Hermes Kelly Long Wallet

Time to put an end to the suspense. We previously teased you with the orange box, now it’s time to show off the goods. This being Megs’ first dive into Hermes exotics, the Hermes Kelly Long Wallet (officially: Money Holder) in orange matte alligator is the quintessential combination of skin and tone from the House of Hermes. Megs had been contemplating to go exotic with Hermes for a while – when our Hermes SA contacted us and we learned about this beauty’s immediate availability, there was not much hesitation. The wallet is made from matte Mississippi alligator and dyed in Hermes’ signature orange color. The gator version is denoted by the small square printed by the Hermes logo. This exotic skin is mainly reserved for Hermes’ smaller leather goods, larger bags are very rare in alligator.

This Kelly Long variety also comes in other leathers. It is available in mysore goatskin, box calf and epsom calfskin in a broad variety of colors. Prices for the regular leather versions range around $2,350. Needless to say, this exotic version is a wee bit more expensive. Inquire with your local Hermes boutique if interested.

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Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in orange, matte alligator Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in orange, matte alligator

Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in orange, matte alligator Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in orange, matte alligator

Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in orange, matte alligator Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in orange, matte alligator

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  • Trixy

    It’s so beautiful! Ahhh.
    I love the signature orange — great choice!

  • mlbags

    I’m beyond words for this beauty!
    Truly gorgeous!
    Congratz Megs. Lucky lucky you.

    • mansour

      Hi have seen similar ones at our HERMES SHOP in bahrain (Middle East).. a true beauty. They had three .. one in croco orange, coco red and another one in leather …
      Cannot wait for my HAC in tobago red… still only 3 months to go …

  • william

    The skin is absolutely flawless! This is *quite* an impressive wallet; looks perfect for evening, too. The color will contrast nicely with the blue jean birkin.

  • Fashion Critic


    I can mentally smell how good the leather :lol:

  • pinkdiamond

    Just beautiful. The colour, the skin…’s pure class. And what an amazing engagement ring. You are a lucky girl!

  • farakhan

    WOW it is simply , Congrats Meg, im sooooooooooo jeaous!!

  • Mischa Barton

    OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATZ MEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Faints*

  • Anilu Magloire

    Absolute perfection.

  • sugarscrub

    Oh my GOd! I’m speechless!!! :smile:

  • sweetea

    OMG! Congrats Megs! What a beauty and a perfect choice!!!

  • MiaT

    Congratulations! It is stunning.

    I’m intrigued by this type of skin! I thought Hermès only sold two types of croc – the Australian Porosus and the Niloticus crocodile from Africa. Pardon my ignorance about the line itself and I’m new to the forum. :oops: But I’ll have to search for this skin in the folrum links. It’s fascinating.

    Now I’ve got something else on my “dream / wish list”!

    Please keep us posted – like how much you can carry in it, how it holds up, etc.

    • Hermes uses Mississippi Alligator, which has scales that are typically larger and not as even as crocodile. They use it in many of their small leather goods, but it is STUNNING!!!

      • Mia

        Hermes uses Mississippi Alligator, which has scales that are typically larger and not as even as crocodile. They use it in many of their small leather goods, but it is STUNNING!!!

        Oh thank you Megs! I did not know that. It shows the quality of Hermes that as this Mississippi Alligator has larger scales – look how even it looks on the wallet! I’m even more surprised that they would use this on smaller leather good, rather than the bags themselves. Interesting.

        Thank you again for the lesson! And for showing me something I didn’t know I now cannot live without! :wink:

  • diane

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE this – will it hold a blackberry pearl???

    • We will take some pictures of how much it can hold easily. I carry an iPhone, so I will place that in it and lip gloss and cards so you can all see. It is quite spacious!

  • cindy

    Congtats Megs, that’s one beautiful wallet.

  • susan

    i am consumed with envy. congrats! it’s beautiful!!

  • Tash

    I’m speechless!!! Big congrats Megs….you lucky, lucky girl!!! If there’s ever a time you don’t use it….you can toss it over to me!! :grin:

  • Pursegrrl

    Wow, now that OOZES class…just like the owners!! Congrats, Megs and Vlad!

  • Lynda

    Holy Toledo! What a work of art and sooo perfect in that orange color! Congrats Meg, and thanks for sharing with us!!!

  • mette

    A lovely wallet. Perhaps I´d prefer an other color.but this orange is so Hermes.

    • Oh mette, you are known to being hard to please. :wink:

  • Dee

    :shock: That is a one beautiful wallet! WOW.

  • ckie

    amaaazing wallet!!! AND amaaazing engagement ring! congrats! :razz:

  • sarah

    This is the most stunning wallet I have ever laid my eyes on!!!!!!! The alligator is stunning!

  • Anna

    That is a lovely wallet! I haven’t ever LOVED Hermes, but thst might change my mind…

    • This wallet truly is a show stopper and a stunner! I stare at its beauty and can not believe it is mine! Hermes does exotic skins amazingly along with colors… worth looking into!

  • boludatotal


  • Nicholai


  • Balthus

    Stunning. Love it. Congrats!

  • michelle

    I own this wallet but mine is leather and black. I love, love, love mine, but your is just gorgeous!! I sold all of my other wallets (Chanel, Bottega, LV) on Ebay. There was no need to look any further for the perfect wallet!!!

  • my new bag

    hmmm what a lucky lady to have such a great job that fills that joy place
    with the passion for bags et al. Enjoy!

  • Jen

    That is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on!!!!! You are SOOOO lucky!!!

  • alvin nathaniel

    congrats on your buy! the color and skin is just divine!

    love your diamond too :D

  • dimon

    Its stunning. Do you think you’ll use it as a clutch by itself? I’d be afraid of it swimming aound in any bag other than your Hermes. It will look wonderfully chic in there.
    Congratulations on a savvy purchase!

