Few pieces in fashion cause more chatter or stronger feelings than the iconic Hermes Birkin. The look, the price, the exclusivity – love it or hate it, the bag is an attention-grabber, not to mention a beautiful piece of handbag lore. The smell coming off of a brand new leather Birkin is nearly intoxicating, and for what people pay for those bags, they probably should get you high. It’s only fair.

That being said, I’ve always had slightly mixed feelings about Hermes’s most famous bag when it comes to whether or not I want to own one myself. And as my therapist always says, it’s good to talk these things out, so join me after the jump for my personal list of pros and cons. To Birkin, or not to Birkin? That is the question.

[Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on June 15, 2011.]

The Pros:

1. The Hermes Birkin is the ultimate handbag. Whether or not you’re a fan of the design, the Birkin has a very special place in the fashion industry that doesn’t appear ready to change any time soon. And handbags are kind of my life at this point (that and Real Housewives, someone pass me a cocktail), so it seems only fitting that I acquire one at some point in the future, right?

2. Birkins come in virtually every leather and color combination imaginable. I’m a big fan of getting exactly what I want as often as possible (and although true, I’m not as insufferable as that makes me sound) and the laundry list of colors, leathers, sizes and hardwares that are available from Hermes appeals to the stickler in me. Forget about waiting until the right season for the right color – if you know who to ask and where to look, you can probably find the Birkin you want right now.

3. A Birkin is neutral, no matter what color it is. Come on, who’s going to question you for carrying Hermes? No one, that’s who. And if someone does, you can just tell yourself that she’s incredibly jealous, which might actually be true. Haters gonna hate, and they’re gonna hate on your bag. But if you spend that much money on something, you have every right to carry it as much or as little as you please. Even if you’re just running to Rite Aid to buy a candy bar and some hand soap.

4. I feel left out. I now live in a neighborhood where it seems like even the homeless people have Birkins and I’m starting to feel entitled to one. Why wasn’t I issued my Birkin upon entering the Upper East Side? Did I slip through a crack of some sort? It was surely a very expensive, well-bred crack, if that’s the case. But now that I’ve figure out that I was overlooked, someone needs to make this up to me. I’m just going to grab the next one that I see. What? That’ll get me arrested? And beaten by the NYPD, in all likelihood? Well then.

5. Take away the name and the prestige, and the Birkin is still a beautiful piece. It wouldn’t command the five-figure price tags if it weren’t. Prestige can get you a lot of places in the fashion industry, but the Birkin wouldn’t have been sustained this long (and Hermes wouldn’t still be growing rapidly year-on-year) if the construction and finishing of the bag weren’t impeccable. Even someone who’s not interested in fashion can look at a Birkin and tell that it’s a special piece. It just has that special aura about it, which is so hard to find in a day and age when nearly every manufacturer has moved to mass production.

The Cons:

1. They cost more than many used cars. As jaded as I am when it comes to prices in the fashion industry, five figures is still quite a strong pill to swallow. With tax, that’s the starting figure for a Birkin big enough to be carried as an everyday bag, and I can think of a lot of other ways to spend ten grand. I’m sure you can too, unless you’re the lucky lady who looks at $10,000 as though it’s pocket change. In that case…would you like to buy me a Birkin?

2. I don’t have much use for bags that sit in the crook of my arm. I already have a Celine Luggage Tote, which I love dearly and carry any time that I feel as though I should look extra fashionable. Other than that, I’m a shoulder bag and crossbody girl, through and through. That’s only been dialed up since I moved to the city and realized that arm-carried bags get heavier and heavier, the further you walk. Birkins are heavy to begin with and only get heavier when filled, so until I’m car-service rich, maybe I should consider an Hermes Jypsiere instead.

3. I’m not really in the Birkin demographic. Although I’ve seen many women my age carrying Birkins and I’m a firm believer that fashion has no age requirement so long as you’re self-confident, I’m not sure that the Birkin really fits my look. I’m more of a slouchy bag person, whereas the Birkin requires a certain sort of buttoned-up sophistication that I’ve yet to adopt. Perhaps if I worked in an office, I’d be ready for a Birkin. Maybe then I’d also have that law degree like my dad always wanted.

4. Everyone has one. Sadly, this con goes hand-in-hand with pro number four. I prefer to be ahead of the curve instead of behind it, and although the Birkin doesn’t really have a curve of which to speak, sometimes I feel as though buying one would be like pledging an exclusive sorority that doesn’t really need or want new members. I only lasted for a month in my actual sorority in college, but thankfully that didn’t cost as much as a Birkin would.

5. I’m a fickle pickle. $10,000 handbags really aren’t a great idea for someone who likes to follow her fashion whims. If I were to spend that much money on a handbag, I would be fresh out of whims for at least a year and probably resent my bag for killing all of my other options.

To me, I think the clear answer is that I don’t need a Birkin for a very, very long time. What about you – could you ever see yourself buying one? Already have a dozen in the closet? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Lulugurl

    Price alone pretty much guarantees that I will never own one. A BBag is about as expensive as I can go. But they are drool worthy!!!

  • mochababe73

    I agree with most of your arguments. As much as I would love to have one, my biggest reason for not getting one is price. If I had $10,000 in expendable cash, I would use it to put a down payment on a silver Range Rover.

  • binkysmom

    they are gorgeous, but not really my cup of tea. I will take a Medor clutch though!

    • chloehandbags

      Yes, I’d take one of those, too (if they were about half the price!). :D

  • JolieLaide

    This bag has been duplicated and copied by almost every brand out there. It’s that kind of thing that still cheapens it to me.

    It’s not my style and I can’t imagine it ever being so but I do agree with you there is an air of sophistication to that bag.

  • Ashleyg

    I love them, but like others (and probably more will say) that price tag gets me every single time. I’d love to have one, but I’d also love to be RICH, not wealthy, but RICH in order to justify (and not feel kinda silly) for toting something so extravagant. Not hating on any Upper East Side hobos (haha) that have one but for me, I need THE house, a couple of THE cars, no debt and then I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one of those beauties hugging the crook of my arm!

  • KoutureCrochet.com

    To me, I see something missing from the pros and cons in your list: Do you WANT one? If you don’t really love and want it, there are other bags, including many from Hermes that are simply amazing!


    • That’s what I’m not so sure of – maybe I do? Maybe I’d be better off with a Jypsiere? But a post is coming later today on what I think might be the right Hermes bag for me!

      • KoutureCrochet.com

        Personally, I think the Jypsiere is a more versatile better bag for today’s woman. My partner loves the Evelyn. But to me a smaller Jypsiere is what I would get. :) to me the birkin is TOO iconic, too expected. Unless you are getting a very exotic leather like lizard. Maybe that’s just the result of living in NYC and seeing them on many arms and hands.


  • Graciella

    I love Hermes for its quality and range of great bags – there really is an Hermes bag for everyone. However, as much as I admire its craftmanship, the Birkin is not my cup of tea, I prefer the Bolide!

    • Fiona-Brazil

      The Bolide is very classy and not so conspicuous.Nevertheless Hermes bags are all very expensive.The price range of a Bolide is just a little lower than the Birkin or the Kelly, even the Constance .

  • Fiona-Brazil

    Though choice!!!I guess Birkins are for rich ladies and/or unreasonable one’s….

  • Chels K

    I cannot imagine a situation where I’d buy a new Birkin, under any circumstances even if i was wealthy enough to afford one. It is just too extravagant. To each their own, though.

    • chloehandbags

      I know.

      Even if I suddenly woke-up to find myself a billionaire (chance would be a fine thing!), I know I would still baulk at $10,000+ for a perishable item, like a bag (even if it was one I loved).

      I’ve always had psychological limits with things.

  • Hiew Mui

    it looks like a office bag to me(although im a fashion student and know birkin’s history) and i will not spend soooo much on a office bag(even if im rich enough to buy 10 birkins everyday)

  • Purse Pixie

    I agree with how you feel and think I’m kind of in the same boat. Besides the price, my biggest hesitation is that it is just not my style right now. I love the design of the Birkin, but it would not fit well into my current wardrobe and more casual way of dressing. Maybe some day.

