My recent blog debate stirred up quite the discussion. The photo that I posted from was said to be of an editor of Nylon Magazine and also, despite our assumptions, not a counterfeit Birkin. In fact, it was pointed out to be a design by a company named Leah and Bliss.

So I did a little research and reached out to the contact info on their website. And I got a response.

They had seen the article and wanted to set the record straight. What I was told is that the bag in the picture on was not a bedazzled fake Birkin, but rather a Birkin-inspired bag. I was told there are differences in the design of this bag versus a real Hermes Birkin (to quote: “many many differences“). The concept of this bag is to be young and playful and to resemble the wearing of large, chunky jewelry.

This bag is officially coined the Leah and Bliss Glamazon and is made of hand-sewn Italian leather and then covered in gems for the playful touch. Mostly, the concept creator wanted to make it clear to me, and you, that this bag is not a counterfeit handbag and is manufactured in their factories with quality materials. Price for the larger version starts at $495 and smaller $295, but personal orders can range up to $1,000.

I have not seen this bag in person, but in the provided photos I still see an Hermes Birkin, to the detail. And when it comes down to something being so close to the original, especially with an iconic look like the Birkin, I still would feel uneasy buying the item. All I see is a wanna-be. Of course, we have seen fashion brands design bags very similar to other designs, but emulating a Birkin will always trigger our Spidey senses to high alert. While the concept may not appeal to my taste, I can understand someone else looking at it and finding it fun.

I am very interested in your thoughts on this purse now that we shared more information on it. When do you think inspired is taken too far? Your thoughts on the “Glamazon” bag?

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  • Jess

    I love this bag. It’s fun and young. The funny thing is that I don’t even like the Birkin or Hermes in general.

  • papertiger

    I think I liked it more when I thought it was the wearer had cutomised her own bag to make it ‘different’ – whatever the make of the base article.

  • Natalie

    I kind of see a pool mosaic…it’s different, but not different enough to say: No, that’s not a Birkin wannabe

  • bag*mad*bags

    im not convinced, looks like a copy of the birkin to me!?

  • Tiffany

    not really into birkin and hermes..until I saw this design! I really like it!

  • dela

    I would have understood their POV better if they had pointed out some of the major structural or design differences between the two bags. Having a wall of bling doesn’t count. Still it is a fun bag.

  • Tamee

    Still fugly. I think it’s mostly because there’s no rhyme nor reason to the placement of the gems. It looks like a child just stuck as many as could fit on it – like macaroni art.

    Even the birkin style isn’t what bugs me about it. Birkins are awesome totes.

    If I wore large chunky jewelry, it would still have some semblance of a tasteful pattern.

    • RY

      I totally agree with you.
      I can probably glue some glass stones to the bag with a hot glue gun and get the same result

    • stephie m

      you are fugly

  • Amanda R

    Many, many differences, huh?

    Still looks like a Birkin to me.

  • zaali

    My exact thoughts. There is a physical store in NYC that sells Italian bags and they sell “Italian leather birkins”. They also have a web site. But I found another web site that says they sell “Italian bags”-

    As in Megs blog, I think that when you do try to make it look like another famous designer bag, then it is a “copy”. Call it what you want, it is a “copy”, “une copie”, “un imagen de algo sin belleza y sin arte” in any language for me (at least).

  • dela

    I would think of the bayswater bag as Birkin-inspired and every year they come up with many fun colors, skins and finishes.

  • I still love the black version with the silver and black stones stuck to it, but I don’t know how they can be mad that people assumed it was a fake Birkin – that should have been a hazard that they considered before they made the bag.

    • stephie m

      it is not fake at all and it is manufactured and changed and i support their bag, and i have 6 birkins. its trendy and fun

  • cge

    I’m not so sure the designers’ intensions were “pure” when they “designed” this bag. As one who adores the Birkin and has held many, the differences are few and far between…not diverse enough for the average person to notice. We all know that almost every successful designer is copied by others (my hubby is a patent, trademark and copyright lawyer who specializes in this area!), but I am perhaps more sensitive to those who copy my favorite bag on earth! As someone else said in one of the earlier posts, I would have admired the owner of the black one initially photographed if she had in fact taken a real Birkin and created a one-of-a-kind piece of art!

  • Jesse

    I really love this bag! It is a great bag to add to my collection! I love the bling factor.

  • Chloe

    Terrible. If they think they are not copying the most iconic bag in history then they are clearly mistaken and delusional. I personally think the colorful bags look like something you would buy a child and I cant imagine any adult seriously carrying one. Not impressed at all.

