30" Hermes Birkin in Blue Jean

I completely baby my Hermes Birkin. I only own one and it is my holy grail. I specifically remember learning about the infamous Birkin Bag first my sophomore year in high school. A “wait list” I asked? What kind of price tag? It seemed shocking, but my friend and I made a pact to own a Birkin at some point in our lives. I made a point to call her when I got mine two years ago.

The one piece of advice I would give anyone waiting for a Birkin:

Wait until you can get the exact bag of your dreams. Want a specific color, hardware, size, leather: Wait for it. When spending that much on a handbag, you should get the exact bag you wished for. I got mine, a 30 cm Blue Jean Birkin in Togo leather with Palladium hardware.

Yesterday we took her out for a photo shoot. The sky was perfectly blue and the sun was radiating, though it was so unbearably hot that I flooded my body with bottles of water until I felt the urge to fall off that bridge and float away. The Blue Jean color from Hermes is widely recognized and widely sought after. I love the splash of color, which works for every season and every color palette. And the bag itself, a work of art.

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  • Melissa

    I love this bag so much!
    She will be mine someday :)

  • She is the most beautiful!!!!

  • Sara

    GEEZE could that picture be any more beautiful?!

  • sarahsar

    Gorgeous picture!

  • renee

    You make a stunning couple! All of the hues of blue are magnificent.

  • Jenna

    So beautiful! and how fortunate to have Vlad to take such beautiful professional photos

  • freshmess

    That is a gorgeous shade of blue. And you’re gorgeous.
    Love it!

  • Leslie

    Great Pic Megs! You look great! Love the hat and belt too!!

  • michelle

    I totally agree with you about waiting for the right color and hardware. I went into Hermes many times before finding the one I wanted. I could have bought a Birkin a year ago…but it would not have been the one I wanted. There is no more waiting list so it is more of being lucky to walk in and see the one you want on the shelves. I too bought a blue jean in togo 35cm. Love my bag!!!

  • sarah2808

    I love your bag and that is an amazing photo. I know what you mean about babying your bag. I recently got my first Birkin, a gold togo 35 and I totally baby her. She makes me feel so special when I carry her. I know in some places you can find them on the shelves now, but here in Toronto if you want a specific colour you still need to order it. It was worth the wait!

  • Bianca

    I love how you refer to your Blue Jean as “her” :) Anyway, that hue is just so gorgeous. I would love to have a Birkin myself one day but it’s just too much money! Hmm… someday… lovely picture, nice shot.

  • Diane

    I’m like Bianca…I would also “LOVE” to have a Birkin bag. I’ve made the decision that whilst I’m certain there isn’t a bag out there it’s peer, that I will never own one due to the fact that I am not capable of being able to baby my bags. I use my bags. It could be said that I might abuse my bags. Therefore, too much money for me to justify spending on one special bag. More power to those of you who can! Enjoy!!

  • I think many people use and ‘abuse’ their Birkins! I posted this video of Jane Birkin (https://www.purseblog.com/hermes/jane-birkin-tramples.html). The leather is super sturdy and every person tells me the bag can handle it, I am just scared!

  • Rashida

    One day I want to own a black croci Birkin

  • SK

    I think too many people buy shoes, jewelry, and most important handbags only to leave them hidden away in their dustbags and boxes only to be taken out to to view and then be carefully put away again. A handbag should be loved and ENJOYED, and how else but to carry it with you!!! I love my Birkin, it was one of the most treasured gifts to myself and I take it with me often so I can be sure to enjoy it. The bag is so well made you’d hardly even know that I’ve taken it out of the box, and togo is such a great leather you can spill a drink on it and it wipes clean (I know many just “shreaked” in horror, but waiters can be slopy). If you decide to buy a bag that you’ve always dreamed of then PLEASE enjoy it, use it, love it!!!!!