  • dyjann

    mamamia! what a wallet!

  • H

    That is absolutely stunning! Congrats, Megs! If I could get that skin in shiny/patent black, I would jump at the chance and use it as an evening clutch for all my black-tie events!

    Megs, do you plan on using this as an everyday wallet or as a clutch? Please let us know how the leather holds up, it looks divine and should be just as sturdy as everything else Hermes makes. Congrats again, you have amazing taste! :)

    • I am going to use this as a clutch. Vlad and I will photograph it today with my cell phone, lip gloss, and cards inside to show how spacious it is!

  • maggi


    Took my breath away.

  • Kinny

    Do they have one in Bordeaux? Will get it even if I will never have that much in cash inside my wallet ever!!! :lol: It is sooo beautiful!

  • Liz

    That is seriously the most stunning thing I have ever laid my eyes on! And the photos are out of this world!!!!

    • Well thank you very much!

  • Jahpson

    that is gorgeous!!

  • Natalie

    Wow, it’s gorgeous!!!!!!!! Congrats.

  • tina

    holy smokes! she is TDF!!! simply gorgeous and awesome choice of leather and color! Bravo and well done! She’s a beauty and your so lucky Megs!! so jealous here!!!

  • Barb

    Wow she is a beauty! Great color (I love a colored wallet), love the exotic alligator-crocs. I guess it goes back to my childhood and my stepmom’s croc handbag. I loved that bag. Would die for it today. Great photos, too. I’m just green with envy.

  • MizzJ

    Beautiful! I love the way the alligator looks and the color just makes this purse so perfect and unique. Great buy!

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    beautiful color. i saw it in the store the other day in normal leather and it was gorgeous already.

  • Angie

    So…does that thing go for about $10k? It’s beautiful, yes, but wow. I could get a couple of credit cards paid off with what it cost.

  • lutfiah

    :grin: :razz: :roll: :wink: so classic and nice colour… romantic to dinner party…..

  • bags07



  • louise

    that is just elegant… and wow what perfect pictures!

  • Kelly_Birkin

    Megs, simply to die for!!

  • sari_luna

    OH GOD. That is beautiful! The orange color is so vibrant and quite possibly one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid my eyes on. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It has definitely made my love for Hermes skyrocket to an all-time high.

    Just when I couldn’t get enough of their Birkin bags, they came out with this. It’s incredibly, incredibly beautiful. The leather is absolute perfection. This wallet is so delectable! And the photos are astounding! It really brought out the beauty of the wallet in such a beautiful way. I love it!

    Congratulations on the purchase. Enjoy her well! I cannot wait to see how it holds up. Take care. :razz:

  • Raspberry

    I love your wallet =) What an amazing choice. I wouldn’t have thought about asking for that colour in croc. I went out to Hermes yesterday to ask about that wallet. SA agreed with me that you have fantastic taste.

  • Nor E

    Hmmm…very very delicious….Now my love turns to Hermes but…oh it’s gonna burn my pocket!!!!

  • lipvixen

    Help me decide!!! This or the pink alligator Ricky?

  • pursefan

    Everything (positive) has been said already and I do feel kind of stupid for posting my congrats to this beautiful piece so late, but hey – better late than never. It truly is a classy piece of art. I´m new to this forum and very glad I found it :smile: I´ve been strolling and reading through this place and I really appreciate your efforts, knowledge and obvious love of beautiful accessories.

  • Jimmy

    This might be the most beautiful wallet I have ever laid my eyes on. The colour is an outstanding knock-out and I can really feel the touch of the leather. Congratulations!

  • Beautiful! I don’t know if I’d be too crazy on the straps that have to be undone every time you open/close the bag, but it’s beautiful.

  • birkinlover

    amzing does anyone know what color is Sauve can you please let me know
    many thanks.

  • jratnawati


    It’s gorgeous

  • Mechele

    Have anyone ever purchased Hermes handbags and scarfs from ? why are they so cheap?

  • looloo

    holy shmoly! what a beauty… sigh. one of these days…

    oh, and mechele, if it’s so cheap, it’s fake. in the world of designer handbags, if it seems to good to be true, it is. the fact that it’s “edhardychina” selling “hermes” should be a dead giveaway.

  • KathGrace

    What a lovely, lovely bag

  • casy

    nice wallet, but you shouldve gotten a manicure to match!

  • G. Gonzalez

    The Hermes Kelly Long Wallet is great! Anything Hermes is worth having. I love all the Hermes line. The wallet is great for busy moms or the working women. It is perfect to carry your must haves and not be toting around a large purse. It is even great for those who like to go to clubs or a nice restaurant. It can fit perfectly in your lap or you can hold it in your hand on the dance floor.

  • gemma

    OMG guys, it’s so pretty! I suggest everyone buy it NOW. I have it in red, black, blue and orange! It is absolute! With the Kelly bag!

  • ihey

    an hermes alligator and a diamond ring, wow just can’t ask for more!

  • i one

    wowwwwww kerennnnnnnnnnnn

  • longchamp

    Holy H, this is a beauty and the creative but simple pix do this wallet justice. Congrats!!

  • Jem

    I adore the orange!! What a stunning shade! :-D

  • Lydia

    Where can I buy this wallet? Thanks.

  • Abbi

    im drooling here…one day i will own that wallet to go with my kelly bag! (ive alreaddy chosen the colour and type of leather isnt that sad! :P )
    love the photos! :D

  • OY

    It’s sooo pretty! I’m not a great fan of orange. But its a stunning wallet! (ipad)

  • mritunjay

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  • it is nice ,i bought it from one chinese ,, about 35euro ,good quality

  • K

    The blogger is Irish. Am I right ?