  • hazel0704

    looks like an imitation birkin to me.

  • hazel0704

    looks like an imitation birkin to me (fb)

  • Jenna

    I’m not sure I could pull this off, but its definitely fun and funky! (fb)

  • Debbie

    Either way, that is one bedazzled bag. I can’t imagine where someone would carry that thing. (fb)

  • Rosanna

    Seriously? The shape looks the same, the handles look the same, and the clasp looks the same as the Birkin. I find it hard to believe that it isn’t a direct copy.

    Either way, I don’t like it and I find the gems really tacky.

    • Rosanna

      forgot to add: (fb)


  • Tina

    It looks like it has been “be-dazzled”….LOL Cute, but not my thing. (fb)

  • Gerard

    it’s so cute (fb)

  • JennMSU

    i see a birkin w/ stones on it, pure and simple. it’s not like it’s a piddly company that they are inspired by — it’s hermes and the style of the birkin is so iconic and very well known. inspired bags always make me think, what, you couldn’t be more creative? i keep imagining someone w/ a bedazzler in a workroom thinking, “oh, maybe if we put all of these stones on it, they won’t know! yeah! that’s it!” hrmmm … ( fb )

  • Maider

    i love the birkin(fb)

  • Christina C.

    I think this bag is cute! (fb)

  • Lianne

    Copy or not, it still looks awful with the fake gem mosaic. It looks like something a twelve year old would carry, but they can’t afford them. Just… tacky. (fb)

  • CC

    haha these jewels make them more interesting! (fb)

  • CoachGirlJami

    I *like* this bag as eye candy, but would SO never wear it. :D (fb)

  • Emily

    I was actually hoping it was a gutsy DIY’er! (fb)

  • JulieO

    Since these bags are quite different and interesting (whether you like them or not)…I guess I just don’t understand why they needed to use a “designer-inspired” bag as the basis for the design. I mean…with all of this “glam”…why bother to copy/be inpired by a designer bag at all? All they really needed was a basic bag to glam up. (fb)

  • Genieve Chan

    I love the chunky pieces on it and the fact that its hand sewn. but really? Birkin-inspired? (fb)

  • Nishi621

    Hmm, seriously not my style, and it does look like a Birkin copy…hmm…..(FB)

  • mai

    Not a fan. Granted that it is kind of cute and playful but it is too much like a Hermes Birkin and it is down grading the name. Not cool.(fb)

  • Dasha

    I don’t like inspired bags- they always look like bad knockoffs. And this one just looks like an arts and crafts project gone wrong.

  • Chi

    Looks like someone took out the bedazzler! lol


  • Kimberly Marney

    So this is the bedazzled Birkin! Can’t you see one of the Jersey Shore girls carrying this & raving at how fabulous it is?

  • Ronky

    Not feeling this one….. (fb)

  • MH

    I was never into birkin but this actually makes me appreciate the real thing a little more (fb)

  • MAX

    It’s not inspiration, It’s exacly the same style with jewels on it. I thought the bag was real birkin with jewels, but now i know it’s fake birkin. T^T inspiration shouldn’t mean that u adopt the whole thing, that should call copy.

  • kayla

    i don’t think i would ever carry this…


  • Ashley

    I think there is a difference between designer inspired and a complete replica. In this case, I’d say it’s more than just inspired by the Birkin. With the exception of the jewels and the different name on the label, what really makes it any different. (fb)

  • kim

    I agree with you, I dont know much about Hermes but as soon as I saw this I thought, Birkin. not cool. (fb)

    • nikki v

      you can not copyright a shape of a bag i am a Lawyer and as long as it is changed 15% it is NO LONGER A COPY all of you get it straight. and didn’t you learn as a child if you do not have something nice to say do NOT say it. It is sad that you all comment horrible things. I own many Birkins and this bag is not even close to what my Birkins look like. I purchased one at a trunk show at Intermix NYC and the bag does not even have inner flaps like the Birkin which is the whole idea the Birkin is based around

  • jenna

    you dont know what your talking about
    i love those bags
    they are sick
    i actually saw leighton meeester wearing one the other day
    and last i heard leighton meester is more famous and has better style than all of you put togather!
    actually, shes a fashion icon and you guys are just bloggers

    • bunny

      yes they r definitely sick. really sick.