  • HCS

    This is the exact colour that I’m getting for my next birkin :)

  • Cadence

    Truly that blue is my favorite color of the Birkins. I am so jealous! Beautiful Pic. You’re gorgeous too! ;-)

  • Mandy

    Beautiful, Megs. Blue Jean Togo has always been one of my very faves.

  • Redseouls

    Megs I love the pic! The blue jean Birkin is such a pretty bag and I love your dress and hat! What shoes did you have on?

  • Merve

    I have the exact same bag and i baby her as well. Then i again i baby all my bags.

  • ViviE

    This is a gorgeous picture. I mean, the bag is reaaally pretty, too. But I adore the whole make up of the pic! :)

  • Amanda

    This is such a breathtaking photo! It makes me want a Birkin even more. I’ve always lusted after people who own them and used to tell myself that it’s not for me but after seeing this photo, I want one more than I ever have in my life.

  • applejax

    What a stand out bag! I don’t covet Birkins as much as others on this blog, but I can appreciate the quality and craftsmanship. My sister-in-law came to visit us in San Francisco last month, and when she walked off the plane she was carrying a brand new Birkin in Raisin Taurillon Clemence. It was gorgeous but I didn’t dare touch it! :P

  • Mika

    Congrats – it’s truly TDF!!!

  • Danielle

    Honestly this story makes me want to cry.. Really, I know it sounds crazy but I understand the feeling…!


    always love the birkins !!!!!!

  • Nyin

    Hi Megs,

    Hermes Birkin & Kelly are my favourite bags!!! U’re right, we have to wait to get the specific bags that we like. I own 3 birkins and 2 kellys.

    My birkin are all size 35 in togo leather, blue jean in gold buckle, orange in gold buckle & black in silver buckle.

    My kelly are size 35 in pink fuschia in lamb skin and size 32 in green togo with outside stiches, both are silver buckle.

    I wish i can share the photos with u, they’re like rainbow. Colorful….. I love ostrich n croco leather but right now I’m happy with togo (they’re too expensive)

  • hect

    go blue jean the best hue in hermes i think its so perfect in the summer its all about the blue the sea the clear blue sky and in winter its all about the way it matches white and black fur with jeans knee high boots fanatstic bag in all ways

  • Abbi

    I can not wait till im 21… i have been promised a birkin or a kelly for it (im leaning toward a birkin)! Im so jealous of all you lucky people with the bag of my dreams…*sigh* i will have one…even if im broke and it takes 100years to pay it off….it will be mine!

  • Anon

    Wow..all this hoopla over a boring-looking boxy bag. Hats off to Hermes for creating this aura of exclusivity with its ridiculous prices! I’d much rather buy a Nancy Gonzalez croc, a Michael Kors python AND a classic Gucci/Bottega instead of one of the birkins.

  • Jem

    Beautiful bag, utterly stunning – making enough of a statement in shade that it is striking without losing any of elegance that will mean it won’t date. Although in all honesty I’m more of a Kelly fan!

  • greeneyesct

    LOL…this was my first ‘fantasy’ Birkin. A blue jean togo with palladium HW:) I scrounged and saved extra pennies when I was an assistant in the fashion industry in my twenties and finally got a 30cm when I was 30:)))) It is still to this day my favorite Birkin and I have 2 others….35cm in Raisin togo and 35cm in Vert Veronese. It’s fun, timeless and always makes me smile. Enjoy and keep spreading the H love!!!!

  • foreverbag girl

    Very nice Blue Jean Togo Birkin!! I think 30cm is just the right size.. What’s your next Birkin? Color?

  • Shelly

    that is SUCH a nice colour!! (fb)

  • misha

    love the birkin bag. size is just perfect. how much would that kind of bag cost?

  • Louie

    I bought one birkin blue jean today. I am very excited.

  • drew

    what are the stitching colors of blue jean birkin? is there something like bluish thread, close to the color of the leather or all birkin blue jeans are in white stitching? please anyone who knows about this, share your wisdom to me. I think the H I bought is fake. Thanks in advance.