Hermes 30 cm Gold Togo Birkin

Daily I dream of my first Hermes Birkin or Kelly. This dream is a long and old dream, but it is coming a bit closer to reality this year (heck, even today ;-) ). Learning more about the colors, materials, hardware, and sizes of Hermes is challenging, but is a very specific art form for many. Luckily, so many members of the Hermes Forum have beautiful bags they are willing to share pictures of.

I have to wipe drool away from under my mouth when shown this stunning bag! This Hermes 30 cm Gold Togo Birkin is owned by our member Wispa777. Below are some specs on this stunning bag!!

Some details on the bag:

Size: 30cm
Color: Gold
Hardware: Ruthenium
Leather: Togo

Do you feel the Hermes itch???

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  • Emma MSL

    I itch! Thats the exact bag and color I want. Although I’ve told myself that it will be that much better to have one when I’m a glamorous old lady.

  • Emma, we will be glamorous old ladies together, although by old, I mean getting one this year ;-)

  • I know this is an “it” bag – expensive and on a lot of wish list. BUT I still don’t get it, there is nothing special about how it looks except that a lot celebrities have it and it gets a lot of press. Maybe in a few years I’ll “get it” and then wish I have one.

  • fashion in the making

    Same here I don’t get it, I mean I am in the process of fashion designing and what I see is a regular handbag, I mean nothing to it, its time for Hermes to design something new not same pattern bag. All they do is change the color wow it bag hahahahah

  • catherine

    I in love with this Hermes bag. But, cannot afford it. :razz:

    • christina

      i have the same exact purse with the matching not a fashion person so i have no use for it

    • dee

      Im in love too but can never ever afford. If anyone who wants to donate,pls drop me an email…thank u so much!

  • Regi

    Does anyone know what would be the actual price for this bag?

  • Gary

    For the above people who want a “different bag” go shop at Louis Vuitton or Versace.

    Hermés is NOT about overly showy bags, nor is it about having 20 external zipped compartments.

    Hermés is about quality and functionality. Hermés make their items to work and to last, and I am yet to find a fashion house that succeeds in that task with such style and grace as Hermés do, year after year.

    All those who are clients of Hermés will know what I mean. :o)

  • thefashionscientist

    i agree with Gary!

  • ruthie

    Have any of you guys had trouble with the wear and tear on the handles of this great bag? I’ve got the gold togo 30cm and the handles are showing some discolor…any suggestions?

  • Nicole

    oh god quality & functionality…well i admit it has good quality but so do other fashion houses that make awesome quality handbags, a purse is a purse, how long can it last? you see people with problems on discoloration and stuff like that on the bag…talking about functionality, unless you’re referring to Victoria Beckham who carrys her Birkin as a diaper bag LOL it’s always the media that exaggerates and makes something worth $500 jacking up to $5g or even more! :lol:

  • Sally

    how much are the hermes kelly bag? or other hermes bag? thank u

  • christina

    i have the same exact purse with the matching wallet.i have no use for it

  • nancy

    meg, i have a question…i was offered a 32 Kelly gold Togo…. I was the wondering how different togo can be. The one I am having with smooth grain…..not so what togo skin like….rough surface….My friend claims it is real…n there are many types of grain in togo….thank you for soving my bewilderement…..

  • nancy

    i was told that there are big and small grain and also like a vein grain. so is there any big grain orange skin but smooth?? or it was being used couple times….but indeed it is a lovely gold kelly with gold hardware.. pls help…

  • lori kae hairston

    I purchased this very same bag after a divorce; my son affectionately calls it my “alimony bag”. I, on the other hand, call it by “baby”. It is currently adorned with a twilly and soon with a new cadena, in palladium, of course. I also am fortunate enough to own “baby’s cousin” a brighton bleu kelly who has also found a fond place in my heart. Still holding out for a rouge birkin, 35 (funds wise).

    To all of you hoping to have one — I too, will be wishing for you and those that have ENJOY!

  • Hermes Birkin

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  • Trendybaggie

    I was offered this bag today and was undecided because ofnthe palladium hardware. I was hoping to get a gold hardware for gold Togo as it looks more classy. After reading so many positive comments here, I am seeing it’s beauty…

  • Naggy

    I love the flap; it is what carries that bag. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    itch itch itch itch !!
    oh when will this itch goes away!
    thanks for sharing, miss Wispa777! (ipad)