It’s rare, perhaps unheard of, that a woman has just one mood in fashion. Even the most ardent devotee of neutrals has an occasional compulsion for a bright color, and even the most formal among us can appreciate a casual look when executed correctly. As a result, our clothing must have many moods, and the iconic Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag just got another one: the Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag rendered in beautiful, pliable calf leather in a rainbow of colors.

The original Ricky, as you probably know, is a structured, elegant option that, although quite versatile in its own right, is best suited to a somewhat upscale or professional environment. A beautiful lunch, a trip to see your broker – the Ricky we all know and love lives up to those tasks with aplomb. It’s the kind of bag that you find yourself reaching to on weekdays, but what about weekends? That’s where the Soft Ricky, which is the newest addition to the line, comes in.

The Soft Ricky, with its slightly taller dimensions and optional shoulder strap, is ever so slightly more casual. The soft calf leather also provides the bag with just a hint of slouch; it’s as though the original design let its proverbial hair down ever so slightly. It’s still a Ricky, though, so the details and construction are still impeccable, if ever so slightly more relaxed. That makes it a perfect everyday bag for summer, a season in which you will hopefully be more relaxed as well. Wear it with the long shoulder strap to strike the perfect balance between sophistication and fun, all with the signature American feel of Ralph Lauren.

The bag comes in a range of colors both bright and neutral, all of which are available for $2,500 via Ralph Lauren and at Ralph Lauren stores.

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag, Orange
$2,500 via Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag Orange

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag, Gold
$2,500 via Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag Gold

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag, Purple
$2,500 via Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag Purple

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag, Black
$2,500 via Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag Black


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  • The orange version is far too Hermes for my liking, especially considering the pre-existing similarities with the Birkin.

  • Miles

    Not a fan of these bags – the buckles and lock seem too “busy” for my taste….something doesn’t feel quite right.

  • I’ve loved this bag for a long time but the soft version is truly right up my alley – and there is going to be a small size as well

  • ellavanw

    Agree – there is too much going on. The shoulder strap plus the handle plus the hardware plus the buckles plus the dangly thing with the key = too busy. PS: the “sponsored post” could be slightly more prominent; I read the post; thought “hm, this really sounds like an ad, not editorial,” and specifically looked for a disclosure.

    • Mya

      pray tell, how does it being “sponsored” or not affect your viewing of the bags?! Purseblog is simply being socially responsible by even highlighting it, there isn’t a gun to their heads and the font size is fine by me.
      having said that, the bags are ugly! sorry.

      • Selene Spencer

        Purseblog should be more objective. Purseblog has blasted the Saint Lauren bag “Sac Du Jou ” for resembling a Birkin. When in fact this bag resembles the Birkin far more then the Sac Du Jou ever could. Just look at the hardware. When your going to tear down a designer on a principle then you should stick by that principle and not make exceptions.

        However that being said, I can see why the Ricky bag is an attractive option. It combines a classic shape with contemporary feel.The Ricky soft is roomy and the shoulder strap offers a hands free option. The bag is priced at $2500 and that makes it less desirable (for me) because I know I can get better options for that price point.

  • brandy


  • guest

    Just looking at this bag makes me dizzy already! uggh! What a waste of good material.

  • shueaddict

    well, I am not American … so maybe this is why this bag has zero appeal to me .

  • Gabriel

    I’m not liking it :(

    Too much going on. It’s like McQueen’s “Heroine”, Hermes’ “Birkin” and Balenciaga’s “Town” mash-up…

  • Prin

    in my honest opinion, it look ugly, cheap and too “busy”

    • Prin


  • Lady Penelope

    Love it … can not wait to own one! Fabulous design

  • Mary

    I purchased this bag about 6 months ago. I love everything about it. I’m considering buying the smaller size just for quick errands. If you’re in the market for a new spring bag, this should be the one you get.

  • Dylan Propst

    Just ordered one in brown. I plan on removing the key fob and the shoulder strap and just carrying it as a tote. It doesn’t look like a birkin to me. I think birkin’s are too much, almost tacky. I like how understated the Ricky bag is.