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Miu Miu Coffer Leather Handbag

Miu Miu Coffer Leather Handbag

Miuccia Prada is head of the Prada label as well as the Miu Miu label. Between the two lines, Miu Miu is the up and coming little sister of Prada, showcasing all the flair, style, and chic appeal with a bit of a less costly price tag. All the rage right now is the super hot Miu Miu Coffer Leather Handbag which resembles some of the must have Prada handbags at the moment with its light brown ruched leather. This bag is drool worthy because it combines casual with drop dead sexy. The plaited handle and gold hardware pair together with a clasp fastening on the front and a removable shoulder strap (which can be worn across the body). Santa baby, bring this bag to me this year. Via Net-A-Porter for $1445.

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  1. Naomi G. Avatar
    Naomi G.

    Ahhh! I’m in love. Santa baby please bring me this bag tonite.

  2. paulina Avatar

    HI, i can sell this bags ( this same colour ) : 300 USD +30USD shipping kost from Poland.

  3. imogen Avatar

    Hi Paulina,ha v ne u still got the bag?

  4. imogen Avatar

    Hi Paulina,have u still got the bag.I’m interested in buying it.

  5. jennifer Avatar

    I found some beautiful bags and have purchased many from this website they are flawless the website is buydesignonline

    1. anne Avatar

      hi jennifer on buydesignonline the leather of their bag are real or not? thank you by advance

  6. vanessa hernandez Avatar
    vanessa hernandez

    I love those bags their so cute like OMG thir incredible. 😆 Bye

  7. verna Avatar

    Does anyone know if buydesignonline website carries real of fake designer bags? The site doesn’t identify if they are real or fake.

  8. stephanie Avatar

    I have found amazing leather bags at modaitalianapurses.com. Ladies check this site out and let me know what you think. Not only do they have products for us, but also for our guys.

  9. fashionlover Avatar

    I only trust sites such as net-a-porter, bluefly, nieman marcus etc. The other not well known sites, I doubt the bags might be fake

  10. Masjana Avatar

    If a bag costs less than $300, stop thinking, that’s FAKE !

  11. Gossip Girl Season 3 Avatar
    Gossip Girl Season 3

    I really liked your blog! good

  12. Like Free Shipping Avatar
    Like Free Shipping

    my weekend plan is go to shopping and finish my hw!! alot to do!!

  13. brenda Avatar

    How many different colours of the miu miu coffer bag have?

  14. Naggy Avatar

    This is a pretty hot bag; it’s pretty well executed. (ipad)