hermes fall 2008
1) 35cm Shiny Black pororus Croc Birkin with White Gold Hardware
2) 22cm Chocolate Togo So Kelly with PHW (it’s said that only Togo will be used in AW2008)
3) 35cm Etoupe Togo Birkin with PHW

Hermes tuned in to their subtle side; not offering anything on the runway that brought a new and wacky punch, but offering us a taste of refined style that they are known for. Coats and jackets took precedence on the Paris runway, which were pulled together with oversized belts pulled tight at the waist. The color palette was monochromatic yet timeless. There was a sense of stability during the show, as the models gracefully made their way down the runway accessorized with knit caps and scarves. The handbags stayed true to Hermes, but added an urban chic touch with the reinterpreted Hermes Kelly worn as a messenger bag at the hip, named the Hermes Jypsiere. Many say Hermes played it safe, but it was more about being classic than safe to me. The Hermes Fall 2008 line is timeless, just as the brand itself.

hermes runway handbags
4) Hermes Jypsiere in Suede Crocodile ( it is unsure if this will make it in the actual production as it is not durable nor practical)
5) 37cm Graphite Clemence Jypsiere with PHW
6) 34cm Parchmein Clemence Jypsiere with PHW

herms fall 2008 bags
7 ) 34cm Vert Olive Clemence Jypsiere with PHW
8 ) Semi Matte Havanna Croc Porosus Hermes Kelly Pochette with PHW
9 ) 50cm Graphite Clemence Birkin with PHW

*A special thanks to MrsS and L for helping identify the bags!*

Images via Style

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  • jane

    WOW :shock:

  • merve

    i agree timeless

  • Joyce

    Both the shinny black and the matte havanna croc just purly ‘drool-worthy’! :cool:

  • kelly ty

    These bags are beautiful! In my opinion, absolutely nothing compares to Hermes…So chic!

  • Elaine

    The Jipsy is sort of cute/different, but if the clasp/flap combination operate like Birkin flap, and with the Jipsy flap being so long, I could see that one being a logistical nightmare to get in and out of. For what any Hermes bag costs, I don’t want to do battle getting into it.

    I’ll reserve final opinions after our H boutique gets one in and I can play with it first. :wink:

  • asil

    i know…WOW…soo rich

  • mette

    Bags 4to9 look nice ,ageless. Bags 1to3 are a somewhat too serious .

  • Viviana

    I was wondering approximately how much the Semi Matte Havanna Croc Porosus Hermes Kelly Pochette would cost. Thanks!

    • Joyce

      I visited a H boutique in Las Vegas one month ago and the same Semi Matte Havanna Croc Porosus Hermes Keyy Pochette was sitting in the shelf looking at me, she costs USD$29,500. :shock:

  • Marissa Cooper

    I’m drooling over the last one :D~~~

  • Big Pearls

    I want a birkin so badly..dunno what to do!

  • my new bag

    I love that finally, there is a Birkin like shoulder bag, however the long flap looks useless
    and difficult . We all know where our Birkin flaps live….[inside]
    I want one, but will wait and hope they someday release a standard flap size, then this
    would rock sooooomuch.
    Having a nice 35mm Birkin gives me that luxury of waiting.

  • I want a Birkin

    I want a Birkin too…have been popping into the H boutique so many times to ask if the waiting list is open but to no luck. I guess I shall plan for a trip to Paris……Purseblog, any suggestions to offer?

  • Jahpson

    I dont even like Hermes but those colors are undeniable.

    but why fall? isnt spring about to arrive or are they early?

    • Sarah B

      Hermes is always really in advance because they like to do things differently. For example their sale in June for example (only in Paris but not anywhere near their shops) sells winter products and vice versa. It is a bit annoying as you have to plan so far ahead but thats the ways it goes!

  • LVowner

    Classique Imtemporel!!je l’adore

  • ThePreppyCowgirl

    Is it Jipsy or Gypsy? I’ve seen both now… :?: Thanks!

  • Sarah B

    I adore the croc Kelly Pochete – it is SO beautiful I could just cry.
    In answer to the lists I don’t know about the US but in London I believe the lists open in April and Oct or Nov for the Kelly anyway. I ordered my Kelly last Nov and she arrived in April.
    The best idea is to go in there regularly, target a shop assistant that seems nice and start to buy little things always from the same person like the scarfs, pochette scarfs, perfume, presents etc so that they can see you are a Hermes Girl. You can always buy another bag first (I bought the Hare bag first on the advice of a french friend who started me on Hermes) which you will wear when you go to put yourself on the list and to ask advice such as the week it opens (very important) as all the colours etc are often chosen by the buyer for each shop so if you want a chamonix leather for example you may have to be quick depending on the buyers taste.
    They really want to know that you are committed to the brand and are not just after a Birkin only because that is the thing to do. :smile: I hope this helps.

  • Kelly_Birkin

    I wonder when we’re going to see some So Kelly reveals on the forum? I like the shape of that bag for some reason.

  • no name

    I see a very good hermes bags in paris with diamond around it

    and it cost


    $200,000 wow perfect to perfect to see :shock: :shock:

  • birkinluver

    read bringing home the birkin if u want one…..



    • Leilanieluvhermes

      I got my 1st hermes bag, black jypsiere messenger. Quite heavy to carry but good feeling to have it!!!

    • DMG

      I got one a few months ago in dark brown. I love it but it is very heavy. So, it’s hard to put a lot in it. But it’s so worth it. It goes with so many outfits and looks chic during the day but not over-done. I think the Birkins are beautiful but look too mature on young girls and sometimes over-done. I love the Gypsy bag!

  • Mrs. W

    I just bought one….grey color..quite cute ^^

  • kelly lover


    i just wanna ask you .. where can i find kelly bag for sale.. !!

    or i heve to be in list ??

  • Idleh

    Hello dear ladys!

    I`m one of you – I`m desireing Hermes world :) Now I started to find Hermes bag (Jypsiere and Picotin style). I`m living in country, where is chance to find nice bag quite hopeless. Thats why I started my search from e-shops. Now I have lot of questions. As I`m understand – all of you are quite good experts about Hermes bags! Can You give me some smart clue`s , how to recognized original Hermes bag! Example, what do You thing about this bag –

    Thank you for sharing information and next interest news about bagsworld :)


  • Bruna

    Fashion handbags.
    Thank you for useful information.