Hermes Bicycle

It does not happen all that often that my own passions directly collide with my fiancee’s and I have the opportunity to tell you all about it in excitement. You must know that I have been hooked on biking – both mountain and road – for as long as I can remember. The love for cycling must have started when I was 4 and my mom first took off my training wheels and I crashed (head first) into a deep ditch.

Batavus Old Dutch - Hermes Edition Batavus Old Dutch - Hermes Edition

French high-end luxury designer house Hermès now offers a very chic two-wheeled alternative to those ladies who want to take their love for fine leather craftsmanship to the winding coast trails of Saint-Tropez on the early Sunday morning croissant run. Meaghan and I first spotted the Hermes bike at the Bal Harbour boutique a few weeks ago, but obviously did not have a chance to take any pictures. Fortunately, there is tPF membre extraordinaire Vernilover. She was so kind to allow us to show you pictures of her recent and unique $3,500 purchase and present it in all its beauty.

Batavus Old Dutch - Hermes Edition Batavus Old Dutch - Hermes Edition

Hermès collaborated with dutch bicycle manufacturer Batavus and adorned an Old Dutch with meticulously stitched leather accents on saddle, handle bar grips, as well as the frame’s two main down tubes. The 3-speed bike maintains its old original black finish while the leather accents play a significant role in bumping up Batavus’ original $799 price tag. No word whether the Ladies Dutch Bent version comes in a male variety with straight tube.

Personally, I would prefer function over luxury when purchasing a $3,500 bike. Though I can see it being a neat alternative for those lucky few who have everything and still long for more. The only question to me at this point is… how large of an orange box does this Hermes bike come in?

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  • Kat

    :shock: I’m speechless! :shock: Vernilover is definitely the QUEEN! I don’t think I can even afford the box this comes in if ever there was one. :shock:

  • AJC

    LOL just pictured that huge-normous box! :lol:

    I’m with you, Vlad, as to the function aspect, however, if one is to bike for a croissant or do a leisurerly trip by a river or in a park – then.. why not! I do like the old charm of this bike with its old school frame and all ;-)

    • I am all about the leisure stroll looking incredibly chic!

  • harleyzgrrl

    I wonder what the bike rack looks like . . .

  • andee

    Well there is always Chanel. Karl surely made a man’s bike too.

    • I shall feature the Chanel bike tomorrow.

  • Jane

    Is 3-speed enough for the winding hill sides of St. Tropez? Altho this looks like a nice one to add on a collection – retro looking.

  • Kell

    That IS a beautiful bike.

  • annie

    the Chanel bike is prettier.

  • Cats

    I totally love this charming bike

  • Donny

    The Bike is a Batavus ‘1 2 Have’, 3 speed dual roller brakes, – we are the North American Distributor
    Hermes, very nicely done.

  • theduchessofH

    I just happened upon this post, as I was looking for more info on this bicycle.

    I just bought one in Potiron. The box is very large. I posted pictures of it on my blog.

    • Naga Jolokia

      Your blog sucks. It doesnt even work.

  • Naga Jolokia

    and this bike is a overpriced ugly thing. onl some dispearate lady would buy this thing. showoffs.