Lots of designers talk about their “woman” in abstract terms. The Marc Jacobs woman, for example, enjoys a bit of humor in her wardrobe. The Rick Owens woman wears a lot of black leather and will only date those who subscribe to a similar aesthetic. The Rebecca Minkoff woman has a Tumblr. Who’s the Lanvin woman? Well, she’s right there on the front of the Lanvin Sketches Shopping Bag, of course.

Lanvin has a strong recent history of using whimsical sketches on its more casual pieces, so in that way, this tote makes perfect sense. At its core, though, what we’re looking at is an $850 nylon tote with a cartoon on it, even if the nylon and the cartoon are both Lanvin, dahling. Which brings us to our latest installment of Fill in the Blank: how much would this tote be worth to you? Finish our sentence in the comments, or if you’re so inclined, pick up this piece for $850 via Bergdorf Goodman.

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  • Sandra

    While Lanvin makes some beautiful things….this is not one of them. I would not purchase this bag at all…and certainly not for $850.00.

  • crazybaglady

    … zilch – just doesn’t do anything for me.

  • FashionableLena

    About $30 and only because it has a sketch on it. It’s cute, but I could buy a really nice handbag (or 2) with the price of that one nylon.

  • Elegant Tomatoe

    I’d pay $300 for it, because lots of logo bags are the same price. Plus, I don’t see people complaining about Longchamp, or Louis Vuitton, which is basically canvas, or other brands using of nylon and leather bags. Didn’t Alexander Wang make a complete nylon bag once, and PurseBlog loved it? And of coarse LeSportsac, makes all nylon bags too. I don’t understand why people are cheap enough to only pay $30, after all, your paying for the design, the detailing, and of coarse the brand! I do say that $850 is a bit much for the bag, but I imagine is being on sale soon, and I shall definitely get it then!

  • renyoj

    I’d pay $100. This bag looks like something from goodwill that an art student embroidered. It does not look designer. I have a lovely nylon tote from tumi that was about $100, but it’s waterproof and folds flat for travel.

    • Suz

      I agree…thrift shop all the way……

  • laura

    $50 at the most. this doesn’t belong to any luxury retailer, it looks like a Lanvin for H&M or Target

  • this is so cute though, we love it!


  • sandi

    Agree not worth 850.00 maybe for 50.00

  • …less than $850 that’s for sure.

  • ReneeO

    A couple hundred maybe. I think it is adorable but $850 is too expensive for me. Lanvin is my fav purse designer right now. Can’t get enough. I love the whimsey and elegance!

  • amelia masniari


  • samco

    There is alot of cool stuff you can buy for $850, but this isn,t one of them.

  • pursemaven

    not lovin’ it.

  • Kathleen

    There is no amount of money,big or small that would entice me to but this bag. I don’t care for the “I want it all”, even if it is a cartoon and tongue in cheek.

  • bleuette23

    $0. As a past devotee of all-things-Lanvin, over the past 2 years the brand has cheapened its quality immensely. Most of their products break or damage upon wearing. From their shoes, adorned shirts, Amalia handbags, even iphone case–I have have had nothing but problems with the quality. It is extremely overpriced. I previously worked for the house and was astonished by their wholesale price. It has only gotten worse recently and I now protest all things Lanvin. It’s a such a shame, but I will not pay over $2500 for an Amalia only to have the charm fall off after a week, with the store just shrugging their shoulders and not taking responsibility for the quality.

  • seresy

    I’d pay the (European) price of a Le Pliage for it – about 72 euros. Anything more is ridiculous, especially since that embellishment probably won’t hold up for too long under (nylon tote) usage (unlike Longchamp’s embroidery, which has taken a serious beating and still looks great).