Gucci Presents Its Fall Bags and More in New Ad Campaign

Introducing Gucci Exquisite...

Back in February, Gucci made its triumphant return to Milan Fashion Week, presenting a jaw-dropping collection and debuting a widely speculated collaboration with Adidas. The collection was a juxtaposition of two worlds, mixing sportswear and elements of athleisure with Gucci heritage. Sportswear meets high fashion, and classic tracksuits are reinvented, but all have one common theme; they reinvent Gucci’s most emblematic House codes. Today, Gucci presents a further look at the fall collection in a series of unique new campaign images. Which, in true Alessandro Michele fashion, are otherworldly.

Take Me to the Cinema

Gucci’s Fall 2022 collection, dubbed the Exquisite Collection, is a tribute to one of Alessandro Michele’s passions: the cinema. Enthralled by the ability of movies to tell stories that dig deep into the human mind and world, Michele is constantly surprised by the power of film. In part, this is why Gucci’s collections have always been imagined with a cinematography element. And now, Michele has further tapped into this passion with the conceptualization of the Gucci Exquisite campaign.

“I’ve always been charmed by cinema. For its power to tell stories that can probe human adventure and its drift. For its visionary power to dig up in the real, making it vertiginously imaginative and questionable.” -Alessandro Michele

Michele chose to showcase pieces of the new collection in various scenes which pay tribute to the films of Stanley Kubrick, who remains an inspiration to Michele. Kubrick’s iconic films, such as A Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining , and more, are reimagined with a Gucci touch. Scenes from each film are recreated with models dripped in Gucci Exquisite pieces, and replicas of the original costume designs were curated by Milena Canonero and Charlotte Walter.

Clothes, like film, help to tell a story, an imaginative one that both enchants and delights. Stanley Kubrick’s work did just the same, as do the images presented below, which showcase Gucci’s fall bags, accessories, and ready-to-wear.

Presenting Gucci Exquisite

Gucci Fall 2022 Exquisite Campaign 4

Gucci Fall 2022 Exquisite Campaign 14

Gucci Fall 2022 Exquisite Campaign 13

Gucci Fall 2022 Exquisite Campaign 6

Gucci Fall 2022 Exquisite Campaign 8

Gucci Fall 2022 Exquisite Campaign 7

Gucci Fall 2022 Exquisite Campaign

Gucci Fall 2022 Exquisite Campaign 5

Gucci Fall 2022 Exquisite Campaign 2

Gucci Fall 2022 Exquisite Campaign 3


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