If any of you remember we featured Jal Purses a while back. The lovely Judith Lieber has now launched her site and I can’t help but re-feature her and show all of you reader’s just what a novelty her bags are. Her bags are one of a kind, so if you see one you like, you better buy it right away because if someone else beats you to it- you are out of luck. If any of you remember the movie The Sweetest Thing, the always hot Christina Applegate was carrying one of Judith Lieber’s bags in the club scene.

Christina Applegate \'The Sweetest Thing\'

We featured an array of her bags before that you all should check out, but I also wanted to show you all a few new ones. Keep in mind that these bags are the only one like it you will ever see. Pay attention to the intricate detail Judith implements when crafting each bag and I am sure you will all realize why I am so drawn to these bags :-)

Jal Purses Sand Dunes First, I love this Jal Purses Sand Dunes Bag. The bag is made of copper wire lattice, copper-colored ribbon with metallic flecks, formed copper handles, sandstone beads, copper colored satin lining. The color is a silky chocolate and the sandstone beads add such an astonishing finishing touch. This bag would be perfect for a fancy night out or even add a beautiful touch to a casual-chic outfit. The dimensions are width: 5.5 ” & length: 6.5″. This bag costs $250 on JalPurses.

Jal Purses Lace HankieOne of my other favorites happens to be the Jal Purses Lace Hankie. This bag caught my attention quickly. Because it is so extraordinarily different that anything you will see out there, how could you not want to carry this posh little clutch out with you? This beauty is made of fine silver wire, Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver chain handles, and grey organza interior and exterior lining. I just love how you can see the smaller inside compartment, from the lace silver wire outside. I wish I were skilled enough to create something like this. This bag’s size is W 7.5 ” and L 6.5″, which means it could fit the small accessories you would need to take out with you. This one is a bit more than the first, but well worth the price. Buy it for $350 also via JalPurses.

Jal Purses InternetLast but not least, how could I ever leave out the Jal Purses Internet Bag? The name first drew me in, because of course, I am on the internet quite a bit. Yes, not the best reason, I know, but the bag will show you why I loved it. You know when you just want to own a fun bag? The kind of bag that shows everyone else that you are ok being fun and flirty, and not always needing to look like the most proper-sophisticated woman with a black suit and black bag? This bag is asking for fun. The bag is made of copper wire, moonstones, selected beads, and has blue/pink iridescent lining. Kind of quirky but also super exciting, you could use this bag to go out for the night (just like Christina Applegate did- but different fun bag) and show the world that you are the life of the party. The bag measures 6.25″x5.5″ and is also, of course, available through JalPurses for $300.

If you are interested hop on over to her site, Jal Purses, and browse all of her bags in her online purse gallery.

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