Prada Buckle Hobo

If any of you are thinking that metallic is out, you are way wrong. It is everywhere. Metallics are still ‘in’. Have you gotten your metallic bag for the season? Personally, I have been eyeing quite a few but haven’t made a decision yet. But I figure it can’t hurt adding some more bags into the shiny mix. How about a Prada bag? The Prada Buckle Hobo adds a little zing and zang to the already huge list of metallic bags out there. I do love how Prada bags are made, yet sometimes I don’t think their prices are justified. Let’s play a little game (NO cheating!). I’m going to tell you all about this bag and leave out the price, then you guess how much it is. Let’s see if any of you think this is justified.

The Prada Buckle Hobo is a beautiful nylon shoulder bag. This hobo also is trimmed in gold (not the real thing ;-) ) and has a grommeted buckle and a buckle detailed shoulder straps. It looks to me like the bulk of the bag is nylon, and the gold trim is leather. The only other extra this bag has in an inside zip pocket. The hobo is a good size- not too big and not too small: 8″H X 11″L X 7″W. So, how much do you think this bag is? Don’t go lookin’ it up, or else it is no fun!! I’ll post the link tomorrow along with the price!! Happy guessing :-D

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