Carlos Falchi Nubuck Tall HoboGreen is the color of life and growth. Actually, I think my older sister tried to corrupt my mind when I was younger and tell me it was the color of something else… I won’t mention it unless any of you do! I must admit I don’t think I have ever owned a green bag. Well maybe I have. But nothing recently. For many reasons, the Carlos Falchi Nubuck Tall Hobo is growing its greenness on me. This beautiful moss green colored hobo made from nubuck leather looks simply divine and supple. My favorite parts of this bag are the shoulder strap, buckle, and stitching. I am always looking for a bag that stands out. That is a bit out of the ordinary, which of course, helps me justify buying it. Let me start with the stitching on the bag. What I love is that the tonal leather topstitching down the sides is big and noticeable. Usually the topstitching is there but not chunky and in your face- and this bag stitches its way right in your face (yes, I did use the word chunky- yikes). Next we find the gorgeous tonal braided leather shoulder strap. It is nice to see that many designers are changing up shoulder straps for a little spice. Finally we are at the focal point, and my favorite part of this bag- the top flap and wooden buckle. If Mr. Carlos was looking to grab my attention, he sure did. This is how you draw people in. Not everyone may like this bold center piece, but being gutsy is more than worth a try. Actually, I remember another time when Mr. Carlos tried to be gutsy – I gagged. But this one, unlike the latter, is a sure hit. Overall the bag measures 14 1/2″H x 16″W x 2 1/4″D. Buy it for $675 via Neiman Marcus.

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