Hermes lovers rejoice. Jean Paul Gaultier is back in action and rocks your cravings for new orange boxes. The theme? We travel far into the Wild West and meet the new cowgirl chic. Tiedye croc, lots of suede fringe, cowboy boots, total americana style. Nothing outrageous or impractical, all is still very wearable, though none of the low-profile elegance one expects from Hermes. Very gorgeous, perfectly constructed, very desirable and sophisticated.

While fashion week aimed its focus on ready-to-wear fashion, the Hermes bags and accessories were not neglected by any means. The Hermes Shoulder Kelly finally makes its debut in joint lizard skin (a new technique for this year), new Ombre Lizard accessories in form of a smaller, 23 centimeter size Medor clutch (available in Box and exotics) and new, matching gladiator heels.

Straight from the Hermes forum, we learn the following bits of information. Thanks TT!

The shoulder JPG birkin will officially be replaced by the shoulder JPG Birkin II. The bag will have two pockets inside (one meant to be for the cell phone), the HAC style closure will be replaced by a real Birkin closure, and the bag will loose some of its width compared to the old JPG Shoulder birkin in order to fit better under the arm.

The shoulder Kelly we saw in the show IS BEING PRODUCED, and as a matter of fact they already ordered some for next S/S 09. It will be made in Taurillon clémence, in more or less all the colours they do in this leather, and the lizard one was obviously just a sample for the show. I don’t know anything about SO in other leathers or exotics, sorry. It has a pocket inside, and despite what we saw in the show he told me it is as big as the JPG Soulder Birkin, he specified that the reason for wich it appears smaller is that the width has been reduced (just like in the JPG Birkin II version).

Verdict? Well done Hermes, you gave us just enough to keep my wife lusting and begging for months to come. Your devoted collectors will soon be rushing to the pinging homing beacons of their favorite boutiques to lust and acquire. Resistance is futile.

YouTube video of the runway show below:

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