Hermes - Build Your Own Kelly

I may blame today’s activity to the current boredom in my life. With the fiancee gone, I have nobody to waste time with and the usually desired alone time became a bit too much. I also partially blame the boredom on having just moved down to Florida not too long ago, most of my buddies are still up in Ohio.

While chatting with Megs over iChat (what would we do without the modern technology that is the Internet), she pointed out this interesting little gizmo that was going to break the chains of boredom off my neck and engulf me in pre-schoolish activity for the day. How sweet of her to think of me that way.

Hermes Paper KellyWhat Meaghan pointed me to was a new feature on the Hermes US web site, called Les Ailes d’Hermes, the wings of Hermes. The animated micro site allows you to discover and travel the world of Hermes. You learn about the origins of box calf, the complex coloring of their iconic scarves, you see a glove crafter work the smooth leather, there’s mini-games and much more. The part that transformed me back to being a 6 year old was the I want it, I’ll have it feature. It allows you to pick between 8 different Kelly motifs, download it as a PDF, print it at home and assemble your own mini-Kelly. How fun. If it only wasn’t for me being entirely finger challenged when it comes to fine crafting. Paper is quite delicate, which I learned the hard way. On my first attempt I miserably failed to follow the primitive instructions, folding where I was supposed to cut and vice versa. Eventually, I got her done and the result is displayed above. Click the thumb to enlarge the image. Good job me? A new sense of accomplishment fills my life.

Check it out for yourself, it’s a fun little time waster and a great way to bridge the time that you spend waiting for your own, real life Hermes Kelly bag.

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  • Eponine03

    That is sooooo perfect!!! I’m going to be crafting tonight :razz:

    I got my mom an Hermes Twilly for Mother’s Day, so now I can tuck the little orange box inside this instead of a gift bag!! Genius!

    • Eponine03

      Ok, much smaller than expected. Darn!

  • luvhautecouture

    your kelly looks great! I think I’m gonna go get some scissors

  • Colleen

    that’s adorable! i can’t wait to make one…or three…

  • longchamp

    Ah enjoyed the post, thanks for sharing!!!

  • misswhitelily

    That is sooo cute! Now i know what to do this weekend… :lol:

  • Mid-

    Oooohhhh, that looks so fun!! Thanks Vlad!!

  • pjh

    I love this part of the Hermes website. I printing out the blank one and drawing my own design on it. :) I am becoming more and more obsessed with Hermes. I only own some soap and a bottle of perfume right now, but come my birthday, June 29, I am going straight to the Hermes Rodeo Drive boutique and I am buying something. And I’ll call it lovely. :) Hermes forever!

  • tine

    their site is really great! can’t wait to makes these for my daughters! Thanks Vlad!

  • GeorgiaT

    LOL! Great job Vlad!

  • kq

    ooh, i’m totally doing this now!! i’ll tell you guys the results once it’s done! :grin:

  • golelen

    I have got to make one of these. I think Hermes rocks anyway. I’ve seen a lot of bags and I just like the way Hermes looks.

  • jenlovesbags

    How cute is that!?!?! Very impressive, Vlad!

  • Cat

    When I read the headline I got scared…I was wondering if this was Hermes’ answer to the “paint it yourself” Fendi Artist Baguette! I was so happy to learn I was wrong! I do love the bag you made! :lol:

  • luvhautecouture

    when i printed the bag,my initial reaction was similar to zoolander’s after he sees the models for the “center for children who can’t read good”… haha

    and is it sad that I find the directions a little intimidating… i think im going to mess up!!

  • Kelly_Birkin

    Vlad, you did a great job!!
    I’m sure Megs loves it. :)

  • Daniela

    That was great Vlad, THANKS! I totally did it too! I have to say, yours looks way better than mine :wink:

  • luvhautecouture

    Yeah… seriosuly don’t underestimate the skill it needs to make one of these!!

    If i wasn’t making it for my mom for M-day, I would’ve stopped halfway through!!

    Not to mention I didn’t realize that the little one was just instructions so I cut that one out and used an exacto-knife to cut the little blue lines on that one too!!

    Can we have a thread in the forum where we show our creations? I personalized mine and I want to show everyone! haha

    • You should totally start a thread on it in the forum!!!

  • kq

    so i made 2…. and they were amazingly fun! i never thought it was possible to be addicted to a paper purse……

    yeah i didn’t realize the little one was instructions for my first one either (and i assembled it too!!)
    it’s cute size wise but it was a hassle to make!

    • luvhautecouture

      I made a post with my Kelly and I wanna see yours!!

      my post is in the Hermes forum.. come showcase yours too!!

  • lepip

    love it! downloaded the blank one, cant wait to start!

    • viganda

      Sorry to disturb you. But I really want the patter of the bag.
      It’s not available for download now.
      Could you please email to me.
      Thank you so much.

  • Anyone else make any???

  • Renier (clearstatic)

    :twisted: :twisted: megs, you need to see mine, its the one with the trees!

    I’ll take it to the bbq! ;) lol.

  • idol bag

    seriosuly don’t underestimate the skill it needs to make one of these!!

    If i wasn’t making it for my mom for M-day

  • vainmodel

    Hi! do you have all the patterns for this? I’m looking for all the patterns for my invitation for my birthday, unfortunately, hermes already changed their DIY into bracelet. hope you still have it!

    please do email me.

  • WazyRepay

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  • Mepo

    i got the white one, but i also would like to make the finished designs….

    does somebody have them?