This video is both hilarious and educating. Birkin godmother Jane Birkin gifts two young Japanese cooks with signed Hermes Birkin bags and gives them a lesson on proper Birkin care. Since Megs got hers, she’s kept it in its sleeper bag, in a dry and cool location in the house. I am confident that many Birkin owners treat their insanely expensive treasures similarly.

Apparently though, that is not how Jane feels about treating an iconic bag. While French is rusty and my Japanese non-existent, her actions are luckily clearer than any language could communicate… leaving the show host completely devastated! Enjoy the show. It had me laughing, hard.

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  • jennifer

    I seriously should have taken up French in school, because I really wanted to understand what she was saying.
    Loved the looks on the guys faces when she broke in their bags! She still has a great style today!
    p.s. loved the guy in Birkin drag!

  • Jen

    :shock: I think maybe she was helping to break the bags in.


    I got up to the part where the bags where broken in but didn’t understand the young girl at the end. She was sad, something was said, then they were all smiling?

    • hns4ever

      I “think” at the end, the girl (which I believe is really a guy)was sad that she didn’t get a Birkin. Therefore, Jane said she was going to get the girl some medicine. So of course, the sad girl was saying she’s ok as she was just kidding. Great video! :grin:

  • estella149

    :sad: Uhm.. yeah.. I think I probably would have been crying with the drag queen.

  • karry kasim

    i dont get it… :???:

  • button

    They are not Japanese cook, they are famous japanese actor. It seems a funny video, but I don’t understand what they are talking about.

  • glossie

    the 4 ‘chef’s plus the host make up the japanese boy band SMAP. JB’s actions made me lol. thanks for posting this!

  • pinkiestarlet

    Yeah, the “cooks” belong to the most successful boy band in Japan SMAP. One of the guy (the second one, Kimura Takuya) Jane Birkin gave a kiss to has been voted the sexiest man in Japan for like 5 (or more??) years consecutively. Many girls will kill to be in her position. As for me, I will kill to be in HIS position, a Birkin from JB herself, how cool is that!

  • Mr B

    My bad Japanese tells me that the guys were looking for a more ‘manly’ version of the bag or something. Anyway, yeah like all Japanese TV it was, of course, hilarious.

  • Celes

    The Japanese boy band separated into two teams cooking for Jane Birkin and the two you’ve seen in the video got Jane’s vote as favorite. So the two birkins are gifts for the winning side. Jane gave the purple one to Kimura Takuya and the other one to Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (sorry don’t know the correct name of those colours). Jane told them they can swap if they like. They Jane started sign the birkins and the kimura and tsuyoshi got into a fight because kimura wants the brownish one and tsuyoshi wanted to know the reason before swap (think you won’t interested in this bit). Anyway, Kimura Takuya asked if it’s ok for a guy to carry a Birkin. That’s way Jane Birkin started to jump on the Birkin! I guess she was trying to make the bag looked beaten up and hence cooler for a guy. I guess she suggested to use oil to create the used effect too. At the end, the guy from the losing side dressed up as a girl and pretended to be sad cos he lost. Jane then went back trying to get him some med to help him. The guy told her he’s joking after realising he’s not getting a birkin after all.

    I hope this makes sense! Thanks for the link!

  • TropicalGal

    Jane is totally uber cool! She knows that a used Birken is THE look to have. That’s why she’s so cool. I agree with her. I don’t baby my bags, I use and enjoy them. There’s always another handbag out there to buy and enjoy. Handbags are NOT a spectator sport! Use them or lose them, as the saying goes!

    • william

      Worn in birkins do look much better than the pristine, stuffy ones.. but it PAINED me to watch those bags be treated so. Regardless, they are certainly made to take a beating.

  • glossie

    oops so many typo errors in my post. thanks for the translation, Celes! i laughed v hard when she smeared her hand on their faces and ‘transferred’ the *grime* onto the bags. lol.

    i’d have chosen the camel colour myself. i have a friend who worships kimura, haha.

  • anti-fashionist

    It’s a handbag. What-the-fuck-ever. :eek:

    • william

      Birkins cost upwards of $8,000; jumping on a Birkin is like taking a metal bat to a cheap car’s windshield.

    • LilyBird

      and you’re reading this blog because…why??? :lol:

  • misswhitelily

    It was pure pain to see her jump on the bags, but she has a point…they should be used!! :lol:

  • PurseFanatic

    I love Janes point. It’s a handbag, USE IT! If you can’t afford another one then don’t buy the first one!

  • Aniferin

    :shock: Oh at first i was in shock!!!! I have the “Gold” Birkin and it felt like it was mine being jumped on!! I do find it funny in one way, and in another way it hurts. :sad:
    I totally agree that a Birkin should be used, but…. not by jumping on it with dirty shoes.

  • shelly

    jane was telling everyone, that is goal of how birkin looks like, the gold key of a nice birkin is looks old and messy. believe it or not! :smile:

  • my new bag

    She is cool

  • hermesfab

    This video is no longer available do you know where i can find it?