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  • Sara

    I guess, the reversible thing may justify the price as you get two bags for the price of one. But doesn’t that take the fun out of buying a second bag?
    Ps; If reversible is a requirement, Hermes currently sells double sens 45 in the most gorgeous colours. More expensive sure, but it is HERMES.

  • PJGambler

    I don’t understand the attraction- looks like a grocery store shopping bag to me.

    • Nor Kam

      Yeah I have the same issue with this bag, all I see is a retro-looking bag, but I guess the beauty is in its details.

    • twoturntables

      Agreed. It looks like a wannabe MC Escher print.

      • Joshua

        The print used on Goyard’s canvas was introduced in 1900…

      • twoturntables

        It still looks like a not-as-talented version of MCE’s work.

    • Smithy

      Was just going to post the same. My thoughts exactly.

    • Do you like the LV Neverfull? Just curious because they are similar – but a lot of people don’t like such simplistic bags

  • Sarah

    I love these and am such a fan of Goyard, thanks for sharing!

  • laura

    The price is a little too much, IMO. I would rather get a St. Louis and then a second bag for the same price or two St. Louis.

  • kate

    I love it!! Will consider this next year purchase for sure. Love the red. But I am a huge Goyard fan.

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    • I really want to get one as well!

      In the photos the bags show more of a shine than they do in person – it was just the lighting and the coating on the bag.

  • Amunet

    I could think of better things to do with that amount of money than spend it on something that looks like a plastic tote I could purchase at Target.

    • Kai

      Goyard is for people in the know. If you’re middle class maybe this isn’t the bag for you. It’s a luxury item. First of all, You should spend money on what’s in your budget and leave others to decide. I’m sure if you won the lottery you would be buying target bags.

  • Rashmi

    I would rather buy gold than spending that much money on this bag. Seriously Nowadays I’m more inclined towards buying solid gold jewelry some with precious stones than spending money on handbags. At least the value will remain the same. My appreciation for beautifully crafted bags has not diminished but again gold and diamonds will always hold value.

  • Tank Diaz

    Looks like another great everyday bag to throw everything into, love it’s simplicity and clean lines

  • Alisa Nicole

    Maybe it’s just these colors, but the first thing I thought was it looks like “Goyard for Target”.

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