  • Mama M

    Birkins are not for me. Besides the fact that I would never carry a bag that cost $10,000 for fear of ruining it, that’s just too much money for one bag. The first time I spent $1,000 for a bag I got a little light-headed and didn’t carry it for 2 years. However, I have spent $10,000 on a diamond, and that didn’t bother me at all. It made my husband a little light-headed however…… :-)

  • Emily

    I love the Birkin; it is a classic bag. However, as a poor grad student, buying a Birkin would mean that I would not be able to buy any other bags for quite some time, which makes the Birkin a deal breaker for me. I also think a large part of the allure of the Birkin is the exclusivity associated with it, but as that decreases so does my fondness of the bag. I honestly prefer the Celine Luggage Tote to the Birkin and would rather splurge on that and be able to eat still.

  • Lucinda

    Dare I say it I much prefer the Kelly… but the Birkin is a truely beautiful bag. As previous posters have already said the price of these bags is entirely prohibitive, but then I suppose that’s the point, these are ultra luxury items. I think for me the Birkin is for women who are where they want to be and not women on their way there, I’m in my mid 20s and think they look out of place on girls my age, they are far more befitting of very smartly dressed 40+ women (no offence intended). I would love to own one but right now they just would not fit in with my style of my lifestyle and there are so many things I want first.

    • Purse Mommy

      I am with you Lucinda I have always loved the Kelly. Now that’s a classic

  • gpc

    Amanda, I think your cons far outweigh your pros. I love my Collier de Chien cuff, but even more so because I don’t see them EVERYWHERE. Also, with so many Birkins floating around and in the arms of just about anyone, it really leaves me questioning how many are real. I vowed to never buy a bag that was so overhyped that when I carried it, others might suspect it to be a fake. That said, I think you did very well with your choice of the Celine luggage in lipstick red than you ever would with a Birkin. If you are going to buy a Hermes bag, I would go for the Messai or Lindy.

  • CacklingHens

    Give me a Balenciaga bag any day. The have a variety of colours as well, and is closer to my price range. Still expensive but I would splurge on one.

  • Amy

    I like the Birkin, but like some others, vastly prefer the Kelly. Your comments about a bag carried in the crook of your arm getting heavier with each block….all I can say is that I am very glad for the shoulder strap on my Botkier Howard. Also, I know I will never buy an Hermes bag because they are just too expensive. I have always wanted a Kelly and thought I would get one when I “made it” but after visiting the new Chicago boutique and learning the price of the bag, I realized that I could never justify it. I have re-set my sights on either a Chanel bag or a Louis Vuitton. Both are classic, quality brands. I have been saving birthday money and hope to buy one in a couple years.

  • bb

    I own two. I don’t live in NYC so usually when I carry them nobody even knows I’m carrying a VERY expensive bag. I do get comments on how pretty they are. My gold togo 35 gets the most comments. I will admit to feeling “different” when I carry them. I have a bolide, garden party and picotin and think the bolide is the most practical for everyday use just because it can be both on the arm or use the strap. Whether or not they are your style….they are beautiful…but very expensive…and if you don’t LOVE them spend the money on things you love. Life is short only get the things YOU love, not what others tell you to love.

    • Kat

      “Life is short only get the things YOU love, not what others tell you to love.”

      Very well said, bb.

  • Kat

    The Birkin is, and I daresay never will be, not my type of bag. While I suppose that some may argue that the beauty of it is in its simplicity, I find the design to be quite bland. Even in the brightest colors, the bag looks quite “meh” to me. If it wasn’t Hermes, I probably wouldn’t give it a second look.

    That would be quite the experiment, would it? If there were an alternate universe, where bags have no brands and were all comparatively priced (ha!), and they are just what they are, would the Birkin, the Kelly, the Chanel Classic flap still reign supreme?


    • DJ

      I agree with you — Birkins are a staid design IMO, and what a pain in the butt to get in and out of.

      • poloprincess

        You must not have one! If you did you would know that the flap tucks in and you can just reach in and out at leisure, Now the Kelly on the other hand must be set down the strap removed the top lifted the bag pulled open after it has been set on a level surface of course, riffled thru since mine is black on black , then all those steps reversed to put her back together before walking out of the store. Then you also have to make sure that the shoulder strap is coiled up and held in hand to make sure it does not get caught on something. Birkins are easier, but Kellys make a bit of a more formal statement! I love them both! You can carry one for years and resell them for more than you paid for them , better investment than the bond market for me right now! Only lost about a million since August 2010 but my Birkins and Chanel bags keep on giving! and appreciating!

    • chloehandbags

      I would say no; definitely not.

      I’m all about the look and the feel (never the cache) of things and I just see Emperor’s New Clothes, when I look at them.

  • Ollie

    I’m always so torn over the Birkin – I always carry bags in the crook of my arm and I like to think I have quite a clean and formal sense of style, plus it’s been my holy grail since I was about 16…

    But is it ever really that satisfying to own your holy grail? Plus living in London I’d feel like such a target with it, I mean, having $10000 invested in a single item is so precarious to me, to think that all it takes is to spill one coffee or turn into a wrong alleyway and that it could be gone. I’ll stick with Celine for now!

  • ninjaninja

    I couldn’t even afford a used Birkin, but every time I see one in real life, I swoon!

  • Diane

    Love the look…Tried a cousin of the Birkin, which is the Lederer Town and Country bag in a size I thought I wanted. It was pretty. Realized it just wasn’t for me so I sold it on Ebay. I found it doesn’t work with my life style. I don’t run with the “ladies who lunch” crowd. I’m a working mom who runs kids around when not planted in front of her desk. Mostly I wear jeans. I live in a rural state, lots of fake bags everywhere around here. Occasional authentic LV can be spotted. If I had the 10K to spend on Hermes I still wouldn’t. I can’t spend over 1k on any bag ever. Almost pushing it at that level too.

  • newmommy_va

    I always believed that Hermes was beyond my reach and never considered adding this brand to my handbag wish list… until I started seeing them in blogs, TPF, the Galleria… now I wonder what it would be like to own one. But I’m with you on con #5 (fickle pickle). What holds me back is the fear that I wouldn’t love it as much, once owning it was a reality. And the fear that it would only be a matter of time before I’d be dreaming of acquiring yet another handbag. Of course… that’s not to say that I wouldn’t love finding this out for myself, one day!

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  • Pradameinhofgang

    Yes, the birkin is an iconic bag. i have a 30cm in Vermillion but because to me tt was a Special bag its seen the light of day for three weekends away in 4 years! like you i don’t have a high-octane lifestyle that suits the Birkin and dont want the worry of carrying a pristine, mega expensive bag daily thats gonna get shoved in my gym locker, put in the back of my double buggy and occasionally rained on with the fickle UK weather…
    i prefer my vintage Kellys for daily use, and, Amanda, don’t be fooled by the Jypsiere as a “take everywhere” option. Mine is a 34cm Barenia Toile and its HEAVY. even without anything in it you could keep your chiropractor in $$$ for years carrying it on a regular basis!!
    Basically only get one if you think you will use and love it and it fits with your lifestyle and wardrobe; otherwise theres so much more you could spend the $$$ on and get a bigger sense of satisfaction!

  • Kymmie

    I would love to walk in to my Kindergarten classroom everyday, and set a big, pink Birkin on my desk. Until then any of my Balenciagas, Chloes or Vuittons will just have to suffice!

  • Jenn-christine

    I think the Birkin is such a beautiful bag, but I agree about your demographic con. No one wants to look like LL in baggy sweats and an stretched out, leave on the floor, mis-shapen Birkin – That pic made me cringe!
    Also, the way I am about large purchases, I would feel ashamed to spend that much on a bag and prob would only admire it in my purse closet – LOL!
    I just purchased my first Maxi CC flap and I’m already worried I’m not going to use it as much because of the similar reason.
    But then again, Life is short and you should have/enjoy what you want, if you earn it :)

  • Vivid Texas

    Amanda, can’t hardly wait for your post on what Hermes will be the best for you!