      • Mariana


  • digby723

    Oh my. I can’t see that many differences between this and the regular Birkin, design wise. Maybe it’s because I’m not that familiar with the Hermes brand, but it looks like it’s got more similarities to the Birkin then it does differences. On top of that, I think this is ugly as heck! Maybe I would have liked it as a tween, but I can’t think of any adult woman that I know that would want to carry this bag. It just looks like someone let their 5 year old bedazzle their mom’s Birkin. I’ll be passing on this one for sure! (fb)

  • Christy

    I don’t really like the cheap diamond look… (fb)

  • karolynka

    there’s this brand in Italy – secret pon pon – and they make loads of money …selling bags “inspired” by our beloved brands..LV, H and Bal and so on..i mean, while the designs, the patterns may differ, what makes a bag iconic is THE SHAPE..i never liked this kind of bags, i’d rather buy another bag that has an “unknown” shape but in its own way is original..the above idea it’s not bad, i mean i’m 25 but i guess the price is a bit steep for a non designer bag..

  • Ruth

    Would never even attempt to pull that off…not my style. A MBMJ Hillier hobo, on the other hand….perfection! (FB)

  • Emily

    Nope, would not carry this. To crazy with glitz (fb)

  • Lisa

    A little too much bling for me. (fb)

  • Janinevs

    As I’ve said before, I love this bag!!! BUT, I’m kinda sick of the Birkin, so that might be why. I was in Hermes Madison Ave earlier tonight (still love their scarves) and I realized once again that I’m so over this bag. I think the bedazzled bag is kind of an ironic take on the Birkin. Not sure if that was their intention, but that’s what I’m reading into it.

  • Karin bag4bag

    This is a copy, not inspired ! Come on… BUT it is so over the top in its adornments, that shoppers have to know that it couldn’t be an original. And b/c it is so over the top I think they get away with it. What do Hermes think about it?

    • xavier

      do you only buy V-neck white t-shirts from hanes the originators of the white v-neck
      NO i am sure you do not
      and all other companies you buy are copies
      who cares as long as it is fashionable and exciting why not embrace it
      and it is not a copy

  • Erik

    I think that they are tacky as hell and that they are not at all “inspired” they are copies! I know that some elements have been changed but it is not different enough to not be a copy!

    • cookie rainbow

      you are such a hater wow, negative is not the way to be.

  • april

    very tacky. (fb)

  • mochababe73

    They’re kinda cute and whimsical. But, they do look like they might be a little heavy. (fb)

  • Fatima

    Theres too much going on with this bag….(FB)

  • lizard queen

    i prefer original birkin bag instead of this one i thing the original one way classy than this (fb)

  • Jessica

    I actually think that its an awesome new twist to the plain old Birkin bag. The trend def wont last forever but I like it for now. (fb)

  • sarah

    hm.. interesting.. they’re very sparkly, although I like Marc Jacobs better :D (fb)

  • Cindy H. @lifeonprint

    I am not at all drawn to this bag. It reminds me of something a fancy grandmother in the 50’s would carry to a dinner party. (FB)

  • Joan Falcon

    I love it!!

  • Chicken

    I think they have a unique concept, (that is the young, playful concept) and that’s something I might buy…. But their execution of that concept on something so similar to a Birkin is not something I would buy. (fb)

  • Michelle

    I find it funny that so many people like this bag. I think it’s atrocious, to be honest. I agree with what someone said about how it could be cuter if there was more of a pattern to the jewels. I think the fact that it looks so much like a Birkin is putting me off. Who would want to think that you bedazzled your Birkin anyway? YUCK.


  • Sabrina Lynn

    still not a big fan of them, way to much pop for me (fb)

    • amyR

      I agree. reminds me of that Tanna girl from the apprentice that went and bought a bedazzler and went crazy…maybe she’s on the design team?

  • RaspberryJam

    Essentially in my mind “inspired” = fake/idea stolen from a prominent fashion house. I want to hear of these “many many differences” as well. (fb)

  • Ann

    Looks great for the Summer! Very playful with the colors! (fb)

  • Cassandra

    I really do not like all of those jewels.
    They just make the bag look fake and gross.


  • JackieR

    Why would I want to spend $500 on a bag I could only be caught dead carrying like one time? This bag is the definition of TOO MUCH. (fb)

  • Hailey Marwood

    Wow this bag is pretty extravagant! I think its a bit to much for me though! Plus for $500 bucks I could spend it on a bag that suits be a bit better! :)

  • brookelyn

    Regardless of whether it is counterfeit or not, those bags are tacky, tacky, tacky. Obviously they are meant to look like a Birkin and everyone is backpedaling. (fb)

  • Amy

    What if one of the jewels fell off while walking down 5th Ave? that can be a total disaster!
    It looks too close to the real thing, it’s easy to have people assume is a fake. Not sure how much the actual weight is, but Italian leather with all these gems, oh boy, that’s a whole work out right there. (fb)

  • Sonia

    Too gaudy! Too much! It’d be more of an every day practical bag without so much jewels.

