hermes fall 2008
1) 35cm Shiny Black pororus Croc Birkin with White Gold Hardware
2) 22cm Chocolate Togo So Kelly with PHW (it’s said that only Togo will be used in AW2008)
3) 35cm Etoupe Togo Birkin with PHW

Hermes tuned in to their subtle side; not offering anything on the runway that brought a new and wacky punch, but offering us a taste of refined style that they are known for. Coats and jackets took precedence on the Paris runway, which were pulled together with oversized belts pulled tight at the waist. The color palette was monochromatic yet timeless. There was a sense of stability during the show, as the models gracefully made their way down the runway accessorized with knit caps and scarves. The handbags stayed true to Hermes, but added an urban chic touch with the reinterpreted Hermes Kelly worn as a messenger bag at the hip, named the Hermes Jypsiere. Many say Hermes played it safe, but it was more about being classic than safe to me. The Hermes Fall 2008 line is timeless, just as the brand itself.

hermes runway handbags
4) Hermes Jypsiere in Suede Crocodile ( it is unsure if this will make it in the actual production as it is not durable nor practical)
5) 37cm Graphite Clemence Jypsiere with PHW
6) 34cm Parchmein Clemence Jypsiere with PHW

herms fall 2008 bags
7 ) 34cm Vert Olive Clemence Jypsiere with PHW
8 ) Semi Matte Havanna Croc Porosus Hermes Kelly Pochette with PHW
9 ) 50cm Graphite Clemence Birkin with PHW

*A special thanks to MrsS and L for helping identify the bags!*

Images via Style

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