    As for the Birkin, it IS my holy grail….hopefully one day attained. Unlike some of the other posters, I would use it daily, as I have with all my other bags, expensive or otherwise. (not being a fickle pickle, I have 20 yo bags I still carry. Carrying LV Noe today I purchased new in 1990…..) As bb put it so well, life IS too short not to have the things YOU love, regardless of other’s opinions. Is $10K a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a handbag? Yeah…but I still want one =)

  • Chris

    I think you have very valid reasons not to buy a Birkin, at least not yet.
    For me, the biggest obstacle is the price. I have to be seriously rich before I will buy a Birkin. And I am not sure if I love it enough for the price.
    And then, I love shoulder bags and crossbody bags. I have to admit, the Jypsiere is a beauty. I would love to at least try and carry one for a few minutes, to see if it is as perfect as I think it is.

  • LAltiero85

    They are gorgeous…I definitely wouldn’t mind owning one…but I’d need to take out insurance on it!! Because if anything would happen to it…it would be the death of me! I think BBags are as high priced as I go.

  • Jen

    I think that the Birkin is stunningly beautiful – in person more so than in photos. But alas, my “cons” list is exactly the same as yours (with the exception of the law degree, which I have, along with the debt that comes along with said degree – yet another reason not to buy the Birkin). I feel like I see the Birkin everywhere, at least in Chicago. I rarely go a day without seeing 5 or 6 women (unbelievably, often times in the 20-something set) carrying them. I don’t need to join that crowd. It no longer feels like a classic, timeless bag to me – more like an “it” bag, and I don’t need to spend 5 figures for that. I feel bad enough about the purchase of my Chanel flap (also feeling like an “it” bag purchase to me).

  • Maria

    I recently got my first Birkin after much thought, saving and milestones…and I absolutely LOVE it. It was my 40th birthday milestone and as crazy as it sounds to spend $10k on the bag, I really love it and wear it everyday. You can hardly pry it off my hand!I was scared to death to spend soooo much on just one bag but I streamlined my collection (sold what I wasn’t using) and saved for holy grail. I wear it with everything, office, weekends, jeans, kids events, everything. I always forget it’s a 10k bag, because to me it’s just so beautiful and practical or my life here in the Burbs. So the key is, you have to really just love it!

  • Seejayluvsbags

    Good article and well put. I sort of like the Birkin but IF I were honest with myself, I really don’t want or lust after one. True, it does seem like everyone has one & that would be the driving force. I recently purchased my first Chanel and while I truly love it now, I admit I purchased it because it seemed the next thing to add in my collection but I felt REALLY guilty over the cost (at first!) I don’t think I’ll be spending $10k on one bag.

  • pltprincess

    There is no rhyme or reason, I just want it!!

  • daniela

    Great post! I would hope eventually in this lifetime of mine, I could own a birkin. It jus eludes some sort of elegance and some sort of status that you’ve made it, you know you got IT! I think what Hermes eludes what it is pure LUXURY, and luxuries are never practical or needed for common usage…do we really all need these bags that we love and possibly cannot live without, i would say no…but once again its just some sort of gratification knowing you own one…I’m sure any person who buys their first luxury handbag feels like they’ve made IT, birkin or not, they spent their “hard earned” money for a splurge or gratification for themself.

  • CoCo

    The bag looks gorgeous but heavy to me. I will never buy one which may load pressure onto my shoulders by its price and weight.

  • KN

    I love love love this bag, but I agree that it really goes with a certain level of elegance and sophistication, and I just can’t pull it off. :) I have a few Chanels that I rarely use for that same reason.

  • Laura

    I would definitely buy one if I had an extra $10,000, no doubt. More than an expense, I see it as an investment. It’s actually better than buying a car because it retains its value better. However, car is a necessity. On the other side, if you live in NYC and you use public transportation, you can justify the expense by saving the money and buying a Birkin instead of a car, you would probably use it more, don’t you think? I hope this makes sense.

  • anonymous

    your comment “I now live in a neighborhood where it seems like even the homeless people have Birkins and I’m starting to feel entitled to one” really irks me. i live in UES, maybe not around where you live on park ave, 5th ave or even madison ave, but there are real homeless people in UES and this is rather insensitive of you. i understand you’re trying to make a point that anybody and everybody owns one but this statement is just tacky.

    • Salma

      it was funny jeez relax… no one cares about the homeless ppl in UES with no birkins lmao

      • It is funny to you PRECISELY because you don’t care about homeless people.

      • Salma

        yes ur right lol

      • Lorchik

        And you do care about homeless people so you do not buy expensive bags. This forum is about purses not humanitarian rights and privileges etc.

      • These things are not mutually exclusive, FFS.

      • fuchscrocbirk

        Please read you just wrote. I love Birkins just as much as the next. But, to say no one cares is not true. Being homeless is not a joke…..Maybe this should be rephrased as: Who cares about owning a Birkin when there are Homeless people on the UES :-(

      • Salma

        lol ok

  • PJ

    I would love to own a birkin someday. It is my ideal bag, classy, elegant, and never out of style. It is out of my price range at the moment but I still dream that I will own one. But even if I never get around to owning one, I would still be fine. I mean I can put $10,000 as a down payment on a new Mercedes or BMW. Only time will tell…

  • Devora

    The price tag says I won’t have one until I hit the lottery

    • Tara

      That’s when I’ll get mine,too.

  • rose60610

    Of all the Hermes bag styles, I like Kelly best. That isn’t to say that if a Birkin presented itself I’d turn it down… The Birkin in gold is ravishing!

  • Mirna

    I like the Birken but it’s not really my style. I also would NEVER spend that much money on a bag. I can pay for my kids college instead! They’re way too over priced and they are really played out.

  • mia

    i LOVED Pro #4. LOL And I wish I could find one at 10K. It makes me realize – my entire handbag collection would sum about to about that much. But i’m not sure if i’d trade it all in for the birkin. =/

  • Willbuy

    I never thought I was one who would carry a Birkin. I always loved Chanel, and still do. But once I acquired my first Birkin, I was hooked like an addiction. I think it is a most simple but beautiful bag and doesn’t look dated as many bags do after a few seasons. It holds everything I need, is easy to get anything u need out of it. While it is heavy, you get used to it very quickly. I have a quite a few at this point , but still crave more.I guess it’s my addiction,just affects my bank acct ,not my health!

  • louch

    I thought I wanted a Birkin unti I realised that it wasn’t a shoulder bag (and sorry, I don’t like the shoulder Birkin) and the bag I actually wanted was the Kelly. I think the Kelly is far more refined and elegant (just MHO). I know the Birkin is considered the “it” bag by H, but I think some of the under-the-radar bags are just as beautiful and less recognisable.

  • Sarah

    I have on Birkin, but I don’t use it as much now that I am retired. I find that unless your an office going person every day or you need to look polished ALL the time, the Birkin is not worth it. I do however love the Constance and Jypsiere. If you want a fashionable tote just get a classic Chanel one or maybe the new Celine tote or something from Bottega or Valextra. There are so many great choices out there now that are just as chic but a fouth of the price of a Birkin that I think you are better off with a different Hermes bag to adore.

  • Musette

    I had MBL (Massive Birkin Lust) for years. Two things cured it:

    1. At Barneys one day, in the shoe dept. 5 women shopping (not together). Each. One. Carried. A. Birkin. It just looked weird.
    2. HGTV’s Selling New York had an episode where the Kleiers went to the ‘burbs. They were in the kitchen of some bazillion-dollar house and all 3 women put their Birkins on the kitchen island.

    One Birkin is fabulous. Any more than that and …..