  • Sonia

    I forgot to add (fb)

  • Nara

    Don’t like it at all. Look too old for me. (fb)

  • Jasmin

    I think this has way too much jewels!!! Not a fan at all. (fb)

  • Cathleen

    A “designer-inspired” bag is not being sold as real, so it’s not a fake or a counterfeit copy, but you’re right, it’s still a wanna-be! I don’t at all like the haphazardly-glued on stones on those bags. The result is like something you’d find in a low-end chain store. (Jumped to here from fb, which was jumped to from twitter, @happystweets – thanks!)

  • Katie

    I can could never add jewels like that to a bag, real or not, but that’s just not me. I prefer to look at the gorgeous leather that I buy. :) (fb)

  • Lauren H.

    Yeah, not too into this bag. I like the classic leather, in solid colors. But, interesting! :)

    ‘(fb)’ :D

  • Melissa

    Not a fan. This bag is just tacky in my opinion. Looks like something my child could slap together with some glue & plastic jewels from the craft store. (fb)

  • Kelly

    I’m all for crafts, glitz and (real) Birkins but not all at once… (fb)

  • Amy

    The only difference between inspired and counterfeit in this case is that they did not call their bag Birkins :p Yuck! (fb)

  • Melissa

    I personally kind of think this bag is genius! Purse’s are a great accessory in themselves but at some bling and its all you will need. I might like a different colored one for my tastes, but something about it catches my eye and im sure it would spark many conversations :) (fb)

  • April C.

    Not a fan..looks bedazzled. (fb)

  • hjjhh


  • Moudane

    “many many differences” ? Oh, come on ! Personally, I don’t know, to me it still looks like a knock-off with ” jewels ” glued on it…really crafty ! (fb)

  • Rachel

    My dad’s sister has always been known as the aunt who gives us all wacky gifts. This bag reminds me of one she got me at Target a few years ago. My boyfriend literally burst out laughing when he saw it.
    Regarding “inspired” vs. counterfeit- I really don’t see much of a difference between the two. Fashion design is about originality. In a way, this Leah and Bliss bag is worse than a “counterfeit” because it’s actually putting a cheap spin on an originally classic design! (fb)

  • Joy

    too much! what if one of them fall off! (fb)

  • Hofken

    I love this bag for spring (fb)

  • Gelynn

    I love beads and all but not on a Birkin!!! (fb)

  • Dawne Strehl

    I still can’t get past the “Birkin” details. It may not be copyright infringement, but it’s a copy infringement to me. Sorry makers of ‘Glamazon’, but please bedazzle very low end bags and leave our grails alone! ‘(fb)’

  • Audrey H.

    It sure does look like a Berkin. I personally don’t care for it. (fb)

  • Regina

    Way too flashy for my taste. (fb)

  • Amelia

    this is way too flashy for me. I think it would look better in a more uniform color/pattern.
    This could be cool on a LV with corresponding colors to the monogram (on a fake of course). (fb)

  • Kimmy

    I’m not feeling it :( (fb)

  • Kimmy

    I would rather buy a different handbag for almost 1k (fb)

  • LynnDenise

    I wouldn’t waste my money on this bag. There are plenty of nicer-looking bags I could buy for the price. (fb)

    • sfitting

      I couldn’t agree more. (fb)

  • Ruhee

    The bag looks tacky(fb)

  • Samantha Rogers

    When something is ‘inspired’ by something it is generally based around the same idea but has its own twist. This bag definitely has its own identity and if all you see when you look at it is a Birkin then good for you. A Birkin is a classic bag, and not for a young demographic at all, in fact anyone under 30 with a Birkin is obnoxious. This bag is aimed for young, glamorous, and an out-going demographic. I am sure the designers changed the look and size of the bag too. Also everyone leaving comments I bet half of you never even held a Birkin to know what makes it unique and so costly.

  • Lindsey Stoner

    this bag is sickkkkkkkkkk, i met the designers on the set of gossip girl at the Empire Hotel, Blair was wearing it on set, even the costume designer of the show was blown away at all the compliments she got while filing it is perfect for any outfit and such a cool piece to have in your closet! GO LEAH AND BLISS!!

