Swarovski Embroidery and Strass Handbag

I remember being in charge of the class pet over the summer between 1st and 2nd grade, it was “Max” the hamster. I was so proud I was chosen to take care of Max. Oddly enough, Max was really a Maxette, who had babies. My mom was a little perturbed. I, of course, was the happiest camper out there! But when my mom began to make me clean the cage and feed them and be the ‘actual’ caregiver of the litter, I got sick of Max. Responsibility was not what I was looking for. Max and his family made it through the summer alive, and although he was the cutest little bugger out there, I was done being his makeshift Mommie.

I’m sure many of you think hamsters are cute. But would you carry a bag that looks just like one? I personally am a little confused by this Swarovski Embroidery and Strass Handbag because to me it looks so much like my hamster Max. This bag is made of 100% light fawn colored fox fur (unlike Max). The bag is made by the oh-so-famous Swarovski crystal company, so the bag definitely shows off some of their beautiful crystals. The bag radiates its Topaz and Dorado crystal embroidered flap, which also features crocodile skin, python and lambskin patchwork. The bag may be made for elegant and extraordinary evening wear, but the resemblance to Max is far too great for me to ever carry it. A bag like this does not come cheap, it’s being sold for 2780.00 ┚¬ via Luisaviaroma.

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  • cork

    it’s hideouse with a capital “H”

  • billyjoe

    somehow it looks like that hamster in a very abnormal way….

  • vixen

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE HOHO! giggles… there’s something funny about that!

  • lori d

    really sad…..

  • Alison Corey

    they are so cute i am getting one too!!!!!!

  • tessa

    oo that little “hampster purse” is cruel how could u make a purse out of such cute creatures!who would want to wear and animal around there shoulder!i think its sad and not rite to be doing that so all u people that wear real animal stuff u should be ashamed!!!!

  • fashionista


  • Ross VDH

    grotesque. it’s like on the flintstones when wilma’s mom has a croc bag that bites people!

  • emily

    i hate it! its so crule!imagin if sombody made a bag out of you!!!!!!!

  • Naggy

    That is not a cute bag and looks like something a cat would paw at all day. (ipad)

  • KY

    Ah this is so sad! (ipad)