Hermes 18In case you have previously considered the idea of wearing a $10,000 purse as a gym bag and ruled it out, Hermes would apparently like you to rethink that decision.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s entire Hermes Spring 2010 collection was a riff on country club chic, and enormous Kellys and Birkins as workout wear, replete with leather tennis ball carriers, were the icing on top of the luxe-prepster cake. Obviously the idea that a white travel Kelly should be slung around the local tennis court is in jest, but the aesthetic does work nicely with the ultraclean lines of Hermes’s signature bags.

Overall, though, I didn’t find myself nearly as blown away as I usually do when looking at a series of the world’s finest handbags. I have wondered before why Hermes doesn’t use more snakeskin in their line, and the oversized python Birkins and Kellys answered that quite nicely – it just doesn’t work. All of the snakeskin bags looked rumpled and, dare I say it, fake. Unless there’s a point that I’m missing, I’m surprised that Gaultier let them walk the runway.

Overall, I find myself a little underwhelmed. The exotic clutches were predictably drool-inducing, and the tennis influence that found its way into the accessories line is very appropriate for brand whose customers probably all count themselves as members of various country clubs. But with the resources and craftsmanship that Hermes has at their disposal, I was hoping for a bit more.

Hermes 1  Hermes 2  Hermes 3  Hermes 4  Hermes 5  Hermes 6  Hermes 7  Hermes 8  Hermes 9  Hermes 10  Hermes 11  Hermes 12  Hermes 13  Hermes 14  Hermes 15  Hermes 16  Hermes 17  Hermes 18  Hermes 19  Hermes 20  Hermes 21

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  • Pete

    ‘John Galliano’s entire Hermes Spring 2010 collection’ – this is a typo error correct?

    • Yes, it is. Too many shows going on at once. I’ve looked at so many collections in the past week that I’ve gone absolutely cross-eyed.

  • Handbag Lover

    I love all of these bags.

  • Is that a python Kelly??

  • dubblebubble4261

    These 10,000$ purses are da bomb like tic tic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dubblebubble4261

    ausome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are totally a wicked sweet fashion trend!!!!!!!

  • Michael St. James

    i still adore the croc medor clutch and of course the birkin, but those python kelly’s should have never seen the light of day.

  • Reed

    It’s suddenly glaringly clear why Hermes has not used snakeskin in the past. They should have left their bags alone. Why ruin a good thing? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!

  • Emma

    I love the red/brown clutch with silver hardware

  • DJ

    I like the clutches, but the kellys look sloppy and slouchy. Not even tempted.

  • My New Bag

    hmmmm not so much, pass, and I have a Birkin and Lindy

  • Anon

    The birkin is one of the most boring looking bags I have ever seen…I personally feel that the crraazy prices set by hermes for these bags is what attracts customers..something that becomes a status-symbol object just by its price and not by beauty. Agreed that the leather quality is top-class and all, but seriously they are dullll!

  • mia

    I would never buy a Hermes bag even if I won the Lotto. Not after they refused Oprah back in 2005. Freaking racists. The woman makes more than 1/10 of what they make! I don’t even like those bags. They look like they’re for old ladies like Barbara Bush.

  • mia

    Oh, I meant that whatever Hermes profits in a year is only 1/100th of what Oprah makes a year. They should be ashamed for not letting her in. Even if she was not recognized by them, she had given them her business card apparently and there were people in there shopping anyway.

  • chirpy_gal

    Awesome !!………..

  • Scorpio

    they are gorgeous !!!

  • MyPoshJeans

    These bags are so classic, so timeless.

  • The Girl in Grey
  • Ping

    I have to agree with you Amanda…aside from the clutches which I LOVE, it’s nothing exciting…the snakeskin is a mess:((( I am a devoted Hermes fan and have collected various Hermes bags..but am just not that excited over these birkins and kellys …the tennis and cell phones attachments look ridiculous and impractical….the birkin without the hardware looks “naked.”

  • Merve

    Totally agree with u Amanda, clutches wonderful but the rest is just pretty bland. I think there is something totally ridiculous about having an Hermes tennis bag/sports bag. It borders on the chanel bicycle monstrosity. Im of the opinion that we should let high end luxury designers make our wonderful bags and leave the sporting gear to Nike/Adidas/Babolat

  • I Love Hermes

    Croc Birkin..appear in my dream for thousands times…:D

  • Mel

    A Birkin has 2 handles and a Kelly has only one handle + a shoulder strap, right?
    I might be confused, so feel free to set me straight.
    I don’t think the Kelly scales up nicely, unless it is seriously reinforced. The one measly handle on top of the flap just cannot support the weight of the entire bag, right?
    Can anyone explain to me how the bag keeps from gaping open?

  • yslsuperlover

    totally agree. they should be looking much better.

  • lenny

    i agree, not too shinny…

  • Mary Jesseline Alegre

    The Snakeskin Birkins look cheap not because of the snakeskin leather but because of the poor workmanship.

  • hect

    i find hermes perfect sublime the beauty of hermes are the simple clean lines they are for someone who does not need to show off and they represent an ideology so true and refined that in the mass production market of the world stands out as the leader in all that is good in this world craftsmanship values use comfort elegance and the relationship of people and the most noble materials that nature provides now the bags on the show are well …… dot dot dot i agree with the python not looking perfect and the fact that the hermes bag is a fashion icon that goes beyond the grounds of the estate but i love the color combinations that came from this show —- oh and the oprah issue is so old get over it its not like oprah looks like oprah outside the studio and time is for all people to respect not to bend just because you are a celebrity.

  • hect

    o and one more thing what is it with gaultier and the shadow trompe bags really i mean am i the only one that just does not feeel them ………. i mean they are a bit odd pas chic maybe

  • lucy

    i agree, it’s fashion and beautiful.but it would be very very expensive

  • Hamda

    omgg,,i just click one bag with the though of just one bag but you always make me drool by the amazing collection.I m just dieing to double my income and stuff my closet with all of them,all are just amazingly amazing

  • iuly

    hi, anyone wants a 30cm hermes birkin handbag in white black togo or a 22cm hermes mini kelly black lizard??authentic and very beautifull.if interested e-mail

    • Sharon

      I am I interested in getting the bag From you that I paid for but you have not shipped. Are you a scam?

  • Jennifer

    Wow, All of these are fashionable accessories which is useful for players. I just bought it, very expensive..
    I totally agreed. I love these bags.

    head tennis bags

  • Jesse

    ummm… I really love it… <3