  • JazzCap

    While the Birkin is beautiful and iconic, it’s just not for me. I prefer the (in my mind) more streamlined and classic Kelly, which is also much more practical with the strap option. Plus the Birkin gets too heavy to carry and I too hate carrying a purse in the crook of my arm. I live in San Francisco and the vibe is much more casual here so my preferred every day Hermes bag is the Massai–love me a good hobo silhouette. I especially love how “under the radar” the Massai is–almost nobody recognizes it and I don’t see it coming and going all day long. In certain neighborhoods and cities (NY’s UES, Beverly Hills) it sometimes seems like Birkins are as ubiquitous as Starbucks.

    • Natalie K.

      well said! I prefer my Evelyne and may consider Kelly some day

  • bagsforlani

    I absolutely love the Hermes Birkin. The first time I saw one in person I was in awe and couldn’t stop staring. This bag is timeless and one that I’d hope to pass on to my daughter. I’m looking forward to the day I get one, then I’ll know I have arrived in purse heaven!!

  • graemester

    Thank you for this blog post! I am not a serious hangbag collector but I am a fan of top handle bags and for q

  • graemester

    Thank you for this blog post! I am not a serious hangbag collector but I have a few and would like to own more. For quite a while I was considering saving up big time to own not a brand new Birkin but a pre-owned one (being cheaper).
    The only reason I would want to get one is so that I can be different from my usual crowd and of course enjoy the swoons from others.
    But I realise now those are all the wrong reasons to be spending so much dosh on a bag which you will be so scared to carry if the weather looks bad or to go on holiday in case it gets snatched, etc.
    So thank you again for helping me make up my mind on the Birkin debate.

    • David Pylyp


  • Eleanor

    I love the Kelly. I love the craftmanship, the heritage, the rigid structure, the handle, the frame, everything. When I see a picture of a Kelly I feel happy. I can accept that I may never own one, but if I become financially well-off in the future, the Kelly is at the top of my list.

  • Mk

    I bought my birkin 10 years ago when I was 27 and I cherish it every ti e I wear it. People stop me constantly to tell me how beautiful the bag is even though many don’t realize it is the birkin. I will use this bag until I die so it was worth the $7000 I spent at the time . I did have to wait two years for it then. Now I will buy the Kelly!

    • Jessica

      I’m 26 right now and am in the process of saving for a Birkin. I’ve been dreaming about it since I was 16. I finally decided that it was worth saving for. The fact that you still cherish your bag proves to me that I will do the same! I hope you get your Kelly soon!

  • Bir

    Personally I love the birkin it’s my every day bag I own a few and find the bag to be perfect for my life the birkin gives me the versatility I sometimes need From travel to lunching to work to going out. I do have to say that even though I purchased a birkin because of it’s “fame” I now enjoy it much more as a simple understated perfectly practical bag loose soft and used!!! fits all I need it sits on my arm or hand just The way i like. since I usually don’t wear shoulder bags, and to actually find an object that combines both the practical and the beautiful is not easy. I’m going on but…..it’s just I can not find a more perfect phrase to describe this bag so I leave you with this.
    ” it’s not a bag it’s a Birkin”

    • LAltiero85


    • OliviaSara

      Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth! I feel exactly the same way. Can’t live without my Birkins!

  • 19yearslater

    I definitely don’t love them enough to buy one. My big fashion classic/holy grail bag will be a Chanel.

    • Clara


  • onewithbooks

    There is no way I would pay that much for a handbag. 10,000 dollars for a handbag or a year of college, I am taking the year of college.

    Also it looks like it would be a pain in the rear to get into. I like purses that are easy to open and close. I don’t have time to fumble with that lock and key business, and then the flap on top of that – all to get into a purse that cost as much as my senior year of college, mmm I dont think so.

    My last reason for not purchasing one of these bags is how they look when they are open and on one’s arm. It just looks sloppy to me.

  • Abbi

    I think though if i were to spend that amount of money i would buy a 32 or 35cm Kelly bag simply because id like the option of wearing my bag on my arm or my shoulder.

    Im a few years away from being able to think about planning to get one though O.o

  • DJ


    They weigh a TON, even when empty.

    To some they are the “ultimate handbag”, but to me they are boring and stuffy.

  • SeleneP

    A lot will probably disagree with me, but I don’t get all the hype with the Birkin. Other than it being a status symbol, there really is nothing special about it other than the brand name and the hefty price tag. It looks like a glorified briefcase. It is not innnovative or elegant or young…and I’m in my 30s, so that’s not saying a lot.

    I definitely consider Chanel to be a true classic. Even if I had 10k to burn, I’d probably buy classic flaps in different colors than carry a very boring Birkin.

  • MZ

    Love it! Unfortunately i can’t afford at the moment. It’s my dream bag.

  • ping

    I love love my kellys more than my birkins, that said, my ultimate holy grail croc birkin i bought when i turned 40 will be the most cherished bag of all time in my collection….i actually use all my hermes bags as well as other brand bags in my closet, and i believe that is the main reason you should buy a bag, you love, care and use them. Ping

  • kellyx

    i love it and hope to have one someday. but given that it cost almost ten grand, i dont think i fit into the group the brand is targetting at. =\

    • Kate

      I have one for you.. You can have it for $1000
      Unused.. Camel color.. I got it as a gift and it’s not my thing.. I don’t have a box for it but it has everything else.. Lock , keys and dust bag along with rain coat…

      • Karen

        Is it authentic? Because if it is I would love it!

      • Tiana

        Ooooo I also waaaaaannnttt (only if it’s original/authentic) but it’s soo good to be true……(only 1000???) It’s really is my dream color, yesterday I just saw someone in d airport with it, just have d urge to grab n run… Haha…

  • Linda

    I am sure the craftsman ship puts this bag in the work of art status, but there is something about that bag that says “Get out of my way, I am rich” or “Hmm…is that a fake?”. Unless you are a millionaire who can blow money on whatever you want, who wants to worry about ruining a $10,000 bag? I am a fickle pickle as well and that amount of money can buy four or five other high end bags that I would love much more than a Birkin.

    • Chris

      ditto, I think I don’t ever want to be in the position of buying/owning a birkin unless I wouldn’t think twice about putting it on the floor of a restaurant or the airport – there’s no point spending any amount of a bag that you’re going to have to tiptoe around it.

      • kansashalo

        I agree. I think Amanda said it best (for me at least)…..until I’m AT LEAST car service rich, there is no way I’d pay 5 figures for a handbag.
        If was Oprah rich, I wouldn’t give it a second thought probably. lol

  • Bir

    Wow just wanted to add I usually read the opposite on on forums and blogs directed for the Hermes fans I find it veer very interesting how on this blog many truly seem to not like the birkin!!!

  • michelle

    I own a 35 blue jean Birkin. I love my bag. I had always wanted a Birkin and was on a waiting list. When Hermes did away with the list, I found my bag at the Beverly Hills store. It was meant to be.


  • ethylove

    off topic. did anyone watch the most recent covert affairs? there were 2 birkins that were SCRUNCHED up in peoples laps. I almost cried. I would love a birkin one day… but if I ever had that money I’d get a kelly first.

    • Ashleyg

      OMG- I just came back on this post to mention the Covert Affairs episode too- now if that isn’t mainstreaming it I don’t know what is, lol!

  • Jenna

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about the Birkin and loved this blog entry. The thing that has always stopped me from taking the plunge is “ease of access”. Although I’ve never actually held a Birkin, the photos I’ve seen make it look difficult to get in to. I realize you don’t have to keep a lock on it but you still have to deal with clasps and stuff. For someone who is frequently digging around in their bag that just seems kind of impractical.

  • QQ

    I have never had the desire. They are too snooty for me. Also, I think I might rather have a 2nd car (albeit a used one)! It is too structured for me personally, although they are beautiful, I do think they are a bit overrated. I have seen some other bags half that price that I would love to own instead. With the Birkin, you are paying for the “icon” in a sense. If you feel that left out in your own neighborhood, maybe consider moving? Why try to be something you are not?

