O.

    Love this comment. WHere I grew up, Savannah, GA, there were so many fake ones walking around. You could go to a gas station and buy one. I do remember it being the hottest bag at the time.

  • Cbl

    The white speedy SO reminds me of Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds

  • buffmom33

    I have a multicolor Wallet in white and I love it especially for spring and summer but was never really drawn to the bags as Damier Ebene is my favorite print for that!I”m sure a lot of my die hard LV lovers will miss this line though :)

  • Irene

    Good riddance to the rainbow colored monogram. I’m sure your inspiration will live on at “Claire’s” across the malls of America.

  • slyshar

    These are nostalgia. I took my teenage daughter to Venice -gave her 50 euros to shop – and she came home like a hunter with four knock-off multi color bags. But now that there going away, I kind of want a real one like K.

  • lavinia

    About time! They look so old fashion, out out. I think Nicolas Ghesquiere made the right choice.

  • Violet

    Omg I’m panicking. I’m literally going to LV later to buy the multicolor Sara wallet in black. I’ve been saving up for it and putting it off. But I must seize the day! I have the petit noe in black multicolor and I adore it. I have many designer bags but none bring me as much joy the Noe each time I take it out of its box. I can see that many of you dislike this line, but I like it a lot. I will be sad to see it go.

    • Lisa

      Yes, it suffered from over-exposure and knockoffs, but I always responded to the sheer joy and vivacity of the multi print. It just makes you smile in a way that a more discreet bag never will.

  • Jennifer

    Those bags will always have their place in pop culture history. It was never my thing, but I remember the frenzy.

  • Lynnie

    I originally wanted this print on a Speedy, but then fashion went minimalist ????. I would love it on a wallet though.

  • I have fond memories of buying a black multicolore pouchette at the LV store in Saint Germain in Paris. It was many, many years ago and it might not have been available in the U.S. yet. I can remember leaving the store feeling so excited and the envious looks I got when I carried it. Now it’s hanging in the closet and hasn’t been used for a long while but I’m still sorry to see the line discontinued.

  • ellavanw

    This line is exactly the type of thing that stops me from spending thousands of dollars on an LV Capucines, even though it is a beautiful bag. In my view, LV is the brand that has the biggest span along the tacky-to-beautiful spectrum. (Chanel is up there too, but no Chanel bag I’ve ever seen is as tacky as the LV multicolore line.)

    • Ja_uk

      Not even the Chanel Girl Bag?? That’s was just hideous!! Lol!

  • Kaly

    I have several small pieces in the black MC; cles, wallet, cosmetic cases and I love them. On a larger scale it’s not really my taste EXCEPT for the Noe. Guess I’d better get to shopping if I want to add that to my collection!!

  • Kristy Elizabeth

    I like this line even though it’s loud. However every time I see one of these bags I assume it’s fake. Noughties bottle rats, girls with ratty extensions, guys who would cover their carseats in fake LV print “leather”, and knockoff shoppers cheapened this print so much.

  • LT

    This is devastating news. I had an odd feeling all these months that they were going to axe this line of merchandise but I’d never thought the House of Vuitton would actually do it. :'( Monogram Multicolore has always been my favourite line since forever. Farewell, my love. </3

  • Jen

    I have a white alma, black lodge and a black keychain wallet… I use the wallet single everyday since it fits my back pocket perfectly! I bought them because I was trying to collect a bag from each line. Hopefully they increase in value when the day comes for me to get rid of them.

  • melissatrv

    I was hoping to get a black MC zippy coin purse before this happened. In fact I called LV last week and they told me this news which has long been rumored on the LV forum on TPF. I think they should have discontinued the bag and kept a small number of popular accessories. From the folks here though they don’t carry MC bags many still use their SLGs.

  • Antonia

    I’ve always found this line to be way too flashy and tacky. That said, back in the day, I did want a black speedy but could never afford one. I think I just wanted one because everyone (here) was getting one-the Purse Forum does that to us-lol! After all these years, they just look very outdated-it’s not timeless like the regular monogram print. I wouldn’t waste my money on any of these.

  • Cheryl

    I like this line but because the monogram is lasered on it doesn’t last long! I have the mini Zippy wallet and looks like crap

  • I will miss this line as I own four pieces but have always preferred the Damier line anyway. Sigh the nostalgia. I’m just realising I don’t even carry an of the monogram multicoloure pieces I have now anyway so….

  • Velmamith

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  • Passerine

    Back when the line was at its zenith in terms of It-bag status, I couldn’t afford it (and I never buy fakes). Now that I can, it just doesn’t appeal. I could see maybe a small accessory piece — a cosmetics case, for example — but there are plenty of other cosmetic cases around for a much lower price that I’d like just as much. OTOH, I am sad to see that my Trevi PM bag (damier ebene) is also being phased out. It’s a great bag, practical, attractive and works with all but really formal outfits. I looked at the new Greenwich, but as others have noted, its zipper closure is problematic.

  • M

    It’s “Murakami”, not “Murikami”.

  • Valerieuff

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  • They suddenly have become more desirable now they are being discontinued. I’m now considering one too. maybe that’s the plan. Gemma http://www.jacquardflower.uk

  • Dwightinha

    Bought my 1st and only piece in 2007. Never used it, but even today I can not just let it go. The colors are amazing, and although I am pretty sensitive to Paris hilton tacky (and her likes from that era), I do not find the Speedy 30 in Multicolore tacky. At all.

  • DanniJeanni

    Have them all..it was unique…they are LassyM

    • Trace


  • Martinez Daisy Jae

    I am selling the bag originally bought at the store. I have the original box it came it with the matching wallet for 2500.00If anyone is interested it will be selling of Ebay or I can be reached on FB..

  • Martinez Daisy Jae

    I have a Monogram multi-color bag with the matching wallet for $1800.00 if interested it will be selling on Ebay. Posting it today

  • pinkloverme

    I’ve been seeing this line on youtubers who show off their bags and I was not really fond of it. Well, not until I saw my friend’s mother wear this. It was so beautiful and it’s really saddening to know that Vuitton is discontinuing this line.