  • Jourdan P

    Leah and Bliss have their bag in the sex and the city 2 movie during the wedding scene, samantha is wearing it keep your eyes peeled. its such a glam bag

    • Karin bag4bag

      That is not correct. As a S&C fanatic , I have seen all out there footage of the upcoming film and though Samantha is carrying a sparkly silver tote in the wedding scene it is not one of these sparkly large jewel Leah and Bliss bags.

      • cookie rainbow

        then your clip is NOT in the movie

  • 19yearslater

    They have to cover their behinds and say its way different than Birkin, but it is obviously supposed to look like a Birkin. It takes the idea of dressing up, like a kid in their mom’s clothes. Someone like Factory Girl Dani Stahl can rock this look and there’s not really much chance of women buying it in hopes of looking like they have a Birkin because of all of the stones and the price range. This bag is for a certain woman and I don’t really have a problem with it.

  • Jourdan P

    you definitely need to know how to wear this bag to rock it the right way, but i think it is so cool and different. chic!

  • Theresa W

    Wayyyyyyy too much….all around!! (fb)

  • swags

    All I can think of is bedazzled birkin. If I saw it in a little boutique for $50 I might think it was cute, kitschy…etc But up to $1000. Not lovin it. (FB)

  • Audrey

    this looks like something my 4 year old niece would wear. it looks too much like someone took a birkin, a glue gun and $2 pack of stones from michaels and made craft project. I would NEVER spend $1000 on this. (fb)

  • MizzJ

    I don’t really see the big deal here. Sure it resembles a Birkin, but who would honestly ever mistake it for one?! That would be a gross admission of ignorance right there!!! This is totally not Hermes style and it’s meant to be an inspired by piece. They took the Birkin and totally revamped it with their own twist, which is more than I can say for many other designer bags.

    Tell me your Holy Grail mascara and you could win a must-have beauty prize!!

  • Merve

    I dont like it when bags resemble a famous iconic design. No way never not in a million.

  • justa9url

    I dislike the “inspired” part but I do like the entire look of the bag. It’s so out there and yet it’s not. (fb)

  • Rozanna

    I think when something is so obviously close to the real thing It is defintely a replica

  • Roxanna

    Yuck. It totally resembles a birkin. Looks tacky in my opinion. (fb)

  • Nora

    It´s a fun bag but I wouldn´t buy it for myself. (fb)

  • Aeonat

    The bag is way too flashy… however I do have a Birkin inspired bag that made of levi jeans which I found very cute! (fb)

  • leah

    “I love it, I don’t think its tacky at all. Its flashy!! I also have the same name as the designer so thats prety cool if I do say so myself (fb)

  • serene

    inspired.. :D fake to me

  • nora

    I think it’s fabulous!

    I hate when snobs turn up their noses at “inspired” bags. Who gives a crap as long as the bag is cute.

  • Leslie

    I think the colourful versions are too much for me and I don’t feel like the pattern or the colours go well. The one from your previous post is more for me because the black and white match much better. I guess it would be fun just to have when I am feeling playful and funky but for that price I would rather get something else.

  • Heidi

    Well, I could wear it. Mayby. If I was drunk ;)

  • Heidi

    Well, I could wear it. Mayby. If I was drunk ;) (fb)

  • Rebekka

    I love this bag. Its totally me! I like big flashy things. I’m from fb. :)

  • madz

    interesting… such a fab way to make an it-bag more “it”… only this is “it”- inspired. i think it would be nicer had it been more artistic and does not resemble a beader’s loot. (fb)

  • Meg

    I just can’t get into the big, fake jewels. (fb)

  • Kori

    Not my style….It looks like someone threw up on a Birkin. (fb)

  • Natalie

    It’s just not my style. I’m not going to call it downright ugly; it’s just not my thing. I do think their Birkin inspiration is a little much, but I don’t think anyone would really confuse the two. (fb)

  • Issy

    Wow i live this bag :) It would fit in perfectly with my wardrobe and personality, it’s clearly for people with a quirky style but could also be played down with a simple jeans and shirt look with the bag as the focal point of the outfit. personally i think this bag is adorable. (fb)

  • ShoeQueen1961

    It’s a bit gaudy… But I applaud/commend the designers! They are entitled to their creativity; just as we are to ours.