  • The Soul Coach

    I used to sell these bags in SF on Union Square back when they were $5,000. In the store was had a trained person who stitched leather by hand (Beatrice; I think she has her own shop on Clement St. now) anyway the bags are beautiful and if cared for will last a lifetime as much as it is an investment. And I guarantee you everyone doesn’t have one it’s like finding out your pregnant and all the sudden seeing expectant moms everywhere. Here’s the thing, imagine you have $12,000 cash in your hands, feel that money, see it, really see it. Now, would you spend on the purse?

  • Stacy

    I know that the minute I purchased this bag I would feel buyers remorse and would want to return it. Then hubby would tell me to just enjoy it, that’s why I bought it. But then a few days later I would begin web browsing and come across another bag I “desperately” want and couldn’t get because I just dropped a chunk of money on the birkin.
    It would be then that hubby would spout off, “You JUST bought that expensive-ass bag and you’re already looking for your next one?!?!?!…can’t you wait at least a year before buying any other bag?!?!?”. Then I would resent having bought the birkin because now it has prohibited me from buying other, albeit, less expensive, bags. LOL. Ok…I’ll pass. There are other bags I want more.

  • chloehandbags

    Thankfully, I’m all cons and virtually no pros with Birkins.

    The style just doesn’t appeal to me (even if it was a tenth, or less, of the price – heck, even if they were giving them away!).

    I don’t think I’d feel safe carrying such an expensive bag, anyway?

    Fine jewellery is, perhaps, one thing – as it could be costume for all almost anyone knows (so is, somewhat, less of an obvious target), it’s relatively small compared with a bag (so, slightly less noticeable), it’s worn and not carried (so, it’s harder to leave somewhere, by accident) and it’s hard (so harder to damage).

    Whereas, I think such a well-recognised, relatively large, relatively soft leather bag would be a total liability, in most situations (for me, anyway).

    I know other people really love them, though.

  • rose60610

    Wow, the Birkin is a real lightning rod for comments! Yes, they’re exorbitant, and there are many blogs in Purse Forum asking about guilt levels when buying costly bags and discussing insulting commentary from co-workers and others when they notice designer bags. Yes, 12 G’s+ is a precious sum to pop on a bag. However, how many people (especially men) buy luxury cars when they could buy a Ford Focus or something similar for a fraction? Not to mention that years down the road the car will be worth a huge % less, while a Birkin and some other bags appear to retain a higher % of purchase price. I’m not saying that justifies splurging on bags, but with proper care, knowing there is a decent resale value helps take the sting out of buying a bag that you may love for years. We all have our soft spots, likes and priorities.

    • Lauren

      Yes, what is it with those co-workers who make sarcastic comments about a Birkin bag. Envy , I suppose.

      • Kyle Riggs

        I always feel nauseous at lavish displays of wealth

      • Alex1956

        Nauseous? I can’t figure that out.

        I am excited when I see those who can afford Rolls-Royces, Benley’s, Lambos and yes, Birkin Bags.

        It means the American Dream is not dead, and if that person can attain that degree of success, so can I!

    • Choogamo64

      My sentiments exactly.

  • Danyelle

    I’ll be honest….Hermes is WAY….(do you hear me?) WAY out of my league and soooo not in my lane!! That being said, I like to be the gal where everyone says, wow…we weren’t even up on that handbag and she was rockin’ it hard! Sadly, I doubt anyone in my circles would even recognize an Hermes (which would burn me up for sure), if they did they would automatically assume it to be a knock-off and once you get on the fake n’ take list around here…it takes an act of God or the Lottery Commission to get off that list!

  • MizzJ

    YES. Without question, if I ever got my hands on that much money to spare, I would buy the Birkin, in crocodie, in black. As I grow older, I think the bag would only become increasingly appropriate for me and I truly feel it would become an heirloom to pass to my children, lovingly, wrapped in silk.


  • nvie

    Birkin is an icon! But the fundamental question, is it a user friendly bag? I don’t think so. Even if it’s several thousands cheaper, I think the stressfulness of carrying the bag kills me more than the cost!

  • pejo

    Lovely post, Amanda!

    A Birkin is a thing of beauty — seriously thought about buying this for a special birthday but in the end decided against it.

    I realised that I was just responding to the urge to buy to join the fashionable crowd even though I knew that I hate hand/arm-carried bags, thought the style was too formal for my usual way of dressing, and know that its way too heavy and big for my needs.

    I see a lot of these bags where I live to give me serious eye-candy happiness but Im glad I didn’t succumb to the orange pull (yet).

  • Cris

    It is a very nice bag, elegant yet fashionable. Of course I’d love to have one, but I couldn’t be “faithful” to a bag for so long. I would get bored in a few months and my eyes would start wondering to get something different. And for the price I would feel guilty, so no Birkin for me

  • erica

    10 thousand dollars is way too much. Not only because I can’t afford it. It’s just a bit too frivolous and I do love bags!! I would buy a Chanel for 1-2K if I were rich, that’s my limit.

  • Anna

    My boss has 6 birkins. 4 she bought before my time and 2 bought with me. Being a PA it’s my duty to carry her birkin frm the hotel to the showrooms on buying trips etc… I’m telling you now, unless ur on steroids these bags aint for carrying if you “really want to use it”… Just writing about it makes the pain come back into my forearms, they are ridiculously HEAVY! Sorry Hermes, I’ll stick to you cuff bracelets for now.

  • precy

    Looking at the Birkins in store makes me drool but I would be embarrassed to use one in public. I don’t want to pretend rich but in reality I’m just a step higher than a bum. If you’re a celebrity, a big time business owner, then no problem. But, having an income that is ten times less than te worth of a Birking is ridiculous, it’s a shame.

    • Salma

      which store did u see them at????!!!

      • Sandy

        Exactly…they are never on the shelf

  • Kamille


    • Kate

      I got one as a gift and it’s not my thing… No box but never used and it has lock key and rain coat and dust bag… It’s camel color.. I have pictures and can answer any questions about it if you r interested…

      • Karen

        Yeah. Let me know.

      • Claudia Sandknop

        Interested in pre-owned Birken or Kelly “authentic” Hermes bags.
        Thank you!

      • Tracy

        I have a Vintage Kelly Black box for sale!
        If interested contact me thestufttrunk@gmail.com

      • Saudath Moosa

        do you still have pre owned hermes birkin


      • Claudia Sandknop

        Interested in pre-owned Birken or Kelly “authentic” Hermes bags.
        Thank you!

      • Claudia Sandknop

        Interested in pre-owned Birken or Kelly “authentic” Hermes bags.
        Thank you!

  • Nicole

    One look at that bag and UGLY is the word that comes to my mind. I can’t imagine how one would spend $10,000 on an ugly thing.

    I’m so glad I don’t have a taste for it.

    I own two CHANEL classics and a DIOR and that’s almost ten thousand!

    Hey guys, buy CHANEL and DIOR because they’re very elegant.

    I will say though HERMES has some good fragrance ;)

  • Paula

    a con for me: it does not look feminine. as seen in the photo above, it reminds of my fathers briefcase. yikes!

    Call me in for the Kelly bag in lime-green. Yup!

  • DD

    it’s a “status” bag

  • Linda

    Honestly, I think Nancy Gonzalez makes prettier croc bags in understated, classic styles, and they are much less pricey. Also, Nancy does not put her logo on the outside of the bag, which I like. She also uses very little metal that shows, so you don’t have to worry about scratching or tarnishing any metal. Her bags are timeless, for the most part.

    I agree with the person who said that Hermes makes good fragrance. One of my favorite fragrances of all time is 24, Faubourg, by Hermes. A very sophisticated lady once asked me (during a job interview, no less) what fragrance I was wearing because it smelled “expensive.” BTW, she also offered me a job!

    • Linda

      But, I must also add that Gonzalez uses Caiman croc, which I have read is an inferior skin in that it is less supple and can crack if bent. That probably explains why her prices are, while still high, not stratospheric, like Hermes, which uses superior skins. My research is from reading about skins on the Internet. Do your research before you buy!

