My recent blog debate stirred up quite the discussion. The photo that I posted from was said to be of an editor of Nylon Magazine and also, despite our assumptions, not a counterfeit Birkin. In fact, it was pointed out to be a design by a company named Leah and Bliss.

So I did a little research and reached out to the contact info on their website. And I got a response.

They had seen the article and wanted to set the record straight. What I was told is that the bag in the picture on was not a bedazzled fake Birkin, but rather a Birkin-inspired bag. I was told there are differences in the design of this bag versus a real Hermes Birkin (to quote: “many many differences“). The concept of this bag is to be young and playful and to resemble the wearing of large, chunky jewelry.

This bag is officially coined the Leah and Bliss Glamazon and is made of hand-sewn Italian leather and then covered in gems for the playful touch. Mostly, the concept creator wanted to make it clear to me, and you, that this bag is not a counterfeit handbag and is manufactured in their factories with quality materials. Price for the larger version starts at $495 and smaller $295, but personal orders can range up to $1,000.

I have not seen this bag in person, but in the provided photos I still see an Hermes Birkin, to the detail. And when it comes down to something being so close to the original, especially with an iconic look like the Birkin, I still would feel uneasy buying the item. All I see is a wanna-be. Of course, we have seen fashion brands design bags very similar to other designs, but emulating a Birkin will always trigger our Spidey senses to high alert. While the concept may not appeal to my taste, I can understand someone else looking at it and finding it fun.

I am very interested in your thoughts on this purse now that we shared more information on it. When do you think inspired is taken too far? Your thoughts on the “Glamazon” bag?

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