  • Karina

    you have to know style and be confident to be able to sport this item its HOT i love it

  • Sam

    girls your all nuts get with it take a chance be cool this is super fun

  • dina

    obviously if your a plain jane girl who has one bag in her whole wardrobe, no you wouldnt buy this- but for the girl was has the best fashion taste and knows how to really dress to catch your eye, this is so her! well, this is so me. :) i am placing my order now

  • kelly arn

    i just ordered 12 of these– one for every girl in my bridal party and i can not WAIT to get my order the girls that design them are super cool and so are their bags

  • Frisca

    NASTY (FB)

  • Christina

    Ugh…inspired is just a way to say I’m stealing your idea because I can’t come up with my own. I don’t have a problem with rhinestones or some gaudyness, it’s fun…I just wish they didn’t try to pass it off as a birkin, that’s why I would never buy it. (fb)

  • ~bastet

    I think it’s tacky because to me, it’s obviously supposed to look like a Birkin. Also, because there are *so many* rhinestones, it’s just tacky. (fb)

  • Odessa

    Looks like a pimped Birkin (FB)

  • SY

    I think it’s fun, cute and funny, but a little too much for me too wear! (fb)

  • Deb

    It definitely looks like a Birkin to me, no matter what they say…I would not buy one that is for sure! (fb)

  • katkooty

    I HATE fakes, and i hate bling-ed stuff but I LOVE THIS!!! Its soo tacky that i find it sooooo cool! Uber Fun!

  • Bonniesgirl

    Not for me but it has a certain cache about it. (fb)

  • Houn

    I’m not a fan, too gaudy (fb)

  • Empress

    I love sparkly things, and I love the black and silver gemstones. A small tote would be an interesting addition to my modest collection. Kudos to Leah & Bliss for taking a risk and owning it.

  • Bavleen

    Would love to own it.. (fb)..

  • widi

    it is too bling and loud for my cup of tea…I also think the bag design is way too similar to Hermes Birkin to be called “birkin-inspired” (fb)

  • HandbagReport

    It’s definitely Berkin-inspired but with all the embellishments, they’re clearly not trying to pass these “Glamazon” bags off as Hermes. There are some “designer-inspired” bags that aren’t knock-offs. There’s a thin line between the two. Fakes are never in fashion!

  • Prisilia

    Not liking the crystal thingy (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    the first handbag is fabulous fabulous fabulous I looooove it!!!!

  • Paulina

    It’s a fun and funky bag. Yeah, it might be Hermes inspired, but many bags are inspired by other brands. It all depends on how they put a twist to it.
    This is good for the person who can’t afford a Birkin or thinks a Birkin is too mature for their current tastes. (fb)

  • tamee

    Showed my 11 yr old daughter and even she thinks it’s fugly! She said it looks like something she would’ve done back in kindergarten! (fb)

  • Cat-Janet

    This one is def not for me! (fb)

  • Nyria

    Oh puleaze- ‘inspired’ is just another word for fake – except even more pathetic because the maker (not ‘designer’) is trying to take a little bit of credit for the design. This is exactly what you said – a bedazzled fake birkin.

  • hikarupanda

    This is way too tacky for my taste! (fb)

  • Amanda Allison

    Even if this bad was just inspired by Hermes, its just resembles the Birkin way too closely. To quote Harper’s Bazaar, “Fakes are never in fashion.”

  • Sammi

    It looks tacky! No matter how I see it or how the pr person spins it, it still looks like a Birkin knock-off. This is like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • hect

    cant stand it this is stealing i have many hermes bags and this goes beyond acceptable hermes should do something i hate them cheap tacky and all other adjectives that describe a wrong wrong wrong bag so not a birkin piece horrible cant satnd it !!!!!!!!!

  • hect


    • jennifer seigal

      they are not fake at all they are young and hip birkin inspired bags they do not even have the class flip. stop being a hater

  • Alicia

    Of course they’d never say it’s a fake Birkin. To me, it’s clear that they designed the bag with a Birkin in mind. The “gems” are horrendously tacky and cheap looking!

  • Dulce

    SO FAKE! the owner just embarrassed herself by saving there are many many differences.. haha.. like the price :) and i agree.. the gems are tacky.

  • lilobubbletea

    If it looks like the real thing but it isnt – then it’s fake.

    fake bags have “many many differences” from the real ones too.

  • Jessica

    thanks for following up with the makers of the bag and everything and reporting it back to us. i still think it looks a lot like a bedazzled hermes bag so i would never get anything like it :T (FB)

  • Eva

    I see Birkin too…but it really confuses me if it’s real or not, cos its all hidden behind the jewels… (fb)

  • fun

    Who cares if it’s real or fake? The fact is – it’s just plain tacky.