      • MhHug

        Not true, I deal in croc skins and she doesn’t. Also the skins that Hermes use still don’t justify the price. It’s all a marketing ploy and they are doing a great job at it.

  • Brynn

    I bought my 30cm Black Togo Birkin a couple of years ago and to be honest, I rarely use it. It was a handbag milestone for me, but the bag just isn’t practical or functional for me anymore. I prefer one of my other Hermes styles such as the Evelyne, Garden, or Victoria bag. I think every woman should own an Hermes piece at some point though, either it be a handbag, jewelry, or even a scarf!

  • catherine

    I just found one for $20 at a consignment shop – it’s a lovely purse!

  • lidia

    i have been holding my money in my bank account (gathering interest) and still deciding if i should buy one or not. they start from 13,000 in australia. still, its cheaper than my niece’s 24,000 wedding dress.

  • shoe diva

    Hi i just need to know even if i am willing to spend that kind of money on a birkin how do i get it as just stopped at hermes store and the lady was so rude and told ne that there is no waiting list and I have to buy other things on a regular basis and build up my reputation with them before they can hand me overa birkin……..now that is ridiculous!!!!! can anybody please tell me what is the best way to get an authentic hermes birkin as there are so many replicas out there. I would really appreciate it.

  • Leda

    I think that I could have a million of Birkins, in fact, soon i´m going for my second one, and for my third , as soon as I have this second, I´m intending to commande my third.One Birkin for a year …
    And to me it doen´t have to be A style to use one of these bags..
    Just look around and you´ll see every type of woman using Birkins in all colors and shapes, and lethers, and none of them seens to be taken off behing of the mirrows of the stores, or from the runways top model´s places…they´re all ordinary people, unknown wemen, they dont seen to have a care or corcerns about being in a standard model to use one.that´s foolish , that´s trash to think this way…

  • Edele

    I love my Birkin and Kelly. I feel lucky to own em, gifts from hubby. I agree they are heavy, bulky and hard to get into. I have to baby it in the plane, in the car, it has to have its own seat, and in restaurants its own chair, I’d die if I get a scratch mark on it. If you really want to own a Birkin, go for it, you deserve it. But after owning it a week or two, you just wanna get another one – its an addiction. I actually want to paint my powder room Hermes orange.

  • Kate

    I am 53 and just got my first Birkin. I am in love!!

  • Angelapowiro

    yes i know the bag looks uh,,..trendy with almost any outfits. but uhh.. well.. they r pretty boring after sometimes… and im not so comfy with bags that can only be on my shoulder or hands ALL DAYS. Its boring, not so practical things on earth. And it will vanish after some years. Pretty good investment ? huh… its not like diamond that lasts forever and the price will go rise from time to time never go down. A second hermes will be much cheaper than original price.
    What is soo drool with this thing. if i got one by free i will auction it soon for worthy cash than this bag. LOL.

  • Bblj1010

    I know the importance of the birkin and wanting one. I have been a collector for 5 years now. I have 7 birkins and 2 Kelly’s. I am just now wanting to see a few of them to make room for new ones. If interested in seeing pictures and good prices email bblj1010@yahoo.com

  • SL

    I’m IN EXACTLY the same boat…I now have 2 marco tagliaferri bags (PLUS 3 CELINES!!! and many Balenciaga bags) BUT I still covert the ULTIMATE BAG..One day It’s inevatable.

  • Stella

    I just got my black Birkin today, my boyfriend brought it home from work. It was suppose to be my x-mas gift but it didn’t come in till late. Honestly, I didn’t know I really wanted one till I had it in my hands. It’s lovely.

  • elizabeth

    This is possibly the greatest article EVER on birkins…thank-you fabulous author!

  • Hcc

    A Birkin is one of the few bags in the world that are timeless, if you want to be a fashion victim and be constantly buying the bag de jour knock yourself (and your wallet) out. When it comes to elegance you can’t go wrong with this bag, it looks sleek doesn’t show the world a label just a style, but if you’re the type of girl who won’t use this bag, there is no point in paying $10,000+ for a bag to sit in your closet. I am 14, and I love the birkin, I have a vintage blue birkin that my mother used to own, and for my 18th, I am going to get a classic orange birkin in crocodile. I truly love these bags and use my vintage one whenever I can, even if people don’t recognise it, it makes you feel amazing in the way that lingerie does, it’s for your own benefit not others so don’t get it just to fit in, you would be better of at Primark! The birkin is perfect when you need to carry many things with you, so the office or in my case when I go shopping. It is a fashion staple that if you do decide to invest in, you won’t regret if you maintain and use it.

  • Lovey

    Here’s my theory. If I had 13,000, I would buy a purse for 50.00 and have 12,950 dollars in my wallet.

  • Will Jennings

    Hello all! First, I must tell you that I am a man. Now I am a man with a purse! I’ve been looking at the Birkin, 40cm, coffee brown, togo leather, gold hardware and obsessing about owning it. Now I do! I’m in love…LOVE with it. I thought I’d only use it as a gym bag or weekender but now I carrying it even to just pick up a few limes at the market for garnish on my Cape Cods and Rose Kennedy’s! I can’t seem to be without it. Yes, it’s heavy but when you carry the Birkin, you know you’ve got a piece of beautiful art with you. If it were light, it would just not feel the same. Dare I say it would feel cheap? I’ve read a few articles that men shouldn’t carry this women’s bag but I feel it comes across as a unisex bag/briefcase/weekender. To any man thinking about owning a Birkin Bag…YES!! A 40cm in brown or black or even perhaps the orange Birkin is a fantastic addition to add to your, “man bag” collection. And I just love explaining to those who don’t know HERM?S/Birkin (I know, shocking) the wonderful history on how this perfect bag came to be.

  • Kyle Riggs

    “I feel left out. I now live in a neighborhood where it seems like even the homeless people have Birkins and I’m starting to feel entitled to one. ” this comment is disgusting in so many ways.

    • Sharon Macklin

      This is tongue-in-cheek. She is not serious…lighten up!

    • Kevin B

      Take pill and relax. Obviously your wound too tight.

    • Salma

      its a joke!! i thought it was funny
      theres many other things that could upset u in life jesus go smoke a joint

    • Baglady

      You’re commenting on a blog about HANDBAGS not on a Davos Forum blog on world hunger! Context is everything….

      • Salma

        hahaha i love ur comment!!

      • tikocookie

        LOVE this..context..

    • Loupdeloo

      I definitely chuckled, despite myself, at this line in the post. The “someone issue me my rightful Birkin!!” sentiment was funny to me, and I thought she made the point (that everyone and her mother seems to have one) in a humorous way. That said – I really don’t like careless references to the homeless like this. I.e., “OMG you guys, I’m dressed like a homeless person today.” Jokes like this are callous and cruel and completely gloss over how grindingly difficult it would be to literally live day to day without a home and without any creature comforts. Comparing our own privileged lives to this kind of struggle, even jokingly . . . well, it just makes me cringe. It’s not very kind. And I’d really like to see it leave our collective parlance. Homeless people are people. It’s not being overly sensitive or “PC” to remind each other that they’re not people in costume, placed as props in our own lives to remind us what “dirty and unkempt” looks like. Facing their humanity understandably makes us feel uncomfortable, because if THEY can struggle like that, then WE could too. But let’s not shy away from seeing ourselves in them. We can make the same sorts of jokes without doing it at the expense of our society’s most vulnerable and abused members. Punch up, you know? Anyway, I enjoyed the piece otherwise. :)

      • nygirltrappedinfl

        Spot on – this was a crass comment and the point about the bag being ubiquitous could have been made in many other ways…..very surprised at Purseblog for thinking this was okay.

    • lala’spurse

      lol.. relax.. she was only kidding

    • melissatrv

      I got the point she was trying to make and don’t think she meant it literally or to be offensive. It reminds me of the famous Sex and the City episode where Samantha was upset that she saw a “nobody” pass her on the street with a Birkin while she was wait listed

    • kerry

      +1 Kyle. Sure it was a joke, but it was tasteless.

