Carlos Falchi Cashmere Hobo

Lucky Saks, lucky us! Available only at Saks, the bag of all bags has finally arrived. Just kidding about it being a long-awaited bag! But you know how they say dogs look like their owners sometimes, well now I think purses look like dogs (which unfortunately may look like the owner also). I have found a bag that will finally match the owner of the Chinese Hairless dog. The Carlos Falchi Cashmere Crochet Hobo is one fine mess of a bag. The bag is cashmere embellished with a variety of colorful beads and metallic crochet. The strap has multi strands of slender leather, which is where the Chinese hairless dog comes into play. I just don’t like how random strands of leather are strung about in a wild non-sensical way on this bag. The bag does have a python-embossed leather bottom, which is sort of a shame that such a material is going to waste. Using python, cashmere, and leather are all beautiful, but when put together on this bag it screams out atrocity to me! I can’t help but look at it and immediately want to compare it to something horrible: like the Chinese hairless dog, or like a bead project I did in 3rd grade. So why don’t you all tell me what you think it looks like! Be creative!!

Oh yea, if you were wondering, the bag is only available through Saks for a whopping $775.

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