Coach Patchwork Bags
Megs and I, we both *love* Coach. Reasons are several, the style, the colors, the price, the quality, and many more. Another aspect that strikes us positively is that they keep releasing mid-season styles for bags in their signature shapes. Recall the Valentine’s Day specials or the Soho line? The brand-spankin’ new Coach Patchwork Bags take a different approach. For all those gals who just can’t decide what they like better, calfskin, some metallic accents, swank suede, the new tie dye canvas or their signature fabric, Coach is now making the choice ridiculously easy by combining all of the mentioned in the Patchwork line. Awesome! I think it’s just absolutely fabulous, very sporty looking and perfect for the everyday business of yours. The tote on the very left is the Coach Signature Patchwork Shoulder Tote and weighs in at $378 through Coach directly. The Coach Signature Patchwork Wristlet is their patched up interpretation of the beloved classic and goes for a mere $78 bucks. Lastly, on the right, we gots the Signature Patchwork Demi, the mid-sized handbag by Coach for $198.

Verdict: We love ’em all and can’t wait to get one for Lady Meggers! P.S. How would a matching Cruiser Hat look on me? Just kidding.

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  • Mel

    I think those purses are adorable! I have been looking at them for the past week and trying to talk my husband into buying me one :)

    • cici has some awesome coach, chanel and burberry products.

  • Mel, keep talking to him! I love these bags. And you know the patchwork from Coach sells quickly. So just bat your eyes and pout your lips, it usually works like a charm!

    Right Vlad??

  • Tiffaney Cupps

    Dh bought me the patchwork shoulder tote along with a wallet(too bad they didn’t have the matching patchwork) when we were house hunting in Houston 3 weeks ago and I just love this bag, it goes with so many outfits. I can’t wait to move down this week and get back to civilization, malls with real stores! It’s a shame that nobody in Maine recognizes a nice bag when they see one!

  • those are cute bags and i totally agree w/ ya Megs

  • Sharon

    I LOVE Coach Bags and these are just too cute! In Australia there is only one Coach store and it has a very limited range so I have started my own business importing my favourite styles. So, if you want to have a look I would love some feedback. The site is Thanks!!

  • Em

    got the wristlet in the middle for my last b-day…wicked cute…but now i use it as a wallet for my new coach

  • Possible skeptic

    Hello – Does anyone here think that we are in the midst of a Coach fad? Its okay if we are, but I’m just curious to know if anyone agrees with me and if not, why do you think that the Coach craze will last forever?

  • Maria

    Hello. Does anyone know how to find the Coach wristlet with the following description:

    Patchwork, beige, yellow, tan, orange and russet red suede and leather.

    If not how to find it, then PLEASE tell me if you know the description number assigned to this purse. Thank you

  • Becky

    What’s not to love about Coach?? I bought my first coach about 10 years ago – the Windsor bag in black leather. I’ve bought 6 Coach bags since then – most recently – a gold satin satchel (about $220) with pink trim – very light weight for summer. But of course, I LOVED the patchwork so much I bought the patchwork wristlet in browns/gold to go with it. I now leave my satchel in the car most of the time and just carry in my wristlet with ID and bankcards. SO practical!! I get comments every day on my patchwork wristlet. FYI – the patchwork only came in two colors – browns and navy/demin which kinda looked almost like black tones because the navy was no dark. Had it come in black, I would have bought that one too!! Signed, Becky the Coach Fanatic. (I just bought my 14 yr old daughter her first coach & wristlet – in pastels – tres chic! – And of course, I borrow hers whenever I want!!)

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  • Josh

    I am trying to find the summer patchwork tote for my girlfrind. It is no longer available, does anyone have any ideas of where I could find it?

  • amy

    i am looking for the Coach Patchwork Purse that was featured in the July 07 issue of Good Housekeeping for $138 it is the small purse with primary colors. It was in an article about spending too much money on our children. If any one can find it on a website, pleas email me.

  • amy

    i am looking for the Coach Patchwork Purse that was featured in the July 07 issue of Good Housekeeping for $138 it is the small purse with primary colors. It was in an article about spending too much money on our children. If any one can find it on a website, please email me at

    Thank you

  • Sharon

    Hey! Where can i find Coach store in Australia? Is it in Melbourne? Thanks

  • Jannet

    I think that Coach purses are adorable because It just how they make it. There are so affordable to buy konw I have my own. :cool:

  • erin

    wow! i love that purse! thanks for sharing. =)


    The Patchwork Underground – Clothing

  • Crystal


    I am looking for a 2005 Coach wristlet, pink and with different shades of brown. It is a scarf print satin material wristlet. Please email me at if someone has one to sell. Many thanks.


  • D


    Started a lens exclusively on coach patchwork.


  • emily

    does anyone know if the pink patchwork purse is still aviable and where i would be able to get it. I have seen people with it and they tell me that they just got them, but i haven’t seen them in stores or online. I have been looking for about 5 months.

  • Flower

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    i like lv bags, lol, you may try to get one,

  • Naggy

    They’re looking like they’re made of wallpaper samples from Home Depot- yeah, that random. (ipad)

  • KY

    Not my cup of tea. (ipad)

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