    • Smithy

      “Disgusting?’ Really? I can think of many more things in life to call ‘disgusting’ and this is hardly one of them. Sending you a big eye roll.

  • Kyle Riggs

    Hands down the most self-deluded, snobbiest paragraph I’ve ever read on the entire Internet. I assure you the homeless people in your neighborhood do not have a Birkin bag. Instead of looking at a homeless person and maybe realizing how fortunate you are and how much you have all you can see is what you don’t have. truly truly despicable, and I’m not even sure you understand why

    • Kyle Riggs

      “I feel left out. I now live in a neighborhood where it seems like even the homeless people have Birkins and I’m starting to feel entitled to one. “

      • angela

        thats ridiculous. If everyone owns big shark as pet in their house would you feel entitled to have one too ?

      • Kyle Riggs

        Yes, it’s an utterly ridiculous statement to be sure! It’s a quote from this article

      • Salma

        yes! absolutely

      • MissDemeanor


    • Mya Wilkes

      1)TAKE A DEEP BREATH 2) Check the dictionary for the meaning and use of METAPHORS 3)Go back and re-read same sentence 4)Get it now? 5) keepcalmitspurseblog

      • Kyle Riggs

        This is unequivocally in no way an example of a metaphor!! At best it would be a simile but it is not that either. Haha that was realllllyy funny though, thanks for the comment and the laugh!

      • Kyle Riggs

        This is unequivocally in no way an example of a metaphor!! At best it would be a simile but it is not that either. The word you maybe are looking for is hyperbole. Really making a case to prove how dense a person would be who would ‘mire these overpriced slabs of ego driven self indulgence. Haha that was realllllyy funny though, thanks for the comment and the laugh!

      • Salma

        Kyle just wondering… like genuinely wondering! why are you here? since this seems to upset you so goddamn much lmao

      • Kyle Riggs

        Should I use the same dictionary that you used that gave you the definition of hyperbole under metaphor

    • Alex1956

      A homeless person can own a Burkin…

      If a lady spends too much on other things and can no longer afford the rent, it is entirely possible a homeless person could own such a bag.

  • BDelorge

    I guess I’m one of the few that just doesn’t like that style of bag, at all….not even a little bit. I don’t really understand the Birkin thing or why someone would pay 5 figures for a handbag. I’ve paid 4 figures but at my age now, it’s just not that important any longer.

  • Mya Wilkes

    Personally, the Birkin does absolutely NOTHING for me, Its the Kelly I’m in love with. Either way, both are currently well out of my spending power.

    • Natalie K.

      I’m with you on this. Kelly is classic and wearable. on a side note I like Grace Kelly more:)

    • tikocookie

      Me too! Still, I am pausing before I commit to find one. I just think the price is so high and am I really an Hermes type person?

  • KathyB

    I love the look. I own 2. I carried them constantly for a couple of years after I got them. But… Now. They are both in their dust bags in my closet. I’ll break one out for a special occasion, but for everyday use, my LV Palermo GM is the one. My workhorse bag that carries the necessities of my daily life.

  • Caitlin Burrows

    I don’t feel like I’m quite in the age demographic for one just yet. But when I feel like I am (and I can afford it), I could see myself getting a pre-owned Kelly bag someday.

  • Gia

    Just purchased my first Birkin! It’s gold with gold hardware size 35.
    I don’t understand why people judged others on how they spend their hard earned money. It’s my money, why do you care how I spend my money? I don’t care how you spend yours. People act so holier than though, oh you could feed 1000 people with that money. I tell you, people with money donate a lot of cash charity, a lot.
    If owning a Birkin makes me happy, why should anyone bag shame me? Funny since if I carried a canvas tote, that would get me bag shamed too. If you look too good or not good enough someone is going to bad mouth ya.
    And for the haters…..I’m already saving up for my next one for 2017.

    • Scottsdale Kim

      Couldn’t agree with you more! I also agree with other comments that the bag is not as easy to carry as a cross body and I tend to limit use to keep it in pristine condition.

    • Sparky

      I totally agree. Its your money – no one’s business what you do with it. I can’t afford one but if I could, I’d buy one so good for you! Enjoy your bag and good luck getting the next one.

  • chubbybadass

    It’s a lovely bag and the design does stand the test of time but I can’t help looking at it always and thinking “mom bag.” That said not drinking any hatorade for those that carry it, but personally I couldn’t ever see myself carrying one either. I am a cross body kind of gal too. And I always imagined it to be for a prim and proper crowd and I am anything but. That said I can admire it on others without condemning them for their purchase either. Ha! To me it’s like an art piece in a museum. I can look at it with appreciation but it doesn’t mean I want it hanging on my wall.

  • Titou

    As a Birkin owner, i personally think there is no need to dress up to wear a Birkin. To me the best way to wear it is to deny it . Just wear it as a normal bag :)

  • Ellen Peters

    I thought the blog entry was fun. It made me smile. I’m assuming that was the author’s intent. However, humour is personal, so it makes sense that some people would not be amused.

  • Unapologetic

    Its nice to have the option to buy but unfortunately for most women we simple just can’t afford it!!! I have two little ones and buying a 10k plus bag makes me feel guilty bc would rather put it towards their college funds or save it for rainy days.

  • NotAlwaysFitToPrint

    If I had this kind of money I would spend it at the Four Seasons Hotel in the Seychelles or the Maldives. This is not to say that I don’t like the Birkin though I personally prefer the Kelly.

  • Anitsy

    I am a shoulder bag girl too and your reasons for not owning a Birkin or any bag with short handles is spot on. Carrying on your arms works when :
    1. Live in suburbs and drives everywhere
    2. No kids or dogs to chase after
    3. Don’t carry everything but the kitchen sink so the load is not heavy.
    4. Do groceries with a shopping cart where you can put your bags in the cart and just pay at the cashier unlike farmers market where you need to pay as you go and carry your stuff .

  • mkdallas

    Not a big leap for me to spend $2500 on a bag I really love, but just can’t do the price of a Birkin. I feel the same about Chanel bags now. No matter how much I love a bag, I’m a middle-class woman who really can’t afford the super spendy ones.

  • Jaded28

    I just recently read a number of articles (Time, US News & World Report, The Guardian, etc.) that stated that Birkins hold their value better than gold and stocks. The bag has never had a downward decrease in value and only increased since it’s inception, in addition most become collector pieces as they age. Take a look around any of the myriad of luxury goods resellers and you’ll find even damaged 20 year old Birkins are still going for up to 80% of their original purchase price while mint condition ones are reselling for 120%-200% above depending on whether the color/size combination is still available.

    So maybe it’s not such a bad plan after all.

    • Natalie K.

      but things change and economy gets worse. I just came back from Japan. a year ago used Birkins in Japanese pawn shops were scooped with a light speed by Chinese tourists and dealers. now they are sadly sitting there because Chinese economy gets worse, their government implemented stricter regulation for luxury shopping abroad, yen got more expensive and Japan also implemented stricter regulation for issuing visas (fake bank statements to show evidence of money are not easy to pass). Oil price is low, it affects purchasing capacity in Middle East. Not to mention economic turmoil and refugee crisis in EU. My forecast is that price will drop, it’s a classic tulip case after all.

  • Jenna Emmons

    I’ve always felt the locking mechanism seemed like a hassle too. They look great closed but most of the time I see them being carried wide open. I suspect people don’t want to undo the clasp and straps every they need to something inside.

    • melissatrv

      YES!! I feel the same. The look and the fact that I just like a top zip or open top, something easy to get in and out of. So even if I could afford one, which I can’t, it would not be for me. I have also never seen one IRL, only photos. They do have some amazing looking pink croc bags though

  • GH68

    I found beautiful Italian bags that are similar to Birkins, but not copies. They are made in leather, snake, lizard, ostrich & crocodile! Handmade, double stitched, leather lined and not heavy. The flap is decorative as it has a fabulous practical zip!! Price from €800 to €4000 for crocodile.

