hermes croc birkin

The Hermes Birkin is the holy grail of bags. While I feel lucky to own my Hermes Birkin in Blue Jean, it is evident that many are hugely ahead of me when it comes to collecting Hermes bags. As I dream of owning a croc Birkin someday, I find pleasure in drooling over others croc bags. Hermes does crocodile like no other designer, showing perfect attention to detail in every stitch and using the best exotics. A member of our forum, WhiteBirkin, has an astounding Hermes collection. Her two new editions have my heart. She picked up a 30cm Rouge Vif Nilo Birkin and 30cm Blue Jean Porosus Birkin. The Porosus crocodile comes from Australia while the Niloticus crocodile comes from Africa. These crocodiles meet Hermes standards and go on to make the most stunning bags. My only problem is deciding which of these bags I love more, I am stumped!

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  • PJH

    OMG! I am feverishly trying to snag a Birkin. I don’t own one, had the opportunity for one a few weeks ago, but couldn’t afford it! Drama. Anyway, this is are so gorgeous. What a way to start my day! :) The 30cm Blue Jean Porosus Birkin is my favorite! That color is so fascinating and complex.

  • kiwishopper

    I am new here, Hi (wave). I love the purple one. If I ever get lucky enough to buy a Birkin’s, I’d go for the orange one first lol :razz: , not that I’d complain about any other colours though.

  • a.


  • Joyce

    OMG! Absolutely drool-worthy!

  • Pursechazer

    Absolutely stunning and drool worthy bags! Congrats to WhiteBirkin :razz: Enjoy them bags!!!

  • monica

    ….poveri coccodrilli…. :cry:

  • Miss_white_lily


  • dimon

    Are Birkin bags simply status symbols now? While I love all the quality and workmanship that goes into these Crocodile Birkin bags, I am wondering if other women my age (45) feel at all that the style of a Birkin or a Kelly is best suited to a younger woman? Does the style of handbag you carry age you?Although I collected structured lady-like bags in my 20’s and early 30’s, I now feel that I like softer styles, say for example Hermes’ Lindy or even the Paris-Bombay. One other question and PLEASE somebody comment. When we see comments that this brand or that brand has ripped-off or copied the Birkin or Kelly style I’m often bewildered because when I look at old movies from the 30s, 40s, 50s, it seems that all the handbags ladies carried were more or less in the structured style of a kelly, weren’t they? Anybody agree or disagree? Maybe this needs to be moved to the purse forum, sorry admins.

    • pursefan

      I seriously hope you keep checking, whether anybody commented this, otherwise I´ll once again feel really stupid. Anyway – I don´t think carrying Birkins or Kellys will make you age. It really depends on the leather, the colour and the rest of your clothes though. And of course you shouldn´t wear them all “zipped up”, but the typical slouchy way and maybe add a twilly or one of the short silk scarves/carrées. I think they look absolutely time- and or ageless when worn with a pair of nice straight jeans, a white blouse and a pair of chic loafers. (Sharon Stone or Elle McPherson are often seen in that style). Now to your other question: I don´t watch these kind of movies, so I´m afraid I can´t be a big help there. All I know is, that the Hermes-Kelly has already been made for a very long time (20´s or 30´s) and was originally thought to be a bag for horse-stuff or even a saddle bag (I dont´remember it perfectly but it was something like that). I guess, there weren´t too many big “bag-makers” then, so they all kind of copied from each other. The Hermes Kelly just became the most famous one. We all know why. They can´t patent the shape anyway and even though I´m really against “brand”-copies, I don´t find anything wrong with copying the shape of a bag every now and then, especially since shapes and sizes are somewhat limited. Look at gucci – one of their new ones looks a lot like the speedy and there is one other bag (sorry, not time for name-research), that seems to be kind of an Hermes-Copy (Jackie O. wore that one a lot). Most “birkin or kelly-stlye bags” running around look cheap though, so I´d rather go with the original. :smile: PS: The Lindy is a real cool bag and there is no need for excuses. Since this post is four months old, you´ve probably already bought one and I really hope you enjoy it…

  • Jen

    The ostrich is better.

  • Amelia


  • Lori

    To Dimon, I agree that handbags did seem to be more structured in the movies 30s 40s 50s. It seems the current style now is to be more structured also, look at the YSL styles that are very popular, they are definitely more structured. I am just a little younger than you and I like carrying structured bags they are very stylish and I also carry softer styles depending on what I feel like. I don’t think a handbag ages you at all.

  • Roxana

    Oh I like that blue one!

    I honestly think that the croc birkins are the prettiest Hermes bags around… :razz:

  • whitebirkin

    Oh Megs… I saw it!!! Unbelievable…My goodness!!! I’m SO excited!! Thank you for posting it so beautifully! I’m honored to have it posted on the main page!!!!

  • mette

    LOVELY BAGS and the colors are great.A croc bag would make me very happy!

  • mette

    Comment to DIMON: Personally I think that these Hermes Kellys and Birkins would better suit a bit older ladies. Come on,where in the world do young girls even afford a real Hermes bags?

  • iHave3birkins=]

    O M F G!!!
    i have 3 birkins.
    a lizard one, a red one, and a black one that my grandma
    gave me when i was 17. =]

  • iHave3birkins=]

    comment to mette and dimon: yeah mette is right. its better for older ladies. i mean like unless your a young celeb like say Lindsey Lohan(has an orange and jean colour birkins) people would just think it was fake.

  • MissLoveChanel

    Both of these bags are FABULOUS!!!!! Croc Birkins are the most drool-worthy bags in the world, imo. Next time I have tens of thousands of extra $ just lying around I’ll buy one for myself! Congrats to WhiteBirkin-Enjoy!!!

  • angelika

    I have both niloticus and porosus, a 35cm shinny braise porosus, a 35cm havanna matte porosus and my prefered a niloticus 35 cm shinny black. the niloticus is smoother and easy to open compare to the porosus hard and stronger to open.
    I think.

    but the style is fun for the 2 crocs.

  • Grace


    What value would the Blue Jean Leather Birkin be … never used and still in it’s beautiful Herme’s box!

  • vavavoom

    i like both, they are all fab! btw, can anybody help me to find out if the inside lining material of the latest HERMES Croc Birkin Bag still uses the same leather material (suede) like the one used in Hermes Croc birkin bags from the previous years? Or they use different kind leather like plain grain leather? i do appreciate and thank you for your help!

  • sm

    i wanna the know the price PLz :oops:

  • Chuck

    Get a life. Hermes bags are a waste. Give your money to help poverty.

  • laprns

    I have the green alligator Birkin-belonged to my Aunt and I cherish it. She never used it and gave it to me since I adore it. This is the nicest item I own and I do use it but not often.

  • nicky

    Oh god.. the blue/blue-green-ish bag is amazing .. i’m inlovee :X

  • jenny

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