  • bonybynatur2003

    Im sorry, but if it resembles the Birkin and its not….then I consider it fake. Regardless of where its made, how well its made, or who makes it-its NOT a Birkin, so that makes it fake IMO.
    On top of the question on authenticity, I think the adornments make it look gaudy and I would not carry this bag. I might let my 2 year old neice use it though. That is, if it wasnt a fake ;-) (fb)

  • EryGonz

    Actually It is a counterfeit handbag, Birkin Inspired is a nice way to say it. (fb)

  • Bounty

    Anyone who would call this disaster funky, cool, hip etc just can’t afford the real one…

  • Gorgeous

    i personally loveeee these bags, im going to get myself one. im young (only 20) and i still love gaudy over the top stuff. stop saying its a fake, because if it was a true fake, leah and bliss would be out of business because it is illegal to sell knock off purses. you old hags need to step off your broom for a bit and stop being haters. its simply fun and really cute. people bedazzle their cell phones and everything else, why not a purse too.

    • Ceriene

      I’m 18, so I don’t think I qualify as an old hag, and whether or not we find these bags gaudy or fun is our own opinion, which everyone has a right to. However, if it resembles a birkin and isn’t a genuine birkin, the fact is that it’s a copy, in other words, a fake. ‘Birkin-inspired’ is just a vague way to say it.

      So I think you can get off your high horse and stop calling the other members here old hags. :/

  • Beverly

    It’s so gaudy I love it. Who really cares if it’s “Birkin inspired”? They made it completely different by bedazzling it. I think they just used the Birkin design to contrast the bedazzling – they took a extremely mature purse, and made it young. (fb)

  • Shannon

    i’m not a fan… it looks tacky to me but to each their own I suppose. I don’t agree with the owners though… this clearly looks very much like a birkin.

  • anonymous

    I think it’s hard to say if this bag is tacky because I can see if it was an Hermes, some people might find it appealing!.. The fake bag in my definition would be a bag that is intentionally copied in order for people to buy it instead of buying the real one.. but I don’t think people who want to have a Birkin bag will change his or her mind to buy this one instead. So another word is people who buy this bag will buy this bag for aesthetics of the bag but not to pretend they have a Birkin.

  • JJ

    The fake bag is so tacky, I can see tweens either in mind or body liking it and no one else.

    The company should be ashamed of themselves, they are lying right to our face.

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  • jen

    It’s all just a matter of perception. If the right celebs start carrying this, many of the “haters” will change their minds. And the resemblance of another famous bag will soon be forgotten. Or has anyone thought about Marc Jacobs Single being a cheaper 2.55 lately?

  • Hellena

    MY EYES-MY EYES!! (fb)

    • Marissa

      I AGREE! (FB)

  • Kash

    veryyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pretty (fb)

  • Maria

    I just see this bag and think of the Birkin. and with giant plastic-y looking jewels on it? not a fan. (fb)

  • s.

    I would never wear something like no matter who makes it.

  • s.

    ^ I meant to say I would never wear something like this no matter who makes it.

  • Marissa

    Reminds me of a 3rd graders art project. I would probably have LOVED this in 3rd grade! BUT no one over the age of 10 should ever be caught wearing this. EVER! (FB)

  • lily

    i feel like the bag got defiled. maybe as a dress-up purse for kids. (fb)

  • Hollander

    I love it! It’s fun and irreverent to tease Birkin fans (of which I’m one)! I’d wear this anywhere… but then I live in Los Angeles so I can get away with a lot. I’ll buy one as soon as see one or can order one:-)

  • Jasmine

    Love the blings but at 1st glance, I thought it was a Birkin which is pretty unfair for Hermes. Leah & Bliss is riding on the brand image that Hermes created from skretch. I love the playful touch the gemstones gave to the bag but I wouldn’t carry something “inspired” to such a large extent.