  • Breakfast Tiffany’s

    love my birkins both 35 and 30 although I don’t mind having couple more in different colors. I am not filthy rich but I have met my goals in life and it is now a great time to pamper myself with impeccable well-made bags. I am for one agree with pampering oneself for job well done. For each Emmy I won, which are 2 now, I awarded myself a birkin, ha! Thank you for sharing your blog, love love love it.

    • Congrats on your Emmy’s! I am all for rewarding yourself for big accomplishments too :)

    • Natalie K.

      Congrats on your achievements! problem with this bag though that every underachiever who has say her parents’ money made in sweatshops now has one or the whole collection of them. while I don’t want one for practical reasons I always pay attention to who’s carrying it – is it a successful person wearing a bag that matches her status or the bag is wearing some gal:)

  • Gilda

    I have a Birkin and I love it!!! Some of your comments on this subject is just ridiculous!!! Get over yourselves all of you people with your nasty comments your just jealous because you don’t have one!!!

    • MissDemeanor

      I don’t think anyone’s “jealous” Gilda. I say each to their own. It’s not everyone’s taste.

  • MissDemeanor

    Not really interested in the Birkin, too many lookalikes and fakes out there. I’d rather buy a few more Chanels or a good mixture of other designers for the price. I’d prefer it actually.

  • MissDemeanor

    Just thinking for $10,000 I’d have another 2 Chanel and a Louis Vuitton. Money left over for some yummy tea and cake! Priorities!

  • Canadianchick

    This is exactly how I feel. They are beautiful bags but I am in my 20s and I just can’t imagine someone my age walking around with one. Plus my life doesn’t have place for one. But I really want one. But that would be my bag budget for the year. I simply can’t commit yet.

  • Daria

    yeah you’re not ready for a B

  • Cynthia Smethers

    This is exactly how I feel about a Birkin. I lust after one, but know that I am too fickle to commit that amount of cash to one purchase, knowing that I will get tired of it and want something new.

  • Sandy

    I love this post, the comments are my entertainment for today…. The only problem that I have with purchasing a Birkin, if you want one, is the BS you have to go through to get one in the store. I do not live in an area that has a Hermes store so going in while on vacation and playing the game (begging or acting self important with a SA) is not something I would ever do. This fact always makes me laugh as they are so exclusive that there are at least 5 pages of them on EBay all the time.

  • Salma

    I honestly do not get why ppl that are obviously not “into” handbags like that are doing here in the comment section!!!??

    • You can be into handbags without being a jerk. It is not that hard to understand.

      • Salma

        sweety u should just take the god damn joke if you cant take it no need to comment go spread ur negativity else where i thought the comment was funny u didnt to each their own now u wanna spend the afternoon calling me a jerk that real nice

  • Passerine

    I enjoyed this post and agree with all the reasons pro and con. I think the Birkin is a beautiful, timeless bag (it can even withstand the Kardashians) and if someone can afford it, why not? It’s no different than buying a fancy set of golf clubs…BUT I know that I just don’t work well with a bag that can be carried only on the arm. I need to be able to carry it on my shoulder or crossbody. And the Kelly is just too formal for me.

    For the price of a Birkin 35, I could get a bag from Fontana Milano, Chanel AND Dior (and all with shoulder straps). So for all you Birkin-owners, yes, I admire your bag and am glad you are happy with it, but I have no desire to be in your shoes and I’m certainly not jealous. (And Sandy, I do agree with you about the BS you have to go through to get one.)

  • MhHug

    This Hermes croc skin is all about marketing. They use the same skins that cost much less than 500 to make and then sell it to most suckers for 50k plus…. Hilarious. You could take a trip to a croc farm in Africa or Australia, pick your skins, have them custom made into the bag of your choice and still have 45k in your wallet, just saying

  • Guilly

    Love your post!

  • angela

    If I had gift like Hermes Birkin or whatever, if I got from raffle or quiz I might end up selling it. Because I think myself does not look fit with that kind of bag. Im a designer. Id prefer to wear bag design my own. Once I sell it in upper market I will make a bag of my dream from the best material I can get. And buy a pair of fringe sandal for myself. Then use the rest of the money to buy something more worth than it. I dont wanna feel like being worry everytime bringing the bag because its so expensive.

  • Natalie K.

    well put! horrible impractical design unless as she said it’s a business bag. I’d rather have a real deal watch for the price which is an investment and tell-tell for those who know (for instance guys don’t give a damn about bags but they do pay attention to watches);)

  • Jess

    I’m not ready for a Chanel, and the Birkin still doesn’t appeal all that much. I find other designer handbags far more interesting. The Birkin is quite sophisticated and I certainly don’t feel sophisticated in my hand bag choices. Give me a Celine, Chloe, Givenchy or YSL any day or all four for $10,000!!!!

  • Donna Warder

    Absolutely no “cons” to owning a Birkin. But the most important “pro” – When I die of old age 50 years from now, I’d like to be buried with something.

  • ECooper

    I vaguely thought about a Birkin until the Kardashians started buying them in bulk. That is when I knew it was not the bag for me. It is a pretty bag but since reality tv personalities tend to gravitate toward them, they do seem much less desirable.


    Wow. That comment about even homeless people having Birkins was pretty tasteless, rude, and unnecessary. You can be funny and witty without sounding insensitive and ditzy. I don’t think it was meant to be offensive, or taken seriously, but that is kind of my point, don’t reference serious problems/issues if you don’t want your comments to be taken seriously.

  • FashionableLena

    It’s funny to read this article because I just saw a woman walking in the mall with one. I liked the way it looked on her with her very casual outfit of workout leggings, a t-shirt, and cardigan. She looked to be in her 30s.
    As much as I liked it on her, I wouldn’t like it for me. I just can’t with handheld bags. I need to be hands free. It’s also not my style. So, while everyone is lusting after that Birkin, I’d rather have a Lindy or a Jypsiere. Much more functional for my life and personal style.

    Some people need to lighten up. This is a conversation about a handbag. I loved the article and found it very funny. It’s like people are searching for things to be offended about.

  • Audrey K

    I think this post pretty much sums of all of the reservations that many of us bag lovers have. While the Birkin is in considered in most circles to be the holy grail of bags, your love and devotion must be so deep to spring for at least ~$10,000!! With inflation and demand these bags stay expensive, and as your commented, I too can think of a lot of better more responsible things to spend that kind of money on. That being said, even if I did have the money to spend on a birkin I’m not sure the return on investment is really there. I’d be so afraid to actually use it that it would get more closet time than arm time.

  • gt66

    One real advantage of the Birkin is that it never changes, and so it can be worn for decades without looking dated, which is a real plus. Sometimes I look through old blog articles from even 10 years ago, and I can’t believe how dated the bags look. So for me, it would be nice because it may cure my need to keep looking at new handbags.. Maybe!

    It’s weird because everyone talks about how heavy the Birkin is, but in reality, most of us never lay eyes on a real Birkin till it’s offered to us in a store. I mean, when can you get your hands on one? They aren’t on display, and I don’t have any friends (except one) who has one. I did try one on at Barneys the other day (they were having some special event where they had bags that were being auctioned on display in the store) and I didn’t find it heavy at all, to my surprise. Who knew? It’s weird to think of buying a bag that expensive at first glance, the moment you are “offered” one.

    Still, if I ever got a Birkin, I’d love to wear it exclusively forever, since it will always be in style. I would be off purseblog forever!

  • Babs123

    I hate these old recycled posts! There are comments 5+ years old. Lame.

  • Jerri R

    It is a shame that many people buy them because they symbolize their financial status, not because they really appreciate what works of art they are. And the crap about needing to get on the good side of the store clerk in order to purchase one at an Hermes boutique — surreal.

  • Yazi

    I don’t like this bag nor do I have a burning desire to buy it. I think women mainly buy it as a status symbol.