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Jimmy Choo, Apparently Not Satisfied With Regular Flared Gussets, Goes For Double


Anyone who’s gone looking to buy a handbag recently (or anyone who stops by the blog-place we’ve got going here on a regular basis) knows that the influence of Celine cannot be contained: flared-gusset bags have been a thing, and they will continue to be a thing until Phoebe Philo deigns to give the rest of fashion something else to play with. With an element that ubiquitous, it was only a matter of time before a bag took it to its logical extreme, and that bag is the Jimmy Choo Blare Tote.

Despite the optical illusion that the two sets of separately flared gussets provides, this bag is actually not comically tall. In fact, it’s about as wide as it is long, which I wouldn’t have guessed from looking at it straight on. Because of the proportion that the wide pockets create, though, it looks quite skinny and ungainly, which doesn’t seem like the sort of illusion that a bag designer would want to create. Jimmy Choo likes to go all-out on its bag designs, though, so if anyone was going to do this, naturally it would be Choo.

The bag also fulfills another important trend that’ll be coming your way in a few months – chain accents. If you’re looking to kill two trend birds with one stone, this is your bag. Sadly, it’s already sold out at Net-a-Porter, but when it was available, it retailed for $1,895.


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  1. Sandra Avatar

    While Phoebe Philo may be a force I would dare say that there are other worthy designers that have brought some pretty creative things to the table in the past years, the Givenchy Pandora comes to mind. Nordstroms has this bag if you are looking for it….the bag itself is very slouchy cool and would look pretty great with all of the moto inspired boots for fall.

  2. Oliana - starbags.eu Avatar
    Oliana - starbags.eu

    Kind of tired of seeing new bags resemble other designer bags… no points for originality.

  3. shueaddict Avatar

    I bought a Chrissie bag in iridiscent python some years ago and ever tried ever since to get another Jimmy choo bag but somehow other designers came up with much cooler stuff.

    Since Tamara left they seem to have lost their traction a bit. I still love the shoes but I keep buying the same 24:7 models for work

  4. Guest Avatar

    Yuck. What happened to Jimmy Choo?