  • Jasmine

    Love the blings but at 1st glance, I thought it was a Birkin which is pretty unfair for Hermes. Leah & Bliss is riding on the brand image that Hermes created from skretch. I love the playful touch the gemstones gave to the bag but I wouldn’t carry something “inspired” to such a large extent. (fb)

  • kylie

    people have “bedazzled” out personal items for awhile now.. as seen with cellphone cases, ipods, and digital cameras… so either way, it would really come down to the color schemes and shapes of the jewels used, and how they’re placed, and also the handbag shape itself. the “wanna-be” bag looks way to similar to the real birkin bag to be called “inspired.” (fb)

  • gjaneco

    I can’t believe one would bastardize Birkins like this. (fb)

  • Elyse

    I understand where this is coming from – but oy. It’s too much like a birkin for my taste. (fb)

  • Jose

    Love it! (fb)

  • liz

    why ruin a classic bag like that, it looks cheap! (fb)

  • sketchy

    I love the glamazon look, but not on a Birkin-inspired, or any designer-label-inspired bags! If you’re a designer you should never copy another designer and claim them yours just by adding little bits and pieces… They have cute idea, they should come up with their own bag design instead of using the Birkin. (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    This looks extremely tacky. The Birkin is all about quality leather and craftsmanship. Why hide it with cheap looking jems?
    I wonder what Hermes thinks of this… (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    Oh I must have read it wrong. if it isn’t a real Birkin…It sure looks hella similar! (fb)

  • Eric

    their concept of jazzing up, bedazzling, jeweled a bag is orgibal they should had thought about their own shape, design of the bag as well to completly call it their own, i see hermes birkin all over tampered with rhine stones..- (fb)

  • Eric

    their concept of jazzing up, bedazzling, jeweled a bag is orginal they should had thought about their own shape, design of the bag as well to completly call it their own, i see hermes birkin all over tampered with rhine stones..- (fb)

  • Fai

    interesting concept! (fb)

  • Latifa

    To be honest it is a rather cheap way to sell bags, yes some might think that this innovative and creative but on the contrary. The bag looks very much like the most coveted bag on our planet, the BIRKIN, and has cheap plastic crystal stuck on it. I personally think it is very appalling, as a bag like the BIRKIN should not be viewed that way, it is a classic and practical bag that costs thousands of dollars to buy. If they were let’s say make their own design as Eric pointed out they for sure wont have this much coverage, non at all!!! It is the birkin inspired bag that called for such frenzy …

  • Jocelyn

    Oh, no! It looks like a 5 year old got a hold of a Birkin and bedazzled it.

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Sepster

    The bag is amazing. Definitely going to get one.

  • Joy

    id say a bit to blingy for me

  • abbi

    the bags are so gross! I like tacky things but it just looks like they stuck cheap bits of plastic on to a birkin bag… when i think of birkin bags i think clean lines, quality leather and a classical look, simple and elegant to sum up. these bags however are disgusting go buy that marc jacobs tweed bag or whatever, at least that looks nice and not copied

  • Tiff Chao

    It’s a great party bag but not for me. (fb)

  • liv

    first thought, Hermes was on something, but as I finish the details. I would say, NO, NO, NO. I would never be caught dead with a bag like this, bad idea, who came up with this anyway??? The designer need to go back to design school.

  • lady

    Definitely NO for me….

  • Debi Stanley

    Interesting debate.I wonder how many of us can actually afford Hermes,honestly? Bottom line,if Hermes hasn’t sued them by now, does it matter? Sure if they had taken any basic shaped bag,loaded it up with Bling it might appeal to artsy types or teens. I’m so tired of the whole designers VS Fakes dilemma. I believe the greedy Designers created their own mess of problems. Because they price their bags too expensive for average people to afford. Some that do buy, rack up their credit cards. Often taking over 10 yrs to pay off,if ever. Unless they claim bankruptcy instead. These bags don’t cost hundreds to make, either. Esp disgusting are the mass produced PVC/Vinyl/Pleather bags that run $500 up to $1K! The plastic itself costs LESS than $3! Why do we spend the big bucks? Ego,insecurity,wanting to be noticed, maybe looked up to? Think of the #1 person you respect/admire in this world. Is it because of the $$$ bag they carry?

  • Cindy

    This is ridiculously heinous. (ipad)

  • oliver

    I wonder how all of this compares? Meaning how does this Bejewelled Birkin compare legally with this canvas one?


  • Yaf

    So what Hermes came up with the bag years ago, they have gotten enough praise for that?. Why leave those out who cannot afford a 20,000 bag just because it is leather and says Hermes to buy a bag like this, especially since this is also made out of quality leather. How do you know a Birkin is genuine leather, it is handmade, it is going to last for years especially for that price? Same with Louis Vuitton, same with Chanel, as much as these items want to luxury, they aren’t anything more than selfish and anti-unity (by this I mean, why not make it more affordable for all kinds of people to wear proudly).
    I can’t even afford this bag at the age of 20, but as soon as I am able to I will buy it and wear it proudly. This bag is not tacky, it is your opinion, you cannot force your sense of style on anyone, so get that stick out of your bum.